• Live Podcast Now

    Due to some unforeseen scheduling tomfoolery, we’ll be doing the CrunchGear and Friends live podcast at 12:00 PM Eastern today instead of the standard 1:00 time slot. Hope this doesn’t throw anyone off. You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link… Read More

  • Sue-happy Canadians get $45 from Apple

    Apple Canada Inc. is offering $45 credits to Canadians who own the first-third generation iPods purchased before June 24th, 2004. This settlement is a result of two iPod owners suing when their one-year-old iPods died after 3 hours of use, not 8 like the packaging claims prompting to subvert the standard image of “nice” Canadians and encouraging them to file a class-action suit… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Calling out the Parents Television Council for saying you get 'drunk driving' points in GTA IV

    Two reasons why this article, “You get points for driving drunk in this game,” merits your attention. One, the author, Phil Villarreal, totally calls out a director of the Parents Television Council, the no-fun group that, for whatever reason, doesn’t want children playing violent video games like Grand Theft Auto IV. Two, his name is Villarreal, the name of the subcampéon of… Read More

  • Live blog – TechCrunch UK meetup

    Update/Postscript: The event attracted several nice comments (below) and a couple of blog posts, as well. —- I’m sitting here outside the Royal Festival Hall, and I’ll be here all day chatting to tech people and startups who want to drop by to the Techcrunch UK meetup. It’s 12.14pm right now and I’ll try to do a live blog throughout the day of the people and… Read More

  • Problems with XP SP3 and your AMD-based computer?

    A fellow Minnesotan named Jesper Johansson (I think that name MIGHT by Scandinavian) has a great article about how to fix a problem that seems to be plaguing AMD-based computers after upgrading to Windows XP Service Pack 3. If you find that your computer either doesn’t boot or constantly reboots after you’ve upgraded to SP3, try the following; Read More

  • Zero Punk answers hate mail

    http://update.videoegg.com/flash/proxy.swf?jsver=1.4 F*** you. SSBB is awesome! If I put people’s balls in my mouth for a living I’d be a prostitute or possibly a GameSpot employee. Read More

  • Xbox 360 is getting new code name and a 65nm GPU

    To combat the red ring of death and other problems that plagued the 360, chip evolution and improvement has been an important consideration for Microsoft. The Falcon revision, for example, has improved things slightly. Microsoft, then, hopes with this next update, codenamed Jasper, will let them put the rash of console problems behind them. Microsoft is setting up provisions to start updating… Read More

  • Raging Thunder: Red hot iPhone/Touch racing game

    This is more of a proof of concept but Raging Thunder shows what the iTouch is actually capable of. The game uses the accelerometer to move the car on the screen — kind of wonky — but look at the lens flare effects. Amazing stuff and it should be indicative of what we can expect from the SDK soon. Windows Mobile/Symbian take note. People are definitely going to be programming… Read More

  • Energize your Wii Fit with the Nyko Energy Pak

    If you’re using your Wii Fit enough to warrant a rechargeable batter pack, God bless you. Nyko’s Energy Pak is a rechargeable battery with LED charge indicator that fits right into the Wii Fit and offers 20 hours of life. It comes with an AC adapter. Available on May 19, the pack will cost $19.99 and should be on Nyko.com shortly. We gave out about five billion Nyko products at… Read More

  • Guitar Hero pedal used for one-handed gameplay

    Here’s Ben Heckendorn’s latest invention. It’s a pedal for Guitar Hero (and presumably Rock Band) that controls the strumming and whammy bar functions, so people with only one good arm (and presumably chronic masturbators) can rock out like everyone else. Heckendorn built the pedal for the Games for Health conference. These replace the strum and whammy bar from a standard… Read More

  • Hands on with the Lenovo U110

    We’ve been “thinking” about the Lenovo IdeaPads since CES but now that they’re actually launching we’re actually pretty exciting. The models I saw last night were quite striking, a massive departure from the standard Lenovo/ThinkPad fare and they had a special gimmick: face recognition. This sits on top of the standard Vista login and works quite well if… Read More

  • Facebook To Lift 5,000 Friends Limit

    Facebook will soon remove a limitation that restricts users to no more than 5,000 friend connections, someone close to the company told us this week. There are stories around why the limitation exists at all. The official reason is that Facebook wants to make sure that people only add “real” friends to their account, and the restriction is on the high end of the number of friends… Read More

  • Tag the World With GeoGraffiti

    Now in public beta, GeoGraffiti is a free “Verbal Bulletin Board” that allows you to record and share location-specific voice notes, or “Voice Marks”, whether you’re on the go or in front of your computer. Find a new coffee shop that you love? Call up GeoGraffiti, and leave a Voice Mark to let the world know. The uses are pretty interesting: traffic cam warnings… Read More

  • Meet Greg Kumparak, the new MobileCrunch editor

    Introducing yourself is always kind of awkward, isn’t it? It’s tough to try to explain who you are without coming off as cocky or arrogant. I usually tend to go straight from my name to how incredible I am at skee-ball, which for some reason turns people away. My name’s Greg Kumparak, and I’m the new editor for MobileCrunch. I hail from San Luis Obispo, land of… Read More

  • Meet Greg Kumparak, the New MobileCrunch Editor

    Introducing yourself is always kind of awkward, isn’t it? It’s tough to try to explain who you are without coming off as cocky or arrogant. I usually tend to go straight from my name to how incredible I am at skee-ball, which for some reason turns people away. My name is Greg Kumparak, and I’m the new editor for MobileCrunch. I hail from San Luis Obispo, land of tri-tip… Read More

  • BlackBerry 9000 to be officially announced on Monday

    Word on the street is that RIM’s new BlackBerry 9000 will be officially announced at the WES conference in Orlando next Monday, May 12th. It’s 100% confirmed, according to BGR. RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis will apparently take the stage and announce it himself. Afterwards, conference-goers will be able to try the device out at the various booths. No word on whether or not refreshments… Read More

  • Giant working NES controller coffee table

    Yama hama. For my friends and family out there who have complained that I’m impossible to shop for, the above video contains an example of the type of gift that I’d really, truly enjoy. All you’d have to do is craft a giant NES controller out of medium density fiberboard (MDF) and wire the corresponding buttons up as they’re connected inside a standard controller. Is… Read More

  • CrunchWord Puzzle!

    Here’s the latest CrunchGear-themed crossword puzzle. You can find the answers to the clues spread throughout this week’s posts. Enjoy! CrunchWord Puzzle for Friday, May 9th Read More

  • Search Startup Surf Canyon Raises a Seed Round

    It’s hard to compete in the search engine market, but one approach taken by several startups is to sit on top of the big search engines and try to improve their results or interface. Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply add new spokes? Surf Canyon, a bootstrapped startup I wrote about last February, re-orders results on Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live Search through a browser add-on. Read More

  • Update: Mowser Assets Find a home at dotMobi

    It’s always a good idea to kill your startup in public. Russell Beattie did that last month with Mowser, a service that converts regular Web addresses into mobile-friendly ones, because he said didn’t “believe in the ‘Mobile Web’ anymore.” Luckily for him, some people disagreed with him (and not just Mike). Mowser’s intellectual property and the… Read More

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