• Location-Tracking Startup Sense Networks Emerges from Stealth To Answer the Question: Where Is Everybody?

    What if you could look at your cell phone and see a heat map of where everybody in the city was at that very moment? The more people at any given location, the redder it would appear on the map. That’s what Citysense does. It is a mobile application that is supposed to help you figure out where the hottest clubs and night spots are so you can go there (or avoid them, depending on… Read More

  • Slide Got Theirs, Now RockYou Gets Some Too

    Back in January Slide pulled off a whopper of a financing for an effectively pre-revenue startup: $50 million, valuing the company at a cool half billion dollars. Not bad. No one was surprised to hear that arch-rival RockYou would soon close a big round of their own. And we have not been dissapointed. Today RockYou is announcing a $35 million Series C round, led by DCM. Previous investors… Read More

  • Exclusive Access to Viewzi, The Ridiculously Flexible Visual Search

    One of the problems with visual search sites is that most of them are only suited for a few specific kinds of queries. Try searching for a song on SearchMe, and you’re more likely to get a Wikipedia page than an MP3. Viewzi, a startup out of Texas, is looking to offer a more adaptive visual search that can radically change in both appearance and function depending on the search term. … Read More

  • BlogTalkRadio Gives Listeners A Voice With "Ask The Host"

    BlogTalkRadio, the site that allows online broadcasters to generate shows using phone calls, has introduced a new feature they call “Ask the host”. The feature allows fans listening to live shows to interact with the show’s host in real-time using VoIP and their computer’s microphone. After finding a participating live show on BlogTalkRadio’s servers, listeners… Read More

  • Mac Fusion: The new Mac Mini? Or escapee from Fake City, USA?

    Another day, another blurry screen shot of Apple promotional material featuring a product that might or might not exist in the very, very near future. This one’s the Mac Fusion, apparently a no-frills tiny box aimed at developers. It has a form factor of a Mac Mini cut down to about half the height. While this certain looks like it could be real, Photoshoppers are getting good. Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Fair Edition

    2 new digital photo frames from Japan
    Meet Pekoppa, the plant which listens to your sorrows
    In thirty seconds time…
    Vibering watch warns deaf of possible danger</a
    Santa Monica builds solar powered ferris wheel lit by 160,000 LEDs Read More

  • Delicious 2.0: We've Been Waiting 9 Months

    It’s been over nine months since Yahoo first gave us a glimpse of Delicious 2.0 – a complete code rewrite from the now aging platform that was acquired by Yahoo in December 2005. Yahoo never said when they’d be ready to launch the new Delicious (it’s available at preview.delicious.com but beta invitations are locked down). In January there was a hint on the Delicious… Read More

  • TechCruncher Nik Cubrilovic Gives Seesmic A Little Advice

    http://seesmic.com/Standalone.swf?video=DNX0tnx9U2 Nik Cubrilovic gives Seesmic a little user interface advice in this interactive video hosted at…Seesmic. Very funny if you use both Seesmic and Twitter. The other 95% of you should just move on the the next post. Disclosure: I’m a Seesmic investor. And I still think this is funny (Nik seems to imply that Seesmic is a waste of… Read More

  • Use Twiddict For Those Inevitable Twitter Downtimes

    Good ideas are flying in for dealing with a Twitter that has been put on life support to try to keep a pulse going through the Apple WWDC keynote event later this morning. Watch the news on the Summize Apple search page, and if the service goes down, hop on over to Twiddict, which will post your messages to Twitter right away if the service is live, or will queue them up and hold them until… Read More

  • TravelMuse May Be The Undecided Traveler's Dream Come True

    You’ve got a week in vacation time that’s about to expire, an economic stimulus check that’s burning a hole in your pocket, and a passport that hasn’t been opened since the Clinton administration. So, where to? TravelMuse (formerly known as TripOvation) just launched in public beta, and is looking to help. The site asks users a series of simple questions and, using… Read More

  • Twitter Partners With Summize to Cover Apple News

    For those of you who just can’t wait to hear the latest Apple news this morning as it breaks (our live on the scene coverage begins at 8 am PST): Twitter is partnering with Summize to show all twitters that contain the words “wwdc,” “apple,” “iphone” or “steve jobs.” Twitter is promoting this heavily on every Twitter page with “Apple fan? Read More

  • Firefox Add-on To Save You From MySpace

    AmIOnMySpace is a new Firefox plugin that we found via digg tonight that does one thing – if you “accidentally” navigate to MySpace it stops you, and brings you to a previous website you’ve visited. Useful? Not so much. Funny? Yes. Download it here. Add me as a friend on MySpace here. CrunchBase Information MySpace Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Yaika launches life-casting

    Yaika! is a new lifecasting platform targeting European professional and amateur bloggers. The bootstrapped Estonian-based startup with a London presence claims it will be more versatile and easy to use than other lifecasting competitors, such as Ustream or Justin.tv. Yaika! is also launching fully localised for the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and Estonia and is aiming for the rest of… Read More

  • Healthline Launches Semantic Health Ad Network

    Believing that health sites need their own ad network, Healthline is bringing its semantic search technology to advertising. The health search engine is launching the Health Media Network, an ad network that will place contextual ads on health Websites. It is like an AdSense for health sites. But instead of relying simply on matching keywords on the page where the ad is being served… Read More

  • Oops! Nokia uploads E66 and E71 demos a bit early

    (Update: As of 9 am PST, Nokia has taken these offline) Even before the E66 and E71 have been officially announced, fans of Nokia’s business oriented E series have managed to dig up in-depth flash demonstrations for the handsets. With a bit of URL finagling, members of the Mobile-Review unearthed the goods on Nokia’s own site. It’s rare for these sorts of things to make their… Read More

  • Video: Four cellphones pop popcorn

    I usually have at least two cellphones on me at all times. I keep them in my pants pockets generally. Sorry, mom, no grandkids for you. On the plus side, we’ve just learned a really dope nerd party trick. UPDATE – Apparently tres fake. The white phone is doing something. Read More

  • Some shots from Computex

    http://share.ovi.com/tools/twidgets/slideshow.swf?feed=CrunchNetwork.computex Benjamin Dolgin-Gardner of Xtatix.com was kind enough to take some shots of Computex Taipei for us. We’ll probably have to go next year, but until let’s enjoy it from afar. Read More

  • Twitter Tempts Fate

    Twitter tempts fate in a big way: tomorrow will be a day that they do not get kicked in the face over yet another outage, they say in a blog post. They outline two lines of defense in preparation for a big wave of Twitter usage around the Steve Jobs/Apple WWDC Keynote: “We’ve moved much of the load off our database by utilizing more memcache, employing more read-slave servers, and… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve runs Windows Mobile, according to Radio Shack

    Radio Shack is selling a WinMo Curve mash-up in a half-page circular it’s giving away in stores. In case you couldn’t tell this is a huge mistake and basically proves that Radio Shack should stay in the battery business. Read More

  • Thanks to our sponsors and advertisers

    A huge thanks to both our headline sponsors Olswang and our CrunchBoard jobs advertisers for supporting TechCrunch UK and Ireland! You guys rock! Here’s a selection of recent CrunchBoard jobs: Mobile Applications Developer – Invitation Digital Senior ASP.NET/C# Web Developer – HotPrints Professional Services Engineer – Pluck Corporation Media Sales and Business… Read More

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