• Leap Wireless Rejects MetroPCS' Offer

    Earlier this month, MetroPCS made a $5 billion offer to Leap Wireless for an acquisition. It would have bolstered the public image of both companies and would give more options to wireless consumers. Alas though, the deal is no more. Leap Wireless has turned down the MetroPCS offer, citing that the proposed buyout was not in the company’s best interests. Though MetroPCS may be a little… Read More

  • TC40 Keynote Speakers: Humble Beginnings

    Our live blog of the Keynote Speakers: Humble Beginnings Sessions from TechCrunch40. Sequoia’s Michael Moritz introduces the three guests: Marc Andreessen, David Filo and Chad Hurley. An amazing lineup: for those old enough to remember Andreessen was the CTO and Co-founder of Netscape, more recently he co-founded while label social networking startup Ning. David Filo was a co-founder… Read More

  • Kensington Slims Down Peripherals

    Thin certainly is in these days. It’s not like the old days where a few curves were hot and wanted, but it’s the way of the world and the plump mice and keyboards are suffering for it. Kensington is capitalizing on the endemic with the introduction of the SlimBlade line of hardware targeted towards those on the go. Read More

  • Thrrum Visual Browser Available For Sony-Ericsson Phones

    Designed with cameraphones in mind, the Thrrum visual browser allows you to point your cameraphone at an object of your desire (let’s say pears) and then search for information on it via the picture taken. Sounds like a pretty cool idea, though I’m not sure how useful it’d be in the long-run. Thrrum will be available for select Sony-Ericsson phones as a premium download. Read More

  • Breaking: Yahoo Acquires Zimbra For $350 million in Cash

    Yahoo will announce the acquisition of open source online/offline office suite Zimbra this evening, we just heard through a very solid source. The price: $350 million, in cash, confirmed. Our coverage of Zimbra goes back to 2005. They gained wide exposure at the 2005 Web 2.0 Conference. Recently they launched offline functionality. The company has raised $30.5 million over three rounds of… Read More

  • Live From TechCrunch 40

    http://www.justin.tv/widgets/jtv_player.swfWatch techtalk live video and chat on Justin.tv TechCrunch 40 is about to start over on the West Coast (the best coast, fyi) and Nick from TechCrunch will be live casting for all your pleasure. We should be going live in a few minutes. If you feel like chatting with Nick or the other geeks then head here. Read More

  • Halo 3 Edition Xbox 360 Out Now, There's Sorta Some Pics

    Some indie game named Halo 3 comes out in two weeks. Microsoft, in an effort to raise “awareness,” yesterday come out with a special edition Xbox 360, the first hands-on pictures of which are popping up all over the Web. It’s just like the regular Xbox 360 (one with HDMI), only Halo-y. As it turns out, the forum thread with all the hands-on pic destroyed the guy’s… Read More

  • Text Message Favorite Artist on Stage with Pocketfuzz

    The last concert I went to was a Black Sabbath reunion at Oz Fest. When Sabbath came on stage lighters flickered in the night and the air was filled with the aroma of oregano incense. The crowd swayed to the music and sang along with the lyrics. Bras flew onstage and television cameras captured the perky woman bouncing on their boy friend’s shoulders. No one there could afford a mobile… Read More

  • UK, Ireland grow as Web 2.0 goes global

    The growth in venture capital investment into Web 2.0 companies is rising in the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe, even as it slows among early investors in Silicon Valley. The UK is at the hub of this activity with a record seven deals at the start of the year, accounting for $22m invested. And Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands have each seen their first Web 2.0 deals completed in the… Read More

  • World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Revisited

    Way back in January, I picked up a copy of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion and gave my first impressions on it. Now, a whopping 8 months later, I’m finally level 70. It’s been one of the most fun, yet frustrating experiences of my life. I don’t game much anymore and all I really play is WoW, so finding the time to level for hours-on-end was difficult. Read More

  • TechCrunch 40 Session 2: Mobile & Communications

    Session two as follows, including our live notes. Cubic Telecom Cubic Telecom is creating a global Mobile Virtual Network (MVNo). The company aims to drastically reduce international calling rates by lowering mobile roaming and call charges. Founder Pat Phelan a well known communications blogger “wants a world in which anyone can pick up their mobile phone wherever they are and call… Read More

  • Nokia buys mobile ads player Enpocket

    Longtime player in the UK mobile scene Enpocket is to be aquired by Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia. Boston-based Enpocket provides technology and services centered on mobile advertising. Enpocket’s platform delivers mobile advertising across multiple formats including SMS, MMS, mobile Internet advertising, and video. Nokia plans to used the deal to accelerate its mobile advertising… Read More

  • Dual Shock 3 Confirmed For Playstation 3

    Rumor ’round the Internet today is that Sony will be unveiling a Dual Shock 3 controller during the Tokyo Game Show. There’s really no more information, so just hold your horses and wait for TGS to drop. via The Giz Read More

  • Nokia 8900, Is That You?

    Oh hies supposed Nokia 8900. What’s that you say? You’re the new flagship handset for the 8xxx series. I see you have two cameras. That’s a 3.2-megapixel camera you say. That’s pretty fancy. G3? Oh, you mean 3G. So what you’re trying to tell me is that you’ll be on AT&T if and when you come to the US. Well, I’m not switching to AT&T, so have… Read More

  • Yahoo Presents Yahoo Teachers At TechCrunch40

    Delivering the first major company presentation at TechCrunch 40, Scott Moore and Bill Scott from Yahoo presented Yahoo Teachers, a new research focused service aimed at making life easier for teachers. Yahoo Teachers is a clip to database style service; users utilize the “gobbler” that is an online… Read More

  • Complaint Department: Why Hating On $100 iPhone Rebate Won't Win You Friends

    Thank you, Critical Section People, please don’t complain about the $100 rebate that Apple is giving you because you purchased the iPhone before its price drop. No one feels your pain, no one thinks that you’re suffering a great injustice. Hey, that’s Fake Steve talking, not me. I say complain all you want since it makes my decision to be too poor to afford an iPhone seem… Read More

  • Sprint Introduces Airave

    Watch out T-Mobile, ’cause your @Home service isn’t the hot shit anymore. Sprint is coming out with a device called the Airave that aims to boost wireless signals indoors and give customers the option to place calls over the Internet. It works by plugging the device into your broadband connection and using your Sprint phone to make calls. You’ll get a boost in reception over… Read More

  • Microsoft approves Blue Monster wine

    It’s ironic that, a couple of days after the head of Mozilla Europe castigated Microsoft’s attitude to Open Source and innovation in a TechCrunch interview, Microsoft today launches its own-label wine designed to promote innovation inside the company. The FT has the story today of how Brit blogger, cartoonist and ‘Marketing 2.0′ guy Hugh Macleod, and Steve Clayton… Read More

  • T-Mobile Buys SunCom Wireless

    T-Mobile announced today that it will be purchasing SunCom Wireless for an estimated $1.6 billion. The deal, expected to close in 2008, allows T-Mobile to take on about $800 million in debt that SunCom has resting on its shoulders. Never heard of SunCom? That’s because it’s a small wireless company that operates in a few southeastern states. If all the telecom giants like… Read More

  • T-Mobile to Buy Roaming Partner SunCom Wireless

    T-Mobile announced today that it will pay cash and assume the debt of SunCom Wireless, a company that T-Mobile is using as a roaming partner. The merger will cost T-Mobile $2.4 billion in cash and assumed debt. Under the agreement, sanctioned by both boards, SunCom shareholders will receive $27 per share. This purchase price represents 22.7% over the closing price of SunCom common stock on the… Read More

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