• Video: TRON 2 trailer in all its shot-from-the-hip glory

    Words cannot describe the joy I’m feeling right now. via Film Stalker Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold release pushed back to September

    Interest in the BBB is at an all time low. BlackBerry News is reporting that the 3G BlackBerry from RIM is now being pushed back to September 1 or later. I’m not sure about you folks, but I’m over it. Read More

  • Apple starts MobileMe blog, posts anonymous status update

    Since MobileMe’s launch, Apple’s felt the heat over each and every item on the laundry list of nasty issues. They launched a product that simply wasn’t ready, and have been e-lambasted for it. Apple’s accustomed to a bit of name calling from blogs and forums, of course – but when Walt Mossberg calls your product “far too flawed”, it’s time to… Read More

  • Techcrunch August Capital Event Wrapup

    Thank you to the nearly 1,100 people who flowed through the Quadras Conference Center for our Mobile Web Wars event and the party at August Capital immediately afterwards. We were able to donate $7,500 to Malaria No More, which will protect at least 750 children from Malaria for five years. This was our third annual party held at August Capital, who continue to graciously co-host the event with… Read More

  • Google Walks Away From Digg Deal

    The Google/Digg acquisition negotiations were in full swing as of last Tuesday, had passed the term sheet stage and the two companies were in final negotiations in the $200 million range. But sometime this last week Google decided to walk from the deal. Digg was notified on late Thursday or Friday. Google was in the due diligence stage of the deal, where they peer deep into Digg’s… Read More

  • Awesome: Floppy disk album packaging

    A NY band called Science Vs. Witchcraft is releasing an EP soon, and in honor of (I’m sure) their nerdy roots, they’ve designed the packaging with a sweet 80’s diskette vibe. The CD itself is inside a 5.25″ diskette case and when you put it in your computer’s drive, it’ll pop up with a little text-based adventure game. Looks like someone did this before… Read More

  • Most popular posts for Friday, July 25

    Today’s Top Posts: Video: You Suck At Photoshop #13 Video: BGR demos the BlackBerry Bold’s Web browser iPhone battery dead and no outlet in sight? Try Brando’s iPhone Power Station Journey MP3 player pre-loaded with their new album This robotic fish can explore the ocean by itself Samsung i8510 INOV8 cellphone with 8-megapixel digital camera Flash: Mortal Kombat 9 will… Read More

  • Telescopic pixels project a brighter, more efficient future

    The common LCD screen is highly inefficient. Less than 10% of the light from the backlit screen actually works its way through the various layers, with the polarizing layer alone absorbing half. Now, using optics more akin to something found in a telescope, researchers have discovered a way to reduce the wasted energy. Anna Pyayt, from the University of Washington, along with two Microsoft… Read More

  • Both AMD and NVIDIA's stocks are falling like rocks – buy!

    Pretty soon both of these suckers are going to bottom out, and since there’s really no other players in the consumer video card game, at least one of them is going to bounce back. NVIDIA is at around $11, down from almost $25 a couple months ago, and AMD has been steadily declining for a long time and is on its way to becoming a penny stock. Have a little extra cash? There’s… Read More

  • Fortune says heads will roll over MobileMe

    Even sheltered by the glow of the iPhone, Apple’s MobileMe fumble isn’t sitting well with the public. MobileMe, Apple’s answer to keeping e-mails, contacts and calendar appointments synced across multiple devices has suffered since it stumbled out of the gate July 10, and now people are calling for bloody vengeance. And by people, I mean Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at… Read More

  • If you think the Meridian F80 was overpriced take a look at their new iPod dock

    A few months ago, we told you about the $3,000+ radio from Meridian named the F80. One of the features the F80 was missing was an iPod dock. Well, they are going to fix that problem this August with a $400 iPod dock named the i80. Most audiophiles snub the iPod since it plays compressed audio, but Meridian says they can fix that. They say the i80 can process the files from the iPod to reveal… Read More

  • Mobile Web Wars live stream

    http://www.ustream.tv/flash/live/247478Free video streaming by Ustream Here’s the live stream of our Mobile Web Wars Roundtable, which starts at 3PM PT and ends at 5 PM. The Roundtable is a freewheeling discussion about whether the mobile Web is finally here and which platform will win going forward. While the iPhone seems like a slam dunk right now, can older platforms like… Read More

  • Me: The kiss of death for software projects

    Is the word “Me” responsible for the problems with MobileMe? Labnol points out that that three major “me” initiatives – Windows Me, .me, and MobileMe all angered folks immediately and nearly failed – or did fail. Read More

  • Zune phone or no?

    Ah rumors. Microsoft may or may not have had a meeting this week about making (or not) a Zune phone. True or not, either way the idea is interesting for sure. What if Microsoft released a 3G phone to directly compete with the iPhone? According to Michael Gartenberg the prospect is not likely. Read More

  • Adult-rated games being nixed from some British jails and prisons

    Yeah… those are some l33t photoshop skillz. I guess Don’t Drop the Soap Saga XII and the latest Battle Raper (I wish I was kidding) have been deemed poisonous to the minds ostensibly being rehabilitated by Britain’s overcrowded prison system. Games have been a privilege among institutions for some time now but budget cuts have caused the console-buying programs to be… Read More

  • HTC Touch Pro may be coming to T-Mobile

    The FCC has just posted information about the HTC Touch Pro (aka HTC Raphael). In a report published by the FCC the phone will have Quad-Band GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi (sadly, 3G was not mentioned). Other than that, everything else about the phone the FCC is keeping confidential at the request of HTC. Still no word on which carrier will get this bugger. A few people are leaning towards… Read More

  • "Spam King" kills family, self

    A great man and a madman died today. Guess whose passing is more tragic? Just four days after escaping a federal minimum-security work camp, “Spam King” Eddie Davidson shot his wife and child and wounded a teen-age girl before turning the gun on himself. Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of gunfire in the small plains town of Bennett at about 11:15 a.m. today and… Read More

  • Spoiler: Three reasons why the new Transformers will be weak

    Spoilers after the link below! Find out why the new Transformers movie will suuuuck. Read More

  • Nokia: No plans to merge Symbian with Android

    Yesterday, analyst firm J. Gold Associates stated that they expect the Google Android and Nokia Symbian operating systems to merge into a single platform. “We expect that within the next three-six months, Symbian and Android will combine to provide a single open source OS,” stated the firm. “Many of the same sponsors are involved in both initiatives.” Not so, says Nokia. Read More

  • Yahoo abandons DRM customers with plans to shut down servers

    Yahoo announced that effective Sept 30, they will be shutting down the servers needed for customers who need to reauthorize their legally purchased music. Yahoo previously had announced the demise of their Unlimited Music Store. DRM encoded tracks have caused a commotion since they were introduced as a piracy-fighting tactic. Users purchasing new computers and operating software upgrades have… Read More

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