• What is the collective term for a mashup of startups …

    What is the collective term for a mashup of startups …

    A few months ago I was speaking with Clive Gringas a partner from the city legal firm Olswang about the UK startup market. Having been a software developer in his past and now a commercial lawyer focusing on e-commerce, the Internet and IT, Clive has a unique insight. We began to discuss how different it was developing software today, mainly because of the simplicity of the development tools and… Read More

  • Jobberwiki Gives You Watercooler Talk Before Getting Hired

    Jobberwiki Gives You Watercooler Talk Before Getting Hired

    Every mission statement says that a company is good to employees but only actual employees really know the truth. That is the premise behind Jobberwiki, a new job site that lets anyone contribute insight on jobs or companies they have worked for. Jobberwiki launched just a few days ago and has almost no content but we think it has the potential to be useful. It is a lot like Jobster, except you… Read More

  • Google and Sky to partner on video and comms

    This is huge breaking news and is all over the web today. Sky and Google are to partner over offering Sky-branded, but Google-based services. The two companies will team up to offer online video (both Sky content and user-generated), voice communications and search advertising. Sky will launch a user-generated video portal powered by Google’s video tools – whether that’s going to… Read More

  • M-EKURDR, For Left-handed Freaks

    M-EKURDR, For Left-handed Freaks

    If you count yourself among the left-handed minority, Elecom has got a product for you. Its new M-EKURDR mouse is ambidextrous, with a toggle switch that converts it from left to right hands. OK, at first this mouse seems sort of ridiculous, but consider the niche real quick.There are a lot of left-handed couples who share a computer. With this mouse, they can easily flip back-and-forth between a… Read More

  • Panasonic Adds Two Noise-Zooming Camcorders To High-def Party

    Panasonic Adds Two Noise-Zooming Camcorders To High-def Party

    Panasonic’s just made official two new consumer high-def cams to join their already boss prosumer collection. The HDC-SD1 uses SDHC cards and is being touted as the “world’s smallest and lightest 3CCD High Definition video camcorder,” while the HDC-DX1 (when will these guys learn about model names!) throws your vids onto DVD. They’re both pretty tiny, so the built-in… Read More

  • Digg Celebrates 2nd Birthday

    Digg Celebrates 2nd Birthday

    Two years ago today, after about $2,000 in development costs, Kevin Rose launched Digg and changed the way millions of people consume online news. The guy that built the original Digg prototype, Owen Byrne, wrote a post on the Digg blog today to mark the birthday. He also includes some great trivia about the site: Hard to believe, but two years ago today, Kevin decided my code was bug- free enough… Read More

  • RFID Guardian Provides Security From That Dude With A Chip In His Hand

    RFID Guardian Provides Security From That Dude With A Chip In His Hand

    Not everyone has really caught on to RFID and how it can be truly utilized. I mean sure, it’s used widely by businesses and logistics companies for tracking shipments and such, but personal use for RFID is rare and under-appreciated. The RFID Guardian is a mobile, battery-powered “personal firewall” against unauthorized RFID tags in your vicinity. So basically, if that one dude… Read More

  • Major Labels Trying Out DRM-Free MP3s

    Major Labels Trying Out DRM-Free MP3s

    A lot of music lovers try to avoid purchasing CDs and digital downloads with copyright-protection schemes. These DRM methods restrict your ability and right to fair use. If you want to put that Journey CD on your iPod, then dammit, you should be able to. Seems that the major record labels like EMI are catching on finally. Major labels are trying out an experiment with DRM-free MP3s to gauge… Read More

  • WSJ Notices Unboxing, Reports On It, Readers Attempt Leveraged Buy-Out, Go to Dinner, Make Love to Lady Wives

    UPDATE – Can’t link straight to the video. Dumb WSJ! Friend of CG, Vincent Nguyen, gets his face all over the Wall Street Journal’s surprisingly slited videocast (apparently Dow Jones has the budget of a small Midwestern state school’s broadcast journalism program). The story, however, is fairly compelling and Vince gets about 80% of the video time on there. Video Link… Read More

  • LG Chocolate To Get Windows Mobile Treatment

    LG Chocolate To Get Windows Mobile Treatment

    Talk about coming out of left field. LG’s Chocolate phone has become the new “must have” phone for Verizon customers. It even released the Chocolate in holiday colors, and we all know that when you start re-releasing a phone in multiple colors: it’s officially trendy. But in a surprise move, LG is going to start manufacturing a Chocolate with Windows Mobile 5.0 on it. Read More

  • Yo Dude! Bust Out The !Tude!

    Yo Dude! Bust Out The !Tude!

    So Evergreen thought it’d be a great idea to whip up a batch of headphones that catered to the now-defunct rave scene. “Red, green, and blue! Oh my!” exclaimed Evergreen’s CEO as he saw the !Tude line of headphones his company had created and stupidly named. Basically, the !Tude headphones plug into your iPod or whatever you use for music and then light up with the help of… Read More

  • Metacafe May Be Sold For $200 Million

    Metacafe May Be Sold For $200 Million

    Metacafe, the video sharing site, is reportedly being sold for between $200-300 million. The buyer is currently unknown but there is speculation that it may be Yahoo. In July, Metacafe recieved $15 million in funding from Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners. The company was founded in 2004 and has offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv. We are currently calling press reps at Yahoo to inquire about the… Read More

  • I-Mate JAQ4 Phone Could Be Blackjack Killer

    I-Mate JAQ4 Phone Could Be Blackjack Killer

    Hmm, looks like the JAQ4 from I-Mate borrowed a few design tips from Samsung when creating this beast. IN addition to the smooth, metallic looks and a QWERTY keypad, the JAQ4 runs Windows Mobile 5.0, has a 2.8-inch touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, miniSD, and GPS all built-in. As lovely as this masterpiece of a phone is, there’s no word yet on when it will be available or how much it will cost. Read More

  • Video Sharing Sites: The Exhaust[ive/ing] List

    lets you upload movies of any length? I did not. And now I do. Web Video Cheat Sheet [LightReading] Read More

  • Three Million Sending It With YouSendIt

    Three Million Sending It With YouSendIt

    File delivery company YouSendIt told TechCrunch yesterday that it had recently surpassed its three millionth user. While our initial experiences with YouSendIt were not smooth, we have since come to consider it quite a good service. We spoke to CEO Ivan Koon today to see what the company has been up to lately. “The real reason behind the press release, aside from just wanting to brag a… Read More

  • Holiday Decorations Futz with Wi-Fi

    Holiday Decorations Futz with Wi-Fi

    I’m taking this breathless press release with a nice salty pretzel, a salt lassi, and a box of kosher salt, but apparently your fancy decorations — your Santa riding on an aardvark made out of lights, sparkles, and faux-fur, for example — can reduce your Wi-Fi quality by 25%. Granted, this was tested using AirMagnet’s Survey PRO and Laptop Analyzer, but let’s just… Read More

  • The Futurist: GPS, Satellites, and the Future of CE Innovation

    The Futurist: GPS, Satellites, and the Future of CE Innovation

    You may have seen the Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium around. It’s a handheld gadget that, when pointed at the night sky, instantly directs you to or identifies any star, planet, or constellation up there. For some of them, it even spits out an encyclopedia-esque narrative — like the universe’s largest self-guided museum tour. Vital to the SkyScout’s ability to hone… Read More

  • James Kim Tribute

    The word hero gets bandied about these days with little value placed on its real meaning or importance. James Kim, however, was a hero – a man thrust into a dire situation who, in an effort to save his wife and two small children, laid down his life in hopes of saving theirs. He was one of ours, a technologist and a lover of technology, two very different things. Please give generously to… Read More

  • Battle Test: G-Tech Messenger Bag

    Battle Test: G-Tech Messenger Bag

    When I was first contacted about the The Professional messenger bag from G-Tech, I was mainly intrigued by its iPod functionality. Not only does it have ElekTex fiber controls on the shoulder strap, it has a an integrated speaker for blasting your music publicly. Sure the idea is like something from the ’80s, but like I said, I found its convergence intriguing. After some coordination, we… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Alien Attack Edition

    Daily Crunch: Alien Attack Edition

    K7 Klok Kit: Nixie Tubes for All Keep Your Gadgets in Order Alienware Area-51 7500 Hands On The Best (and Worst) Console Game Innovations Ever Give Your Consoles The Housing They Deserve Read More