• Apple agrees to refunds for power adapter buyers

    Just a quick note for those of you who purchased replacement power adapters for your iBook or Powerbook, the ones that cause sparks and start fires that burn you and your family alive: you’re getting a refund. Depending on which adapter you have and for which portable, you could receive up to $79 from Apple in a class action settlement. This is addition to the power adapter recall Apple… Read More

  • Zivity Nabs Napster Co-founder As CTO

    San Francisco based Zivity, a self described “community-powered showcase of female beauty,” will add a high profile technologist to their executive team next week. Napster co-founder Jordan Ritter, who was subsequently the CTO of Cloudmark and Columbia Music Entertainment (and a man who enjoys wearing sunglasses indoors), will join Zivity as chief technology officer. Zivity… Read More

  • TimeTube: The Timeline That YouTube Should Build

    TimeTube is a new mashup from Dipity, the interactive timeline site, that takes the mostly unsorted mess of videos that is YouTube and arranges them by date, offering a useful (and often unexpected) perspective on recent events. Links to each video are situated across a horizontal timeline, with emphasis placed on the most popular videos (they appear bigger). Users can expand or contract… Read More

  • RIAA tech chief thinks DRM is still the future, thinks fire is magic, thinks the Earth is flat

    Oops. Someone forgot to tell Hollywood bigwigs that DRM is dead, consumers don’t want it, and it doesn’t really work that well anyway. At a conference in LA this week, a member of the RIAA said that almost all digital distribution schemes they can think of use DRM. The problem with DRM is it locks you into an ecosystem that only works with the DRM your purchasing. And you… Read More

  • Hell yes: Gore Verbinski to direct Bioshock movie

    Basically, I’m just glad that Uwe Boll didn’t get it. The director of Pirates of the Caribbean, among other films, has been signed on to direct the Bioshock movie, and will be working with John Logan, who wrote “Gladiator” and adapted “Sweeney Todd.” These are good choices because the director is familiar with spectacle and effects and likely has people… Read More

  • AT&T pulls offer of free Wi-Fi for iPhone users, again

    Yesterday, we mentioned that AT&T was once again pitching free Wi-Fi hotspot service to iPhone users. Well, it seems like AT&T just can’t make up their mind; any mention of free hotspot access has since been pulled. We’re still waiting to hear back from AT&T on this one. Read More

  • 3G LG Prada hits Japan next month: How does this relate to the iPhone?!?

    Apple better release its 3G iPhone quick-like lest LG accuse it of “ripping it off” again. The South Korea-based electronics haus will release in Japan next month a 3G version of the Prada, a touchscreen cellphone that, according to LG, totally inspired the iPhone. Sure it did, LG. Sure it did. Save for 3G, the cellphone, model L852i, is identical the to Prada we’re all… Read More

  • Why the WiMax Deal Is A Disaster, Part II (Or, How Craig McCaw Snookered Eric Schmidt)

    The more I learn about the $3.2 billion deal announced earlier this week to salvage Clearwire’s and Sprint’s WiMax businesses by merging them together, the more I am convinced that someone got snookered. And that someone was Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Maybe he just can’t say “No” to visionary billionaires like Clearwire chairman Craig McCaw. Or maybe McCaw got… Read More

  • Uh-ohs! SP3 crippling HP AMD machines

    Looks like there is a limited problem with SP3 causing endless reboots among HP computers with AMD processors (also possible: mobo issue). They’re working on it as we speak, and the root of the problem appears to be a power management driver that is only capable of causing trouble in this exact situation. It’s like the appendix: no apparent function except to blow up and kill… Read More

  • More rumors: Apple gearing up for games

    Apple’s become an iconic maker of hardware, that much is known, but its always had a hard time reaching out to gamers. A new patent by Apple points to something we’ve been saying for awhile: the iPhone and iPod Touch are going to become a fantastic gaming platform. If you’ve used a jailbroken Touch or iPhone, you’ve probably seen some of the hacked-together games… Read More

  • Look-alike Transformers iPod dock: Because you need another such dock

    Want a Transformers dock (note: some of the stuff this company sells ain’t safe for work) to go along with that hot iPod of yours? Of course you do, especially if you’re a huge nerd. For slightly more than the price of a barrel of oil, or $145, this Takara Tomy dock will bring remind of a simpler time, the 1980s, when Transformers were still on TV and not merely an excuse to… Read More

  • South Koreans Save on Paper with their Cell Phones

    With all the talk of going green this year, South Koreans are using their cell phones to save on the use of small slips of paper that can mount up. Retailers are sending coupons, gift certificates, movie tickets and other such things to a customer’s mobile phone. The message sent to a customer has a picture of a barcode that can be scanned by the retailer.

    “People can actually… Read More

  • Cablevision to roll out Wi-Fi broadband in NY area

    Cablevision, a regional ISP here in the north-east, will roll outwireless broadband coverage over the next two years. Unlike Comcast and Time Warner’s similar Clearwire venture, which uses WiMax, Cablevision’s uses Wi-Fi. Wonderful. The good news for current Cablevision subscribers is that the service will be free when it launches; non-subscribers will be able to get the Wi-Fi… Read More

  • Zune gets clocked

    (updated with a link to the freaking program)
    So with the XNA Game Studio released as part of Zune’s 2.5 update, what do you think is the first big release? A port of Doom, perhaps? An Atari emulator? Hello world? No. It’s a clock. Silencing the complaints of trillions of Zunatics worldwide, the new application zClock does what the Zune development team could not — or would… Read More

  • Facebook Responds To MySpace With Facebook Connect

    Facebook will announce later today Facebook Connect, which has similar functionality to MySpace Data Availability, announced just yesterday. The actual product won’t be released for at least a few weeks, so the timing on this, coming immediately after MySpace, is somewhat suspicious. It is essentially a new version of their API for third party websites, which was first launched in… Read More

  • Talk about the world around you with GeoGraffiti

    Now in public beta, GeoGraffiti is a free “Verbal Bulletin Board” that allows you to record and share location-specific voice notes, or “Voice Marks”, whether you’re on the go or in front of your computer. Find a new coffee shop that you love? Call up GeoGraffiti, and leave a Voice Mark to let the world know. Want to warn people where the crack houses are? Read More

  • Live Podcast Now

    Due to some unforeseen scheduling tomfoolery, we’ll be doing the CrunchGear and Friends live podcast at 12:00 PM Eastern today instead of the standard 1:00 time slot. Hope this doesn’t throw anyone off. You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link… Read More

  • Sue-happy Canadians get $45 from Apple

    Apple Canada Inc. is offering $45 credits to Canadians who own the first-third generation iPods purchased before June 24th, 2004. This settlement is a result of two iPod owners suing when their one-year-old iPods died after 3 hours of use, not 8 like the packaging claims prompting to subvert the standard image of “nice” Canadians and encouraging them to file a class-action suit… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Calling out the Parents Television Council for saying you get 'drunk driving' points in GTA IV

    Two reasons why this article, “You get points for driving drunk in this game,” merits your attention. One, the author, Phil Villarreal, totally calls out a director of the Parents Television Council, the no-fun group that, for whatever reason, doesn’t want children playing violent video games like Grand Theft Auto IV. Two, his name is Villarreal, the name of the subcampéon of… Read More

  • Live blog – TechCrunch UK meetup

    Update/Postscript: The event attracted several nice comments (below) and a couple of blog posts, as well. —- I’m sitting here outside the Royal Festival Hall, and I’ll be here all day chatting to tech people and startups who want to drop by to the Techcrunch UK meetup. It’s 12.14pm right now and I’ll try to do a live blog throughout the day of the people and… Read More

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