• Review: iPod Touch 2G

    I was never a Touch man. I loved the iPhone but the Touch never drove me to drink in quite the same way. I am pleased, however, to report that I’m getting me a 32GB Touch as soon as the Apple Store opens tomorrow. Why? A few reasons.
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  • Zune gets a clock, 4-key passcode, updated prices

    Here are a few nuggets that weren’t available in the Zune press release from yesterday. For the first time the Zune will finally have a clock. Hooray! The next pretty big feature is the addition of a 4-key passcode. Pricing is as follows: 120GB- $249
    80GB- Currently $249 but it will drop to $229 on the 16th
    16GB- $199
    8GB- Currently $179 but will drop to $149
    4GB-$129 The new blue Zune… Read More

  • Apple announces/confirms iTunes 8 features

    UPDATE: iTunes 8 is now available for download. Apple just announced iTunes 8 and confirmed some features we’ve been hearing about, plus throws a couple more into the mix. You can download iTunes here. Features: “Genius” automatic intelligent playlist feature “Genius” sidebar recommends iTunes songs based on your listening preferences New “grid”… Read More

  • Shuffle gets updated color options

    Today’s Apple press event was a new, iPod party, but apparently, the cheap Shuffle didn’t get an invite. There wasn’t any news about the tiny iPod during the event, but the online Apple store reveled that the pastel color palette of old has now been replaced with four of the brighter Nano color scheme options, along with the standard silver. Pricing and storage size remains… Read More

  • Apple's new in-ear headphones, earphones

    In-ear headphones with a subwoofer and tweeter driver for only $79? That’s a ridiculously low price, but are they any good? We’ll have to wait and see. The new headphones from Apple come with three sets of silicone ear cups and a built-in mic and volume controls. New fangled steel mesh caps protect the internals and they’re also removable for cleaning. The $29 buds are the… Read More

  • New iPod Nano: tiny and colorful, like a baby cockatoo

    I’m sure you were witness to live coverage of the Stevenote, whether here or elsewhere. You must have seen that the new Nano is now actually available to buy. What’s new? Well, it’s extremely tiny for one thing. I didn’t think it could get much smaller even before the fat nano, but this thing is a real wisp. They also have more space, with 8GB for $150 and 16GB for… Read More

  • Apple store back online, new iPods ready for you

    There you go kiddies. Apple has opened its floodgates for the masses. The new 120GB iPod classic, NIKE+ iPod Touch and 8GB Nano are shipping today, with the 16GB Nano’s shipping early next week and $79, two-way headphones shipping next month. Read More

  • TC50: ExchangeP to Bring Fantasy Stock Trading to Private Companies

    ExchangeP wants to change the way you trade companies. Sure, you can do it with real money for public companies, but ExchangeP wants to let you do that with private companies. By default, each company will get 1 million outstanding shares and once users sign up, they will have $100,000 to spend on their investments. Once the company is added to the listing, it can be traded in the market until… Read More

  • App store passes 100,000,000 downloads

    Today is a crazy, crazy day in San Francisco. I’m at day 2 of TechCrunch 50, but John Biggs made his way over to Yerba Buena to live blog Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event. Not a whole lot on the mobile front out of the event just yet, but Steve Jobs did mention that the iPhone/iPod Touch App store has now surpassed the 100 million download mark, demolishing the 60… Read More

  • TC50: Me-trics Will Find Correlations In Your Life

    Me-trics wants to be “Google analytics for your life.” By doing that, it collects data from countless places on the Web based on your activity and will let you input data like blood pressure or stress level to find correlations between something you have observed and the data you input. The startup presented today during the Collaboration session of TechCrunch50. You can watch… Read More

  • TC50: iCharts Wants To Be The YouTube For Charts

    Today, you will find 900 billion charts offline but only 40 million charts online. Because of that, iCharts believes it currently must be too difficult to bring charts online. So it has developed an easy way to create, share, and embed interactive charts. The self-proclaimed “YouTube for interactive charts,” iChart provides a way for users to take data they created with other… Read More

  • TC50: Emerginvest Focuses Your Attention Overseas

    Emerginvest wants to be the “Yahoo finance for the rest of the world.” In order to do that, it’s trying to give investors more information about emerging markets and lets Yahoo and Google focus their time in the United States. The startup presented today during the Collaboration session of TechCrunch50. You can watch the video of its presentation here. Once you sign up… Read More

  • TC50: Tingz Adds More Widgets to Your Life

    Tingz has developed shareable widgets that work across multiple platforms such as the phone, computer, and TV. They can be used to manage and synchronize your data across these devices. Tingz works on Mac OS X, the iPhone, and in Windows Media Center. In each, the interface is basically the same, which Tingz believes is the most useful feature it offers. And what it offers is quite… Read More

  • LIVE: Apple's "Let's Rock" Event

    We’re reporting to you live from Apple’s “Let’s Rock” Event in the Yerba Buena Center in sunny SFO. Click through to start viewing the live feed. Read More

  • iPod Touch receives iPhone shape and NIKE+

    iPod Touch is going up-scale with an iPhone shape, stainless steel backing and built-in NIKE+. Plus, Apple threw in a speaker and auto genius playlist, essentially making a radio station like experience. Other than that, the 3.5-inch screen, 802.11 b/g and App Store are going to remain the same. The ‘deets about the NIKE+ app is a little sketchy this early on, but at least with… Read More

  • Apple updates the iPod Classic to a minimum of 120GB; kills thick, 160GB model

    For those still interested in the Classic flavor of the iPod, there is now a 120GB storage option replacing the 80GB model. We had a feeling that this one was coming and after the Zune 120 was confirmed, we knew it to be true. The price is set at $249.99, which works out to the same as the Zune 120 and older iPod Classic 80GB model. The monstrous 160GB iPod Classic model was axed. Sorry folks. Read More

  • Apple announces iPhone 2.1 firmware

    A lot of the bugs affecting iPhone owners have presumably been fixed with 2.1, but we won’t know for sure until we’ve all had some time with it. His Steveness has proclaimed that there will be fewer dropped calls, improved battery life, and backing up to iTunes will be a lot faster. It’s available this Friday for FREE. Unfortunately there’s nothing about the background… Read More

  • TC50: PersonalRIA Matches Individual Investors With The Pros

    PersonalRIA is a service that helps you monitor your portfolio and connect you with reliable investment advisors who can better manage your investments. After signing up for PersonalRIA, users can start looking for investment advisors. The site gives the users information about why they buy or sold each stock, full disclosure about the advisor, and specific information about their trading… Read More

  • Apple's fourth-gen iPod Nano: new screen and 8 color options

    Just as we expected, Apple has upgraded the iPod Nano to the thinest evah, with an elongated screen, increased storage capacity, voice recorder, and nine color options. The screen will iPhone-ish rotate between landscape and portrait modes thanks to accelerometers making Cover-Flow and movie viewing more viable on the small iPod. New Genius playlists can also be created on the fly. 8GB for… Read More

  • Apple Event Brings Few Surprises, Promises Stable iPhone Firmware For Friday

    Today at its Let’s Rock event, Apple has announced that an upgrade to its rocky iPhone 2.0 firmware is on the way, and will be available starting Friday. Many users have been plagued by long backup times and connection issues since the 2.0 firmware (and the iPhone 3G) launched last July. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the much-awaited Push support for third party programs… Read More

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