• Why Vista beats OSX according to some guy

    Hey, Preston Gralla fans! His latest missive has just hit the webwaves and he’s mad as hell and shan’t take it anymore. His thesis? Vista beats OS X. Let’s go through his suppositions and take umbrage with his arguments. Reason #1: Vista runs more software Mac OS X is a very pretty operating system, but beauty runs only skin deep. An operating system by itself is a poor… Read More

  • Amazon is $50 worth of sorry for your HD-DVD player purchase

    Those sports at Amazon understand “new technologies don’t always work out as planned.” Or rather, they don’t work out as Toshiba planned. I have a feeling this is how Sony planned it all along. In any case, if you bought one of those bargain HD-DVD players after February 23rd, help yourself to $50 worth of stuff from Amazon. Personally, I’d be buying the Planet… Read More

  • Hand-held lie detector Afghanistan-bound

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/24020044#24020044 In order to save American lives, which I’m all for, the Pentagon will employ a hand-held lie detector in Afghanistan. The device, which was developed by a team at Johns Hopkins (the algorithm, at least) and sold by Lafayette Instrument, Co., costs $7,500 a pop and goes by the name Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System. Read More

  • MySupermarket: Price Comparison Shopping By the Cartload

    The ease of comparing prices on the Internet has done a lot to do away with major price differences between individual items at retailers, whether online or off. But where they still get you is when you buy many items from the same store and you throw in the high-margin coffee with the cut-rate shampoo. Higher-priced single items, such as a digital camera or an MP3 player, lend themselves… Read More

  • Clockwork cuff-links, sadly sold out

    BB posted this great cuff-link set made from old watch movements. These look like something from an old Hamilton ladies piece and the Etsy seller is charging a mere $55 for them. I’m upset they’re sold out. Read More

  • Hold on to your start-ups, the economy is going down!

    The pre-election slowdown of 2008 is hitting the valley and all of our favorite websites and gadgetmongers might be feeling the pinch. While housing prices and salaries haven’t been hit, high tech investment has slowed and stock prices are falling. The NYT writes: But having assiduously clawed its way back from the dot-com bust, the Valley is again facing some tough conditions. At… Read More

  • The random endorsement: TV streamings apps like TvAnts

    A rather self-serving ENDORSEMENT for your reading misery today. I don’t know what I was doing last week, but records indicate I didn’t ENDORSE anything! At all! I don’t know how you all survived, or why Drudge didn’t put the siren up announcing my oversight, but here we are. Right. So today I’m ENDORSING applications like TvAnts, TVU Player, PPMate and Sopcast. Read More

  • More details emerge about the ASUS Essentio CS5110

    Do a search for “ASUS Essentio CS5110” on Google and look what pops up first. That’s right — John Biggs, ladies and gentlemen. John Biggs. Anywho, back in early March there weren’t too many details on the luscious Essentio, but ASUS has furnished us all with more information in the form of a press release. Still notably missing, however, is a launch date and a… Read More

  • Google Enterprise Takes A Page From Salesforce—Launches Its Own App Marketplace

    Google is obviously making big moves into the enterprise. In February, it relaunched JotSpot as Google Sites under the enterprise group, and next week it is expected to announce deeper integration of Google Apps with Salesforce.com, which should help it introduce Google Apps to more business customers. But today, it is taking a page from Salesforce.com by launching its own marketplace for… Read More

  • IOGEAR's 'Portable Media Player' announced

    I’m not quite sure what to make of this so I’ll see if I can’t get my hands on a review unit to take it for a spin. The IOGEAR Portable Media Player is 3.2-inches wide by 5.25-inches long by .75-inches thick and contains a 120GB hard drive. You hook the device up to your computer via USB, dump videos and photos onto it, and then hook it up to your TV via composite or… Read More

  • Amiga: My parents didn't love me

    Look at that. This a video of about fifty nifty games available for the Amiga back in the day. Even today those graphics are on par with some more casual games and some titles you’d still find on the Wii. The only thing that has changed is the fluidity of motion and increased polygons. I never got an Amiga because in my house you get an Atari 800XL when you spill paint in the garage. Read More

  • Nsyght launches public beta for social search

    Now in public Beta, I covered Nsyght back in October when it was still in early Alpha. This tiny boostrapped startup from West London wants to take your bookmarks and social network and use that to create more relevant search results. The idea is that, over time,a user will have a totally custom-built search index specific to them and their tastes. Notional competitors in this space might… Read More

  • More details on Nokia's 'Tube' device

    Like an old man at a urinal, details have slowly been trickling out about Nokia’s upcoming iPhone killer puncher. A post over on Symbian-Freak.com quotes an anonymous “journalist” as saying the following… Read More

  • CrunchGear presents the CrunchNetwork Mobile Meet-up: May 1 in New York City

    Sign up now for the CrunchNetwork Mobile Meet-up for free booze, prizes, and a chance to rub shoulders with the MONSTERS OF BLOG AKA the slightly portly members of the TechCrunch, CrunchGear, and MobileCrunch teams. We’re holding it upstairs at Red Sky @ 47 E 29th St in Manhattan [Map]. Doors open at 7pm and close whenever our booze runs out and you guys can’t afford your… Read More

  • Dell decides that there's money in tiny, cheap laptops

    Dell will join the likes of Asus, HP, Acer, and whichever other computer companies jump on the tiny laptop bandwagon between now and June to offer low cost, ultraportable notebooks to the masses. Dell will be teaming up with China’s Compal Electronics “to launch low-cost notebook computers…as early as June,” according to a Compal official. June is going to be an… Read More

  • Doom And Gloom Hits Silicon Valley

    You didn’t really think that Silicon Valley would be immune to the general convulsions in the overall economy, did you? I am not sure it is as bad as the NYT gleefully makes it out to be, but there is growing evidence of a tech slowdown, including M&A deals and IPOs drying up, slower job growth, signs of weakness on Web advertising, cautious corporate IT spending, and rising costs… Read More

  • Latest iPhone dev kit reveals 3G chipset

    Did you hear about the iPhone fiasco? Seems the latest dev firmware beta (well, latest until yesterday) expired yesterday, leaving developers with no way to program for a little while. Worse still, if a developer had installed the firmware on their main phone, they were left with a nice brick on their hands. A new firmware was released yesterday, though, so that’s no longer a… Read More

  • Review: Samsung M520 for Sprint

    I’ve had the M520 from Samsung for well over a month now and my previous opinion about the Sprint device hasn’t changed. It’s a great phone with some great features. Sure, it looks plain and boring, but you can’t judge a book by its cover now can you? Samsung just knows what they’re doing when it comes to sliders and the M520 is no different. In fact, I think I… Read More

  • OpenX ups sticks for LA

    London-based open-source ad server startup OpenX is biting the bullet and moving to Los Angeles. In addition former Yahoo senior vice president Tim Cadogan will take the CEO job at the startup by Index Ventures, Accel Partners and others, reports Kara Swisher. OpenX has about 30 employees, including 10 developers in Poland, but not all will head to the US. This is probably a necessary… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    GelaSkins stickers: Inexpensive way to customize your laptop

    Like GalleryPlayer yesterday, this isn’t news per se, more of a “if you didn’t know about this…” Gelaskins. It’s like a vinyl sticker for your laptop or iPod or iPhone. The company licenses not-too-shabby artwork, then makes the sticker, which you place on your device of choice. That up there is the latest one, called Motherboard, while my personal… Read More

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