• Google Set To Get DoubleClick Approval As Christmas Present

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will rule in favor of Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, possibly as soon as this week, according to sources quoted by Bloomberg. The FTC has been investigating the acquisition on competition grounds since it was first announced in April. A number of high profile respondents argued against the acquisition, including AT&T and Microsoft, and in… Read More

  • Fraxi – a "Ning" For Digg Clones

    Ning (and now flux) commoditized social networking and allow anyone who can click a mouse to have their own network. The same thing is now happening with social bookmarking sites that allow people to vote bookmarks up to a top list (better known as Digg). There are scores of Digg clones already, of course. The most well known is Reddit, which was acquired by Condé Nast a little over a year ago. Read More

  • Microsoft's Car Product In The Wild

    2007 may well be remembered as a year that tech and automotive interests came together. Driven by the convergence of tech with automotive features such as iPod docks and GPS units, tech companies wanted a slice of the car market. Apple signed a deal with Mercedes Benz and closer to home Ford started offering cars the included onboard features that were “powered by… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: My Word Coach for the DS, Wii

    in my holiday gift guide, but the more I play it the more I realize what an exceptional game it is. When you first play you are put through an evaluation process to determine your Expression Potential, which is a score that represents your ability to use and command the English language. You get to pick one of four coaches who focus on different aspects of the language and help you to… Read More

  • China blocks imports of American DVDs

    China has stopped importing American DVDs for the same reason you’ve stopped buying them at Target: it’s way easier and cheaper to get pirated copies on the Internet. And Hollywood’s mad about it. While piracy has always been a problem with China, the MPAA is really up in arms about China denying or losing import requests from the studios. Normally, they’re limited to 20… Read More

  • Mother Ocean to juice our Xboxes, TVs, etc.

    That’s Mavericks, a world class big wave spot in Half Moon Bay. Oil prices are getting out of hand. Wind and solar power are somewhat unpredictable and apparently they ‘cost too much’. A few weeks back I saw Southland Tales and the movie was about the end of the world and all this other crazy stuff. What was intriguing about the film other than Sarah Michelle Geller being a… Read More

  • Xbox doesn't have HDMI? Adapt it, friend

    Did you buy one of those Xbox 360s when they first came out? You know, the ones without HDMI? But you’re all about HDMI now, and think it’s way cool? But you don’t want to buy a whole new Xbox just to get HDMI? Am I pigeon-holing you enough? In short, there’s now a plug-in HDMI adapter for the Xbox, and it’s $90, which is far too much if you ask me. And, since… Read More

  • Snorkel mask + digital camera = I'm so confused

    “You got your digital camera in my diving mask!” “No, you got your diving mask in my digital camera!” I can’t wait for CES to be over. But if you think I don’t think this is an awesome idea, you’re wrong. Liquid Image digital camera + snorkel mask thing [Product Page] Read More

  • Smartphones Now: Linux Phones

    The average cell phone user probably can’t name the OS running on their phone. Millions of consumers couldn’t tell you what Symbian is, whether Windows Mobile is troubled by bloat, or even whether they’re excited about the possibilities of Android. However, the capabilities of regular mobiles are limited and the stresses put on them by their users even more so. When you… Read More

  • Definition Of A Successful PR Stunt

    Yesterday Meebo and SpeedDate teamed up with a number of bloggers to have a public speed dating session. The results speak for themselves – solid gold content. Somebody give the marketing team a big year end bonus. In my opinion, Wired’s Aaron Rowe stole the show. CrunchBase Information Meebo SpeedDate Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Hop-On (who!?) launches GSM/CDMA smartphone (what!?) for gamblers (wtf!?)

    This is an odd duck out of left field, if you’ll allow me to mix metaphors like I mix a cocktail. The HOP2001 by Hop-On is a Windows Mobile 6-based smartphone with a Treo-like form factor that can be used for either AT&T or Verizon Wireless, due to it’s fairly unique dual-mode GSM or CDMA architecture. While GSM/CDMA Frankenphone’s are unheard of, Hop-On nearly is… Read More

  • NetSuite – All Grown Up, Worth Over $1 Billion

    So NetSuite’s IPO process is basically complete. They priced the stock today at $26, and barring any major market disruptions the company will begin trading Thursday morning under the symbol “N” on the New York Stock Exchange. A total of 6.2 – 7.1 million shares will be sold, raising the company around $165 million. And if the stock price holds, they’ll be worth… Read More

  • iPod Touch sports under-the-hood improvements over the iPhone

    The gadget-smashers at iSuppli have cracked open and indexed the iPod Touch’s parts, and found that it’s more than a crippled iPhone (some would say the iPhone was crippled already, but that’s another story.) The parts used are 90 percent the same, they say, but the iPod Touch has a more unified design. It uses a single PCB for one thing, and the touchscreen and a different… Read More

  • Neuros debuts nifty "unlocked" anti-DRM logo; we like!

    We’re fans of Neuros here at CrunchGear, not just for the cool hardware its developing but also for its anti-DRM themes. The idea of applying open source to open content is a no-brainer, and it makes it look easy. And cool. So when Neuros published its new logo for un-DRMed media, we figured we had to share it. And the logo itself is hoped to spread to cover all non-DRM media, and we… Read More

  • Study: 59% Of Teens Create Content Online

    Think that user generated content is still only the domain of a relatively small few? Well a new study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that the next generation at least is switched on and producing content. According to the study, 59% of all American teenagers engage in at least one form of online content creation. Of those 35% of all teen girls blog, compared with 20%… Read More

  • Google Talk does on-the-fly translations

    A couple years ago, I became a member of a crowdsourcing outfit called Cambrian House just as it was getting started. The premise of the site is basically that you submit an idea for some sort of web-based service and then other members of the site vote on your idea. The best ideas get funded and then you can work on certain projects and gain a percentage of whatever profit the idea makes based… Read More

  • Polarity hilarity: nerdy makeshift Christmas lights using an old CD-ROM drive

    <div class="center" Dear Santa, this year I would like:
    -A bunch of miscellaneous electrical junk
    -Nerdy friends who will not make fun of me for doing DIY electronics in a bar
    -No shame
    -Robotic dinosaur
    P.S. I have been a good boy. -Devin Boys, beers, and ‘boards at the Bohemian [Sethop’s Interesting Times] Read More

  • Treemo Becomes Mobile Media Distribution Platform with Widgets, Facebook Application

    Treemo is a site where you can upload all types of media (photos, videos, audio clips, and text) from your mobile phone or desktop computer and share them with either the general public or just your friends. Until now, the only way to get your Treemo-hosted content distributed elsewhere on the Internet was to use RSS feeds, but the company has just released a set of embeddable widgets and… Read More

  • Kyte Takes $15 Million Series B

    Online video service Kyte has taken $15 million Series B in a round that included Telefonica, Nokia, DoCoMo, Swisscom, Holtzbrinck and DFJ. The new round brings total funding for Kyte to $17.25 million. According to Kyte’s unofficial evangelist Robert Scoble, the announcement was streamed live on Kyte itself, which while demonstrating the product works perhaps compensates for the fact… Read More

  • VCs Push 3Guppies Into The Deadpool

    In a rather sad end to 2007, the venture firm behind mobile media startup 3Guppies, VantagePoint, has closed down the company. This is despite still having $8 million of an original $20 million (raised in April 2006) left to burn in the bank. VentureBeat reports that the company’s 40 employees were sent home last week, but will be paid through the end of the month. 3 Guppies was… Read More

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