• Apple updates refurb website

    Anyone looking for a great deal on refurbished Apple equipment should look no further than Apple’s own site. Sporting a fresh new design, you can now browse by categories like Mac, iPod and Special offers. Aside from great deals, you’ll find that Apple is being more open about its pre-owned hardware. The home page of the refurb website states: Guaranteed Apple quality. Before we put… Read More

  • Bloomberg, Nokia want you to man up, recycle that old cell phone

    I’m the treehugger at CrunchGear and I make it known every chance I get. I don’t overwhelm you with facts and figures or any of that nonsense, but I do put in a gadget here and there. Now this isn’t a gadget, but it does involve your old mobile device that’s just sitting in your junk drawer so listen up. Today is the start of Nokia’s campaign to collect… Read More

  • Exclusive: Arrington Goes Nuts in "Unnecesary Force"

    This just went live from JibJab. There are now two new movies in their Starring You line of animations where you can upload your head to star in the movie. Here’s one with Arrington and me called Unnecessary Force, which jibjab kindly made for us. I tried to stop him folks. Also check out Math Camp Massacres. (For more on Starring You, check out this… Read More

  • Mannequins in motion

    Have you ever been shopping for clothes and spotted a killer outfit that really suits your style? I know I have, but the problem is, I want to see how I’ll look walking around in it. Sure, I can throw a t-shirt on and see how it looks, but how will others see me when I’m running from the police due to a petty vandalism charge? Enter the Moving Mannequin. For $12,000, your boutique… Read More

  • Waterfield Designs Keyboard Sleeve

    This keyboard sleeve from Waterfield Designs borders between completely useless and the really useful. I can’t tell. On one hand, it’s a nice keyboard sleeve. Waterproof, heavily padded. It can probably take good care of your keyboard on the go. But another part of me asks, “Why are people bringing a full-sized keyboard around with them?” I mean, when are you going to… Read More

  • Microsoft Beats Google To Online Health Records With HealthVault

    It’s not often that Microsoft gets the drop on Google. But today it launched HealthVault in beta, a free online repository where anyone can keep their personal health records.   Meanwhile, Google Health has yet to launch, having recently lost its leader Adam Bosworth. With HealthVault, you can import your health records from your doctors, hospitals, labs, prescription drug plans… Read More

  • Belkin eyes PC gaming market

    This is a gaming controller? If you say so, Belkin. With renewed vigor for computer gaming, Belkin has announced the USB powered n52te SpeedPad that’s a combination of hardware and software aimed at first-person shooter, online RGP and real-time strategy enthusiasts. There are 15 programmable buttons that are setup via software from Razer and saved to the onboard memory where you can… Read More

  • Beware: The Verizon Voyager will apparently kill the iPhone

    The Voyager is so awesome, your hand will tremble in fear Oh you heard right my friends. You better watch the hell out come this Autumn, ’cause Verizon has a phone coming out that is going to show that iPhone who’s boss. According to Verizon’s Wireless CMO, the Voyager is not only the “best” phone, but it’s also going to “kill the iPhone”. Read More

  • T-Mobile Samsung Beat review, can you do better?

    What can be said about the Samsung Beat that I didn’t already cover? It’s a tiny music-centric phone (aren’t all phones music-centric these days unless it’s a smart phone?) and as far as those go these days it’s not bad. Heck, you even get a 1GB microSD card. I like that you can keep the music player in the background and still access the music functions while not… Read More

  • Sony's New Slim PSP Is Selling Like Hotcakes

    And by hotcakes, I mean the iPhone. The company announced today that it has sold over 500,000 Playstation Portable units in Japan during the two weeks since its debut. Funny thing is, Sony has sold more PSP Slims in the past two weeks than it ever did with the original version of the system. I suppose the emerging pattern of “thinner is better” really applies to technology and… Read More

  • Mozy Acquisition Confirmed

    EMC Corporation announced the acquisition of Utah-based startup Mozy this morning, confirming our story of September 23. The price is not being disclosed, but our sources indicate that Mozy was acquired for $76 million. This was an excellent liquidity event for the Mozy team, which had raised just $1.9 million back in 2005. The company claims 300,000 business and consumer customers for… Read More

  • Who Spams Digg the Most

    On the heels of the recently launched Techmeme Leaderboard, Patrick Altoft at BlogStorm has cobbled together an unofficial list of sites that have the most Digg juice. The ranking is based on Google’s site search (how many results come back for a search of “site:digg.com arstechnica.com,” for instance, a site which happens to be No. 4 on both lists). The sites with the… Read More

  • Buying an iPod nano in Brazil costs nearly eleventeen zillion dollars

    The cheapest place to buy a 4GB iPod nano is Hong Kong ($148.12), while the most expensive place is Brazil ($369.61). Crazy stuff. Yup, Reuters went out of its way to compile a list of worldwide nano prices, using it as a sort of price index. Why? I don’t know. Something about tariffs, currency undervaluation, lolcatz. Here’s the top 10 most expensive 1. Brazil $369.61 2. Read More

  • Fon, BT create world's largest Wi-Fi network

    Did anyone else get a free FON router a few months back? I did and it’s a piece of turd. Mine was constantly cutting in and out and the router started warping from the heat. I think it’s a dumb idea to share my Wi-Fi, but I’ll probably sing a different tune the next time I’m traveling and need a hotspot to mooch off of. Today FON have teamed up with British Telecom to… Read More

  • Domino PCs!

    Some dude had nothing better to do, so he set up 86 PCs in a row and knocked them over in a domino effect. Yes, it’s a slow news day. Look at them fall! Read More

  • Make a Phone Call from Mt. Everest

    MobileCrunch reported yesterday that mobile networks now cover 80% of the world’s population and the coverage is expected to reach 90% by 2010. (See: dotMobi Advisory Group to Help Developing Countries). Soon, mobile coverage will come to the world’s highest mountain. If you have ever wanted to call someone from Mt. Everest you may be able to in the near future. China Mobile has… Read More

  • Not the Zune 2: RAmos MiniQ

    Some of you thought our Zune 2coverage went overboard yesterday. Then again, I seem to remember hearing similar complaints regarding our recent iPod coverage as well. Can’t please ‘em all, I suppose. But hey, here’s a DAP that has nothing to do with Apple or Microsoft, the RAmos MiniQ. I mean, if you can spot the DAP in some of these photos I’ll give you one dollar… Read More

  • Telecom Incest: The Fon-BT Deal Sounds Screwy

    On closer inspection, today’s deal between Fon and British Telecom sounds like it could be a costly one for Fon and its investors. GigaOm is suggesting that Fon may have agreed to pay $8 to $10 to BT for every one of its broadband customers who agrees to sign up and activate the Fon service. If that’s true, with three million broadband subs at BT, that represents a potential… Read More

  • Video: Celebrate Oktoberfest, World of Warcraft Style

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=25929 Oktoberfest time! Even the trolls and undead skeletons in WoW celebrate Oktoberfest, only there it’s called “Brewfest.” Will this video make you any smarter? Will it improve your lifestyle? No, probably not. But—but!—it may put a smile on your face and convince you to login to your character for a little while. Read More

  • Play Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader on your Phone

    Fox has partnered up with Capcom to bring all the excitement and fun of the television show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader to your mobile phone. The game has hundreds of questions and simulated students to create the charm, humor and deceptively difficult questions that feeds the popularity of the television game show. Like the television show, the mobile game asks a series of questions… Read More

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