• Mobile Devices Replacing PC’s Importance in Japan

    Mobile devices are slowly replacing the importance of a PC for Japanese consumers. While businesses may want the latest personal computer, average households are looking to devices like mobile phones and game consoles for entertainment and connectivity. PC shipments in Japan have fallen for five straight quarters, the first ever drawn-out decline in PC sales in a key market. In the second… Read More

  • Hollywood Writers Strike: A Chance For Millions Online To Bloom

    Hollywood film and television writers go on strike today in a move that will slowly cripple the big media production machine. The strike relates to demands by writers for higher residual payments for DVD sales and internet downloads, and follows the breakdown of 3 months of negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The Writers Guild of America last went on… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Squabba the Hut Edition

    Make your very own Jabba the Hut
    This ‘YouTube’ thing is really catching on
    You Make It You: First Zune 2 ad
    Slingbox ads on the way?
    Dough-nu-matic makes mini donuts in under a minute
    THX + Razer = Mako (Bombass speakers) Read More

  • House note: At Web 2 Expo Berlin

    I’ll be at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin much of this week, contactable via the usual channels and, almost certainly, via the press office at the event. I’ll probably also be using my Twitter account a lot to co-ordinate meetups etc [Mike Butcher, Editor] Read More

  • Attributor Launches Service to Track Copyright Infringement Across the Web

    Every media company on the planet knows that its articles, songs, photos, and videos are being copied and spread willy-nilly across the Web, but they don’t have a clue what to do about it. They are not even sure what to do about all of their stuff that is just on YouTube (should they let Google monitor itself or create some vague industry guidelines and hope that every site follows them?). Read More

  • MySpace To Announce Self-Serve Hyper Targeted Advertising Network

    MySpace will announce plans to introduce a new advertising platform, “SelfServe by MySpace,” at Ad:Tech Monday. The service itself will launch to a limited set of advertisers in the next sixty days. The nearly $1 billion Google search deal signed last year is not affected by this product. Google handles search and text ads only; the new MySpace platform is for display ads on… Read More

  • Yahoo FireEagle – A Platform Service For Geo Information

    Yahoo isn’t just announcing Kickstart this evening. Salim Ismail’s Brickhouse is announcing a very useful new platform service tonight tentatively called FireEagle, which is currently in closed alpha testing. The team is working on the launch name and final launch date now – it’s expected to be open later this month. FireEagle, which is built entirely on Ruby on Rails… Read More

  • Salesforce Lets Loose Digg-For-Ideas

    Just when you thought Digg cloning was dead, Salesforce has thrown its hat into the ring. The company best known for their SaaS CRM is unleashing their Digg-for-ideas, “Salesforce Ideas”, into the wild. Although announced back in October, they are now releasing the product publicly. Now any enterprise can order their own clone of Salesforce’s IdeaExchange, which lets… Read More

  • Yahoo Launches Kickstart, A New Social Network Around College Students And Alumni

    Yahoo’s advanced products group, led by Scott Gatz, is launching a new service this evening called Kickstart. While immediate analogies will be drawn to Facebook, the service is actually much more like LinkedIn in that it connects students and alumni at specific colleges and universities and helps them connect on a professional level. Alumni can help students get jobs (or can find… Read More

  • Money And A New CEO For SocialText

    We reported in July that Palo Alto-based wiki startup SocialText was looking for a new CEO to help speed growth. Tonight they are announcing their new CEO – former Cisco and Adobe exec Eugene Lee. Founder and former CEO Ross Mayfield becomes Chairman and President of the company. The company is also announcing a $6.5 million second tranche of its Series C funding ($3 million was announced… Read More

  • Snap To Launch Snap Shots Ad Network

    Snap.com will launch the Snap Shots Ad Network Monday at Ad:Tech, a new program that allows advertisers and ad networks to deliver context-based ads to Snap Shots users. Snap Shots, for those not familiar with the service, are the little site preview windows that pop up on websites with the service enabled, mouse over the image at the end of this link to Snap.com for a demo. Under the new… Read More

  • gOS: Where Computers Are Headed?

    We reported Thursday on the gPC going on sale at Wal-Mart, a $199 bare minimum PC that runs a Linux package by the name of gOS. Unlike some initial reports suggested, this isn’t the long fabled Google Operating System, but the folks behind it most definitely had Google on their mind. In an interview at Fsckin, David Liu, founder of the gOS project gave some indication of what they are… Read More

  • SNL's Take On The iPhone Ads

    Remember the new iPhone ads that left us puzzled? Saturday Night Live has a funny spoof on them that, frankly, tells a much more believable story. No man purses in this ad. Read More

  • Slingbox ads on the way?

    If you’re a Slingbox owner who happens to be of the opinion that there just aren’t enough ads on television already, you are weird. You also might be seeing even more ads if Sling Media puts into play the technology described in a recent patent. The patent basically entails using various methods of delivering ads including video overlays, pre- and post-roll ads, pop-up windows… Read More

  • Want To Go To LeWeb For Free?

    If you haven’t bought a ticket yet for the LeWeb conference in Paris this December 11 & 12, you can still get a 100€ discount from the normal price. I’ll be there, speaking on two or three panels and look forward to seeing everyone. Loic Le Meur has also offered two free tickets to TechCrunch readers. You’ll have to get to Paris and pay for a hotel on your dime, but… Read More

  • New Sony UX model available, comes with nice extras

    Sony’s released a new model to its “Micro PC” line in the $2499 VGN-UX490N/C. Upgrades over the previous UX390 include a Core 2 Solo processor, 48GB SSD flash drive, the inclusion of an extended battery along with the standard battery, and a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Other features include 2-built in cameras, wireless WAN (EDGE), 1GB RAM (not expandable), and a 4.5-inch… Read More

  • What will Google announce tomorrow?

    You can’t believe everything you read and rumors are just rumors. So what can we expect from Google tomorrow? Will it just be an OS or will there be an actual gPhone? Are you excited for the Google OS? Or are you too enamored with your stupid precious iFones to care? Read More

  • Make your very own Jabba the Hut

    Attention Star Wars and DIYers: Here’s your opportunity to make your very own Jabba the Hut out of irrigation tubing, foam, LOTS of hot glue and a few other supplies. Take some pics and send them to us! Video after the jump. Read More

  • Asian Blog Ad Network Leaves Some Bloggers Unhappy

    The decision by Singapore based blog advertising network Nuffnang to charge a S$1 (69c) administration fee on payments is causing a bit of ruckus amongst South East Asian bloggers. Nuffnang was founded in April to offer local advertising solutions to bloggers in Singapore and Malaysia. On the face of it, the company is not dissimilar to Federated Media, offering CPM and direct sale… Read More

  • NYTimes Blogrunner v. TechMeme

    On Thursday we covered the official launch of the NY Times Blogrunner product. Blogrunner was specifically positioned as a Techmeme-like blog news aggregator, albeit with a human touch to help pick good stories when the algorithm isn’t quite up to the task (Techmeme is 100% algorithm based news). When we wrote that initial story we said we’d report back on how much traffic was… Read More