• Behind the Curtain: The Sordid World of Tech Trade Shows

    It’s very rare for us tech journalists/drunks to get a chance to let you, the reading public, get a glance behind the curtain to see the surfeit of riches we feast upon nightly. Case in point: every year, at all the big shows (CES, CTIA, all the huge shows where that tech folks love) two companies, Pepcom and Showstoppers, hold little sideshows where some of the exhibitors come to… Read More

  • Gaming Seat 'Best Car Game Accessory Ever Made'

    Racing fans in the UK should be pleased to hear that “the best car game accessory ever made” is now available for £239 ($477.05). The seat is made of “fully adjustable oval piping steel construction” and is compatible with all major gaming systems, including PCs. It does NOT include a steering wheel or pedals. You supply those yourself. This here’s just an… Read More

  • Nigerian Scammer and Spammer in the Slammer

    Dear Friend, Please this is important and very urgent i have an urgent transaction of US$20.6 million, used to transfer to your nominated account,I am Mr Abubaker Yaro. The Auditor, with Accounting Department of the BANQUE ATLANTIQUE-OUAGADOUGO BURKINA FASO. After going through some old files in the records, I discovered that if I do not remit this money out urgently it will be forfeited… Read More

  • Oppo Drops 1080p, 7.1 Surround Upscaling DVD Player at $170

    I’m skeptical of upscaling DVD players. Upscaling is basically just interpolation. So you don’t actually get HD, you get fake HD. Which still might look better than SD, but it’s still not real. And sometimes it can look crappy, though I’ve seen some that looks amazing. That’s why the jury’s still out on the Oppo Digital DV-980H. I’m sure it’s… Read More

  • Arrested Man Wants To See Breathalyzer Source Code

    A Minnesota man (not me) has demanded to see the source code for the breathalyzer that landed him in the clink. Whether or not Dale Lee Underdahl would know what to do with the source code once it’s in his clammy hands is uncertain but “if a company proves unwilling to turn over the code, the case is often thrown out…” Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Xbox 360 Premium, $329.99

    That price drop the Xbox 360 had this week? Amazon thought it wasn’t enough, so it’s dropping it some more. Right now, you can get an Xbox 360 Premium for $329.99, new. That’s about how much they were going for used on Craigslist just a few days ago. I know, because I’m fruitlessly trying to get a good deal on one. This price is good enough I’m very tempted to just… Read More

  • Combo CD+MP3 Player Concept Puts Other DAPs To Shame

    This is good. It’s a combination MP3+CD player, and, if it were ever released, I’d be all over it. To the untrained eye, it looks like a standard $50, no-name DAP that you’d find at Best Buy. Once you open it up, however, you’re able to stick your CD in between the two, uh, things, and it starts playing. More pics ahead. Read More

  • Sprint, Nokia Bring WiMax to N800

    On the surface, the Nokia N800 is a fairly simple device. It’s an Internet applicance, or an “Internet Tablet”, as Nokia likes to call it. With it’s built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it allows you to browse the Web and email pretty much anywhere you’d like, if you’ve got a phone you can tether it to or a hotspot. If not, you’re out of luck. In the near… Read More

  • Case Mods To The Extreme

    Nothing screams ‘geek’ like a case mod, but we’re talking LEDs, clear case doors, or water-cooling systems. Modding your case into Batman’s Tumbler or Optimus Prime puts you on a whole different level. Most of us find it badass and make us green with envy. I just want a desktop PC, again. If only I had more time on my hands. Read More

  • Dude Gets Thumb Surgery For iPhone

    This is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Some dude named Thomas Martel got thumb surgery so that it’d be easier for him to use his iPhone. Now although Tom could argue that he’s a tall guy and therefore needed the surgery, it’s still not worth slicing skin for the sake of using a phone. The procedure was done by making a small incision into both thumbs… Read More

  • Boynq Alibi, Batteries Not Included Ring A Bell?

    The moment I laid eyes on the Boynq Alibi it immediately triggered happy memories from my childhood. Before I go off on another tangent like I usually do, I’ll give the deets on the Alibi. It’s an all-in-one device that clears up even more room on your desk than the Brando USB Hub. The Alibi combines a Web cam, speakers and microphone into a stylish and modern looking thingamabob. Read More

  • AOL May Kill Their Netscape Digg Clone

    AOL is considering killing off the “Digg Clone” social news site that they launched a little over a year ago at Netscape.com, and redirecting traffic to the Netscape portal instead. One source says it’s a done deal. Another says no final decisions have been made. But the Netscape editorial team is rumored to be completely freaked out, and they are starting to talk to outsiders. Read More

  • Nokia Publishes Access Code For Mosh Private Beta

    If you are going to have a private beta, it may be a good idea not to publish the access code to the site on your forums. But that is exactly what Nokia did with their new Mosh service. If you want to see what Nokia Mosh is all about, just type “ALLACCESS” into the box on the landing page. You can then register for the service. Mosh is actually a great idea, albeit not great enough… Read More

  • Breaking: AT&T Tilt Price And Launch Date Leaked

    You heard it here first, folks. We have it from an inside source that the AT&T Tilt (aka 8925 aka Kaiser) hits stores September 3rd for $499 with 2-year plan. No word on 1-year pricing, but this flagship phone should be all over the place in a little less than a month. Read More

  • TuneCast 3 FM Transmitter Looks Hella Nicer Than TuneCast II

    Belkin continues to move ahead with its TuneCast line of FM transmitters for DAPs. The TuneCast 3 shares much, if not all, of its features with the TuneCast II: broadcast to any unused FM station, auto power save, compatible with all iPods and other DAPs, etc. Obviously they look different and I’d have to say that the TuneCast 3 looks much better, especially the display. It’s… Read More

  • Mondo Mint DMS300 Review

    The Mondo Mint DMS300 (Digital Music System) is a very attractive, glossy, piano-white iPod docking stereo system with wood finished speakers. The system consists of four parts: a set of speakers, an amplifier with iPod docking station and a separate stand-alone iPod dock transmitter. The bookshelf speakers have soft dome, one-inch neodymium textile Peerless tweeters and a four-inch aluminum… Read More

  • AT&T Is Now The Censorship Brigade


  • Breaking: Veoh Sues Universal Music

    Perhaps new Veoh CEO Steve Mitgang is the kind of guy you don’t want to try to intimidate. He just called me to say that Universal Music made one too many threats to sue his company. To protect themselves, they are suing Universal Music in federal court and seeking what is known as a declaratory injunction to bar Universal from taking legal action. Given that the lawsuits tend to flow… Read More

  • Nokia N95 With 3G Bound For US

    Listen up, Nokia fans. Waiting for some hot N95 action? Yeah you are. Well, it’s coming here, which you already knew, but did you know it’s getting the royal 3G treatment? I bet you didn’t. The battery is also getting bumped up to 1200 mAh and it will ship with a 1GB microSD card. Hit the jump for the full flyer. Could be fake, but 3G is pretty much a done deal. Read More

  • Creative Zen WAV Spotted, Available: Built-in Speakers Now In Vogue

    Creative’s Zen WAV is slowly making its way into stores, and can already be found on Wal-Mart’s well-designed Web site. The WAV is Creative’s first DAP to include built-in speakers, sure to be useful to a few of you. (Those guys who perform on the subway platforms, for example.) Its $80-for-2GB and $100-for-4GB price is more than reasonable, but that it shares so much in the… Read More