• Idea: Big League PC Makers Thinking of Going Steampunk?

    We like Steampunk. For those not familiar with the term, it’s the name given to a modding movement that aims to recapture the warmth and style of the H.G. Wells and Jules Verne era, but with modern electronics. Computers and cellphones and other personal gadgets have all been modded with wood and iron and gears and valves to attain a Victorian-era look, while retaining all of their… Read More

  • hField Wi-Fire: Steal Someone's Internets From 1,000 Feet Away

    If you’re cheap like me then the Wi-Fire is something you should look into for your Internet needs. I can see at least 15 networks around my apartment, but most are encrypted or the signal is too weak. Thanks to this fancy compact range-extending USB device I was able to pick up signals as far as 1,000 feet away. Another month without having to pay for Internet, awesome. It’s… Read More

  • Study: Kids Download Illegal Music Because They Can

    When kids in Europe were asked why they illegally downloaded music, they answered “because everyone else is doing it,” which was also the answer to: “Why did you get a lame tribal tattoo?”, “Why do you hate America so much?” and, “Why did you do it with Nichole Ritchie?” In general, though, the poll found that the recording industries claims… Read More

  • LapWorks Laptop Desk 2.0 Review

    At first glance, and really, every glance thereafter, the Laptop Desk 2.0 from LapWorks doesn’t appear to be much of anything; basically, it’s two pieces of corrugated plastic attached in the center by a couple hinges. But that simplicity goes quite a long way towards protecting your lap from the heat of your notebook, while it’s also capable of acting as an ergonomic stand. Read More

  • Strayform Tries New Indie Music Model

    Strayform is a Texas startup that, like SellaBand and the recently funded Amie Street, is giving unsigned artists a way to promote and sell their music. Like SellaBand, artists sign up, upload some of their music and then create proposals for new music they want to create. Fans can listen to and download the music (DRM free), and donate directly to proposals they like. The proposals are… Read More

  • Alexa Says YouTube Is Now Bigger Than Google. Alexa Is Useless

    We’ve gotten a few “tips” that YouTube has actually grown larger than Google in terms of page views according to Alexa. This is, of course, complete fiction. And it shows just how useless Alexa has become as a method for measuring web traffic and reach. Comscore tells a much different (and more accurate) story – Google is nearing 100 billion monthly page views; YouTube… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: The Birthday Party

    Hello, New York! On Monday, August 20, 2007 from 7pm until 11pm, we’re going to hold a super fancy birthday party at Red Sky in Manhattan. There will be a open bar — the CG staff will hand out drink tickets like madmen — and we’d love it if you all could join us. Read More

  • Yappd Launches, Calls Itself "Twitter With Pictures"

    Here’s a me-too service that won’t last long. Yappd, a Twitter clone, launched today. In their email to us they describe themselves as “Twitter with picture messaging,” and that pretty much sums it up. It is a service that allows you to quickly tell the world what you are up to. You can add content via their website, email or sms. So while we debate whether Kevin… Read More

  • AdMob four iPhone: Mobile Ads You'll Actually Like

    This is a little OT, but it is pretty cool. AdMob just launched a new type of mobile ad for the iPhone that takes advantage of CSS and other Ajax-y stuff to offer personalized ads. The video above shows how the ads work. They don’t take you to a separate page but instead they bring up a quick Google map or pop-up that gives you location- and time-specific messages. Read More

  • Paint: Behind the Scenes of the Most Important Software Application Ever

    It is with no doubt that without MS Paint, we would still be using Pine and browsing the World Wide Web as boring ASCII text instead of via the graphical nature we now enjoy. Indeed, the design elements of almost every Website in creation today were hand-drawn by talented artists in Paint, including this very blog. We just feel it was about time someone really took the time to document the… Read More

  • Wii Sales Nipping At Xbox 360's Heels

    Xbox 360 might be feeling the hot smelly breath of the Nintendo Wii cascading across its hairy American neck. Read More

  • The Internet (Apparently) Isn't Ready For IPTV

    European ISPs are up in arms over the BBC’s new online TV player, iPlayer. Concerns from service providers such as Tiscali and companies like Carphone Warehouse center around, of all things, a fear of the BBC’s player being too successful and pounding their networks during peak hours. Apparently the internet isn’t ready for IPTV. As the Financial Times reports Mary Turner, CEO… Read More

  • 37Signals Drives Another Company To The DeadPool

    Ok, the title is a bit ridiculous. But 37Signals has been urging developers for years now to charge for their software, and attacking anyone who suggests a business can be made from giving that software away for free instead. Their model works for their own products, at least so far. But I believe they are responsible for influencing a number of startups to charge for products that were… Read More

  • iSkype Phone?

    The news is already all over the Web, but in case you missed it German-based SHAPE Services, has just announced Skype for iPhone, an iPhone-optimized WAP site that will let you make Skype calls on your iPhone through the browser. WiFi isn’t required from what we’ve heard either. The service is free for a limited time so try it while you can! [Via GigaOM] Read More

  • Samsung Shows Off New Fuel Cell In Korea

    Samsung displayed its new portable fuel cell power supply in Korea recently. The souped-up battery will apparently let you squeeze a month’s worth of juice out of your laptop. Fuel cells consume a chemical called reactant that must be replenished, unlike traditional batteries that sip stored electrical energy. No word on if or when Samsung’s new baby will be available to the… Read More

  • MySpace Partners with Rogers Wireless

    MySpace is going mobile. New Corp’s MySpace has announced a partnership with Canadian wireless carrier Rogers Wireless. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but this partnership will allow Rogers customers using select mobile phones access to MySpace. Customers will be able to access the social networking site to check their pages, edit profiles (just in case you need… Read More

  • CrunchGear Birthday Party – August 20

    Hello, New York! On Monday, August 20, 2007 from 7pm until 11pm, we’re going to hold a super fancy birthday party at Red Sky in Manhattan. There will be a open bar — the CG staff will hand out drink tickets like madmen — and we’d love it if you all could join us. Read more about it here. Read More

  • IRL: World of Whorecraft Chick Gets Banned

    Mia Rose is one hell of a World of Warcraft player. She’s also one hell of a whore. You see, Mia played a horny night elf in a few episodes of World of Whorecraft, which was basically porno styled in the liked of WoW. This past weekend, Mia’s account was suspended because someone posted the link to miarosexxx.com in the game’s chat channels. 10 minutes later, a GM told her… Read More

  • Nokia Pulls Its Head Out, Picks microUSB

    Well, this may not seem like a big deal, but having to pack two or three different cables for your phone can become tedious and annoying. Am I right? It’s obnoxious and I applaud Nokia for doing something so simple and I challenge all others to do the same. It makes life that much easier, folks. All the proprietary cables and other BS deter me from your, otherwise, crappy mobile phones. Read More

  • External Display For Your PS3, Why?

    File this under WTF because I have no idea why anyone would want this. It’s not like the PS3 is the most compact gaming console on the market or anything. The only time I would think of using this 7-inch TFT LCD is when some douchebag is watching the TV and won’t move his fat ass. This is the only acceptable time to use such a thing, right? The display mounts to the top of the… Read More

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