• Help Key: Home Recording, Part II

    Help Key: Home Recording, Part II

    I live in a neighborhood of burgeoning artists and musicians, and an endless stream of people ask me, “How do I set up a cheap, quick, and easy home recording studio?” I’ve actually got it down to a science at this point, so here it is. Keep in mind that your favorite indie rock band has probably used a less sophisticated setup. I recently spoke with Sam Endicott of The… Read More

  • NYC's Helio Flagship Store Coming Soon

    Helio’s newest flagship store has been spotted in NYC’s uber-trendy Soho. I’ve been watching the progression of this storefront for the last few months and it wasn’t until about three weeks ago that the ‘shed’ came up. For quite some time it was just a normal storefront that had been covered from the inside with just a Helio sticker logo. I’ve poked… Read More

  • Matchbox Concept Cellphone is Creator's Revenge Against Boring Phone Design

    Matchbox Concept Cellphone is Creator's Revenge Against Boring Phone Design

    The designer of this matchbox concept cellphone hates “hi-tech, hi-solution, colorful, sleek, pretty…” cellphones, but admits that he can’t just not use a cellphone. So, rather than complain until he’s blue in the face, he threw together this odd looking cellphone. Its name derives from the way it opens: rather than flip open like so many others, it slides open… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: In 3-D!

    CrunchGear Week in Review: In 3-D!

    Patent Monkey: Digital 3D Photography Preparing for Internet Viewing
    Mickey Mouse iPod nano
    TMNT on XBox Live
    Samsung Coming Out With Robot Gun To Protect Its South Korean Homeland Read More

  • Kiko Guys Back As Reality TV Stars

    Kiko Guys Back As Reality TV Stars

    Two years ago Y Combinator invested in Justin Kan and Emmett Shear’s calendaring company, Kiko, which eventually folded after Google Calendar launched in 2006. The Kiko guys have returned to the startup scene since their acquisition on eBay with two new partners and a new quirky live blogging startup, Justin.TV, also funded by Y Combinator. Justin.TV is a website entirely devoted to… Read More

  • Craigslist For The Military

    Mark this one down as a fairly obvious opportunity, and I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to build it. Sammy Villarreal, an active duty U.S. Marine for the last 11 years, has seen his share of foreign deployments. He’s been to Iraq, Okinawa and the Philippines. He missed Craigslist back home during these times away, and thought it would make sense to create… Read More

  • Adobe Apollo Launched, So Go Build Something

    Adobe just announced that it’s much anticipated Apollo platform is now available for developers. The software developers kit can be downloaded at adobe.com/go/apollo. Although this is the official release of the SDK, many developers have been working with Apollo for quite some time. Ryan Stewart recently covered the some of the better Apollo demos from an event they put on last month. Read More

  • Managing Voicemail With GotVoice

    Managing Voicemail With GotVoice

    When I first reviewed GotVoice in June 2005, I thought it was an awesome, if rough-around-the-edges, application. Gotvoice’s goal is to bring sanity to your voicemail inbox, and it does that well. Tonight they are relaunching with a much cooler interface and a whole bunch of new functionality. Previously GotVoice was a simple service that used your voicemail credentials and turned… Read More

  • Portable Speakers Play Your Theme Song

    Portable Speakers Play Your Theme Song

    Still in the concept stage, these portable speakers from Yanko Design feature an elastic fabric sock and nylon hanging/carrying strap tucked away in the bottom half of the device. Volume is controlled by twisting the two halves of the sphere, and the speakers are meant to be hung on various things like backpacks or tents The designer, Jacob Palmborg, said that the speakers will make it… Read More

  • GadgetTrak Relaunched as Paid Service

    GadgetTrak Relaunched as Paid Service

    GadgetTrak has relaunched as a paid subscription service that gives users the ability to track down stolen gadgets using social-engineering software installed on the gadget’s memory. The service, which I posted about last month, involves installing a piece of software on the device’s memory that, when plugged in and accessed, secretly reports the location, IP address, computer name… Read More

  • Be a Tutor, Find a Tutor: TutorLinker

    Be a Tutor, Find a Tutor: TutorLinker

    Los Angeles based TutorLinker just relaunched with a new design and functionality. They’ve created a marketplace to find tutors based on geography (including a Google maps mashup), subject matter and pricing. This is the kind of site that I really like to review. The creators are two UCLA college students. No venture financing or big team of developers. Just two guys creating the kind… Read More

  • Samsung Q1 Ultra Walk Through

    I was avoiding the Samsung Q1 this week simply because I think the form-factor is a failure. However, Vincent at SlashGear offers up this easy-to-digest video so we’ll have at it. via SlashGear Read More

  • Welcome To TechCrunch, Heather

    I have the pleasure of confirming the rumors: Heather Harde, currently the SVP of Mergers and Acquisitions at Fox Interactive Media, will start her new job as the CEO of the TechCrunch Network (and my boss) by the end of the month. This isn’t the way I hoped to announce this news, but Om Malik broke the story after an internal Fox email got out. It was tough to talk Heather into leaving… Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Reminder

    Laptop Horror Stories Reminder

    Hello, kiddies… welcome to the Crypt of Laptop Horror Stories (TM). You have until next Monday, 12pm EST, to send me your worst laptop horror stories — how your laptop fell into a toilet, how your Gateway exploded on your granny’s lap — and you could win one of three beautiful prizes. Koss Cobalt Bluetooth Headphones One of two RhinoSkin 13″ MacBook Cases in Black… Read More

  • Cute Kid Makes PSP Play Wii

    A great video of a kid making his PSP play Wii games using Sony’s Location Free player. Sure, it’s a cheap hack, but this kid is quite charming in his efforts. He’s got a 6 second delay on this, which is quite annoying, and but he’s humble. And he calls himself Obiwan22, for Christ’s sake. How much cuter can you get? Kid takes PSP and makes it play Wii [Engadget] Read More

  • TechCrunch has 15,000 Spam Comments Per Day

    TechCrunch has 15,000 Spam Comments Per Day

    On January 4 we reported that the Akismet filter had stopped a million spam comments from reaching TechCrunch. At that point we’d been using it for about nine months. The number of blocked spam comments is now two million, just ten weeks later. That works out to about 15,000 spam comments hitting TechCrunch every day. If we did not have Akismet, we couldn’t allow anonymous… Read More

  • FastMac TruePower 65-Watt Power Adapter Gets Run Over By A Car And Still Works!

    FastMac has announced a nearly indestructible power adapter for Apple PowerBook G4 and iBook owners. The TruePower 65-watt AC adapter provides constant wattage that equals or exceeds other Apple branded adapters. It’s compatible with all PowerBook G4 models including Aluminum and Titanium as well as iBook G3 and G4s. It may just look like your run-of-the-mill power adapter, but it’s… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Digital 3D Photography Preparing for Internet Viewing

    Patent Monkey: Digital 3D Photography Preparing for Internet Viewing

    This week, Pentax received a patent on a 3-D imaging system with distance controls while two individual inventors patented a means for viewing 3-D digital images on the Internet. The art of Stereoscopy has been around for a century, but what’s captivating is where this space can go with the explosion in the digital realm. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mickey Sense Edition

    Daily Crunch: Mickey Sense Edition

    A PC That Rolls Off the Tip of Your Desk
    Mickey Mouse iPod nano
    Sega Saturn Titles Coming To Wii VC (Maybe)
    WiFi Sixth Sense
    The AudioFile: Sonic Weapons, Justice League-Style Read More

  • Goodbye, Tello. Welcome to the DeadPool.

    Tello, a complicated company with a complicated product around “presence” (letting people find you when you want them to, and not when you don’t), has quietly disintegrated. The company, which was founded by Jeff Pulver, Craig McCaw, former Apple CEO John Sculley and others, had a media blitz when it launched fourteen months ago. Sappy coverage appeared from a star struck… Read More