• Fujitsu to sell PalmSecure in North America

    Remember PalmSecure, that weird thing that scanned your hand veins? Well, Fujitsu is selling it in the US now as a Windows-compatible add-on. The thing I saw was stuck into a mouse but you could potentially add it to almost anything. Regardless, it’s really gross. Read More

  • We can buy their TVs, but we can't visit their Omise?

    I’m down with keeping out foreigners — the Thetans and Xenu’s angry warrior lords need to stay far away from my precious e-resources — but Japan takes the concept to dizzy new heights. I luckily never saw these signs when I was in Tokyo but we did storm into a Japanese-only “massage parlor” one night with women, which was apparently verboten. Who knew… Read More

  • Separated at birth? Apple and gOS

    After Thanks to ElitishSnob for pointing out the similarity between Apple’s website and the gOS AKA the sexy new MYSPACE ENABLED GOOGLE OS FROM THE MAKERS OF LINUX website. gOS is the so-called Google OS that Everex is flogging with its new Mac Mini Mini PC. Do these people think we’re not seeing this? Do they take us all for fools? Let’s take a peek into the… Read More

  • Wired compiles list of celebs as if they were D&D characters; Gary Gygax rolling perfect 20s in his grave

    Having reported on all the news in the tech world the good people from Wired have compiled a list of a few popular celebrities and had its readers score them as if they were D&D characters. No, really, they get paid to do this. It’s entertaining, but kind of juvenile. Maybe we should offer them work here. Read More

  • Covestor raises $6.5 m Series A, led by Union Square and Spark

    Two A key European VC is backing a site which allows you to play the markets with your brokerage account. US-based Covestor has raised $6.5 million dollars in Series A funding, led by Union Square Ventures in the US and European US-based VC Spark Capital. They were joined by fellow European VC Amadeus Capital Partners. MarketWatch and Motley Fool CAPS, Cake Financial and Social Picks are all… Read More

  • ExpoImaging ring flash adapter does some neat-o stuff, makes your photos look way better

    Today, ExpoImaging announced the Ray Flash: The Ring Flash Adapter, which purportedly replicates the lighting effect given off by more expensive studio ring flashes. The Ray Flash slides into the hot shoe and because of its circular design creates a 3D shadow that wraps around your subject. In other words, it sort of evens out the burst of light so one section of your photo isn’t… Read More

  • Facebook To Settle With ConnectU

    Facebook is said to be finalizing a settlement with founders of ConnectU, according to sources quoted by the NY Times. For those unfamiliar with the case, a lawsuit before the US Federal Court alleged that Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg stole the original code for Facebook. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra (ConnectU) accused Zuckerberg of stealing the source code… Read More

  • For those cold summer nights: a Neon flue

    This is an odd duck. It’s a Superior Neon fireplace that hangs on the wall and offers 3.5 Kw heat output without venting. It’s 100% gas efficient and doesn’t require a bunch of holes in your wall. Anyone played with one? [Thanks, Patrick] Read More

  • Baidu Loves Barack, I'm Sure He's Thrilled

    Chinese search engine Baidu worked an image of presidential candidate Barack Obama into their home page logo today, as well as a tribute page about the candidate. From what we can tell it’s very rare for Baidu to dedicate its home page to an individual, and no other U.S. presidential candidate has been so honored. In short, this is an endorsement of the candidate. Given the tepid… Read More

  • "Deep Integration" Between Google Apps and Salesforce to Be Announced Next Monday

    Salesforce will be making a whole bunch of partner announcements at an event in San Francisco next Monday. We’ve been informed that the on-demand enterprise software company will begin reselling Google’s Web-based applications such as Google Docs to its customers. These Web apps will be available within Salesforce.com and tightly integrated into its service. Such a deal makes a… Read More

  • Foreclosures Shown On Scary, Encroaching Heat Maps

    If you want to see in stark colors exactly how the mortgage credit crisis is spreading across the country, go to real estate search site HotPads and look at the foreclosure heat maps in your area. These are map mashups that take foreclosure data from RealtyTrac and overlay them on a color-coded map. Red indicates a high rate of property foreclosures per capita, and blue indicates a low level. Read More

  • Russian Suzuki ATX SLI Nvidiabike casemod

    How’s that for an attention-grabbing headline? Russian casemodder “Xooler” has created this utterly insane mod for an Nvidia-sponsored SLI casemod contest. Unless that motherboard is waaay oversized, I think the bike is kind of a shorty, but it still looks cool, especially the luminous coolant reservoir. Wow, did I just say “luminous coolant reservoir?” Amazingly… Read More

  • Distributed computing, accelerometer style at UC Riverside

    This is a great idea. That accelerometer in your laptop is meant to interrupt hard drive activity in case of a fall or sudden jolt, but it can also be used to detect seismic activity. Similar to other distributed computing efforts like SETI@home and Folding@home (join one if you haven’t already), each client would be running software and reporting to a central server. However, unlike… Read More

  • Acer heats up low-cost PC arena with 12.1-inch model

    Oh boy, I can’t wait for May and/or June. That’s when we’ll see a whole slew of new tiny notebooks, including two low-cost notebook PCs from Acer — one with an 8.9-inch screen and one with a 12.1-inch screen. The price, according to Digitimes, will top out at $450. Yum. An ultraportable notebook PC with  an Intel Atom chipset and a (relatively) big screen for… Read More

  • Cloudtrade: Mobile content sharing

    CloudTrade is a new mobile media sharing platform that is offering 1GB of storage for free. You can share music and video with your friends and upload all your stuff over mobile. The above video shows how it works, but in a way that makes us ant to cry. Since when do girlfriends laugh at you for doing pilates? It’s mostly mobile web based and has a weird advertising model that makes you do… Read More

  • MacBook line to see chassis redesign real soon, most likely in June

    Image ganked from Mac Rumors.
    Hallelujah! The MacBook family is finally getting its much-needed redesign, says Apple Insider. The MacBook will be the most dramatic with an aluminum and stainless steel casing that’s more eco-friendly. The MBP will also see a chassis redesign with a new trackpad and keyboard ala MBA. This redesign should occur when the new Montevina-based chips roll out… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Stephen King on video game violence. Wait, Stephen King?

    Massachusetts HB 1423 is a bill to ban the sale of video games to minors outright. That’s right: under 18, you can’t buy games. Sure, you can watch Skinemax and see Hostel: Part II, but you can’t play Army of Two. Noted author Stephen King — the freakin’ Stephen King — is calling bullshit on this whole endeavor which, incidentally, smacks of the whole… Read More

  • World's tiniest (non-secret) HD camcorder

    I’m guessing the FBI has slightly more advanced versions of things like this, although the tiny Toshiba IK-HD1 is being promoted as being perfect for Homeland Security. Do those guys really need more cameras? It’s got a full-color 3CCD 1/3″ sensor, outputting at 1920×1080, though for some reason it’s 1080i. It’s bigger than a bouillon cube but smaller than… Read More

  • Events news

    I’m going to start a roughly weekly post about upcoming events I think you should be aware of. As many of them as possible will be relevant to startups, Web 2.0 and getting funding. Most of them will be UK/Ireland but some will be European too. Don’t expect lots of info – I’ll just be putting out links for you to check out. Feel free to send me others you think are… Read More

  • HP Provides Unlimited Online Storage with Upline

    Hewlett-Packard has just officially announced the release of HP Upline, a consumer online storage service that can be used for both backup and file sharing purposes. The online storage space has been heating up lately with the release of Dropbox, Sugarsync, and now this offering. These new services seem to recognize that consumers don’t want separate solutions for backing up their… Read More

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