• CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Sidekick LX

    This piece was originally published in October. We would have also recommended the Slide, but it’s broked. I have a thing for the iPhone, if you couldn’t tell. But before I drank the Kool-Aid, I was a Sidekick man. What does it mean to be a Sidekick man? It means you give up a lot to get great email and instant messaging services and few, if any, third-party applications and… Read More

  • CrunchGear's Reviewing the Unknown Contest: Last Day!

    Readers of CrunchGear know full well that 95% of the time we have no idea what we’re talking about. Well, we want you to get in on some of that action by reviewing something you’ve never seen, touched, or even know exists on BFF. Two posters with the most comments, votes, and number of votes, wins either an 80GB iPod Classic or a 80GB Zune 2. Here’s what to do. Read More

  • Fastest DeadPool Ever? IRSeek Shuts Down

    Apparently IRC participants don’t really like the idea of their conversations being indexed and searchable. Which is exactly what we said when we first wrote about IRSeek four days ago.The site has now shut down. A blog post explains why: we have disabled the site…we were under the impression that users in public chat-rooms are aware that their conversations are, by definition, public. Read More

  • Breaking: Belkin announces 2-to-1 HDMI switch

    False alarm. It’s certainly not groundbreaking, but it does clean up the clutter and takes care of that one HDMI slot problem. Luckily for me, my roommate’s Vizio has two HDMI ports, though I only use one for the 360 Elite. The HDMI 2-to-1 Video Switch does what’d you’d expect it to, which is what now, class? That’s right. It allows you to hook up two HD devices… Read More

  • Vidoop Turns OpenID into Pictures that Pay

    A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when those words are passwords you can’t remember. An OpenID startup called Vidoop aims to replace your usernames and passwords with a grid of pictures that may contain visual advertisements. To encourage adoption of its user authentication technology, Vidoop will announce today at the Internet Identity Workshop its intention to pay… Read More

  • SayHeyHey Melds YouTube and Online Dating, Hosts Ridiculous Videos

    It’s hard for me to take SayHeyHey, a new website for posting videos of yourself soliciting dates, all that seriously. Its (preloaded?) collection of videos has some pretty off-the-wall content that’s not suitable for work. But I suppose the site deserves a mention because it’s as an example of what’s being done with video in the online dating scene. Unlike WooMe… Read More

  • Has technology ruined and killed 'real' photography?

    Don’t get mad or anything, but technology may have killed photography. No, not photography in the “pose drunk for Facebook” sense (that’s not likely to go away any time soon), but in the “Robert Capa/I’m showing you the truth/it’s an art form” sense. That’s what Newsweek says this week, lamenting the influx of reality-altering software… Read More

  • buy.at gets into affiliate widgets

    buy.at, a specialist affiliate ad network in the UK with backing from DFJ Esprit is about to release a new web widget which “will help push the affiliate advertising model much further down the long tail of websites” according to Nic Brisbourne, a DFJE VC who blogged the info today. He is testing out Buy.at advertising on his popular blog The Equity Kicker (the money will go to… Read More

  • Digg Images And Universal Taxonomy Launches Tonight (Screenshots)

    Social news site Digg will launch a new images category this evening, as we reported last month. Digg founder Kevin Rose introduced the updates in a post on the Digg blog this afternoon. The taxonomy changes are a much needed housekeeping update. Sub categories will now be consistent across all main categories. This is important because users can now easily click among the various categories… Read More

  • Vivendi and Activision combine to create Devastator

    I wish. Actually, these two big boys merged to create the decidedly more predictable and tame-sounding “Activision Blizzard,” which sounds a lot like a spell you might cast in D&D. The deal, worth a reported $18.9 billion dollars, with Vivendi ending up with a 52 percent stake. This seems strange considering its franchise contributions were the colossally unhip Crash Bandicoot… Read More

  • More Facebook Advertisers Bail From Beacon. Plus, New Concerns.

    The backlash against Facebook’s Beacon advertising program just gets worse every day. First, advertising partner Coca-Cola got cold feet over privacy issues. Now Overstock is bailing from the program, and Travelocity is having doubts. What’s more, all of this lack of confidence from the major advertising partners Facebook launched with is coming after it revised its policy to… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Mr. Beer Premium Edition

    We at CG like two things: touching ourselves and beer. Some of us like the latter more than the former, or vice versa, but as my friend Rolf once proved — after getting completely hammered, passing out on a couch at a party and later being discovered naked and pleasuring himself just as things were closing up — these two hobbies taste great together. To that end, we offer Mr. Beer. Mr. Read More

  • Skype's screw-up is the VOIP-world's gain

    Skype may not be the flavour of the month (or year for that matter) at eBay, which lost a cool bill. on its purchase, but it’s not making any friends in London either. The VOIP service provider’s decision to cut the 0207 numbers used for SkypeIn by those who like the association with the [central] London 0207 phone code has hit about 10,000 users. Skype (“We’re very… Read More

  • Welcome to CG Holidays 2007

    You’ve already picked up all the handbags, pashmina, and fancy scented candles you can carry and got dad some cologne. The sig. other and your mom both have presents in the queue and your snotty nephew gets a basketball. You got a raw food book for your weird co-worker and Black Friday came and went because you knew — you could feel it in your heart — that nothing Circuit City… Read More

  • TiVo now handles Photobucket and Picasa streaming

    Your TiVo box added a wee bit o’ usefulness today with the inclusion of Photobucket and Picasa compatibility. You can view your own photos, other people’s photos that you’ve been given the ability to access, and you can also customize photo feeds and view photos that have been tagged with specific keywords. Anyone try this out yet? I’m gonna fire my TiVo up this… Read More

  • Watch out Apple, Creative just dropped a bomb

    I’m not saying people will be rushing to pick up a Zen or anything, but it should be noted that Creative has announced the world’s first flash-based 32GB PMP and it’s the size of a CC. What else does $378 get you? That’s not a type typo, either, it’s $378. That’s cheap. Super cheap for 32GB of flash memory. A 2.5-inch display, 30 hours of music playback… Read More

  • Zopa to launch in US and Italy

    Lots of news form UK-based peer-to-peer lending startup Zopa, which is prepping its US launch this week. Zopa is also launching officially in Italy this week after a ‘friends and family’ trial. Meanwhile, the new listings service (a sort of 21st Century version of the begging letter, covered here), has produced £250K worth of bids in the first month of operation. Among those… Read More

  • It's a ball, it's a remote control, it's the closest England will get to Euro 2008

    Poor England will be watching Euro 2008 from home, perhaps using this FA-branded ball as a remote control. It can be programmed to work any number of devices, like DVD players, TVs, set top boxes, etc. $40 for the gadget, significantly cheaper than a flight to Vienna. Don’t worry, England. If your FA is smart (a huge “if,” I know) you’ll get Mourinho or Capello as your… Read More

  • Nominate Top Startups For The Crunchies

    The Crunchies, a startup award competition that we are coordinating with three other blog networks – GigaOm, Read/WriteWeb and Venturebeat – is now live and taking nominations through midnight pst, Wednesday, December 12. There are twenty award categories, including “Best Overall,” to recognize the year’s most innovative technical, creative and business… Read More

  • Russian firm buys LiveJournal

    European News: TechCrunch US reports that Six Apart has sold LiveJournal, which it acquired in January 2005, to Moscow-headquarted SUP for an undisclosed amount. SUP had acquired licensing rights in October 2006 permitting them to manage LiveJournal in Russia, where the platform dominates the blogosphere. Six Apart now plans to focus on its three core brands of Vox, TypePad and MoveableType. Read More

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