• HOW TO stay a virgin this Valentine's Day

    So you’re in love. You decide not to get “store bought flowers or jewelry” for your lucky lover and instead make a fiber optic rose of the type found in .99 cent stores all up and down the Eastern Seaboard. This, in fact, is a poor decision and will not get you any play or even a call back. But that doesn’t matter, right guys? Because our objects of affection work in… Read More

  • Wrap your iPhone in crystal

    PowerSupport just launched a “crystal” (actually plastic) iPhone case that protects your precious and offers a unique little stand to keep her comfortably upright during long flights. The twee jacket includes a plastic front and back protective covering and costs $29.95. Best of all, there’s a little haiku on the page: Music can transcend.
    It’s what feeds the soul, spirit.
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  • Greystripe Adds Ten New Distribution Partners

    Greystripe announced today that it has added ten new distribution partners for Greystripe’s AdWRAP Catalog Platform. Greystripe is the world’s largest distributor of ad-supported mobile games and applications. 40 partners now account for 85% of all downloads of Greystripe titles. AdWRAP was launched a year ago and now has 40 partners including Zedge, Cellware, Tagtag… Read More

  • Ships did not cut undersea cable

    Da-dunt! Da-dunt! Da-dunt! I can’t stand it/I know you planned it… Well, it seems ships didn’t break the network cable links to Egypt — now they’re suspecting submarines. Not sure what to make of this development and unless Islamo-fascists have access to undersea vehicles and care enough to keep the devleloping world from connecting to the Internet, I don’t… Read More

  • CondeNet Goes Beyond Being A Copyright Cop; Approaches Infringement As A Business Opportunty

    Digital media fingerprinting technologies are quickly becoming part of every media company’s arsenal when it comes to combating copyright infringement on the Web. So far, most media companies have used the technology primarily as an enforcement tool, in conjunction with their subpeona machines. But CondéNet, the online arm of Condé Nast magazines, is looking for ways to use… Read More

  • TiVo releases seriously flawed Super Bowl ad data

    Something is wrong here. TiVo grabs data from how many times the pause and rewind buttons are pressed during the Super Bowl and makes the most frequently shifted ads the “top ten” ads. If you watched the game, though, you’ll agree with me that there’s no way the Dorito’s “Mouse Trap” or the Ice Breakers “Carmen Electra” spot should be… Read More

  • Skype plugin for Apple TV

    The brave new age of talking to your loved ones on the TV is finally here. Brandon Holland created a native Skype plugin for the Apple TV. It will take a bit of doing to get it on there, but it apparently lets you make calls and obtain your contact list. This plugin is basically an Apple TV front end for the Mac version of the Skype Application. It uses Skype’s powerful and well… Read More

  • Google sending a drink down the bar to Yahoo?

    Yahoo’s had no shortage of handsome suitors lately. While Google may not want to explicitly purchase Yahoo, it has offered “an alliance as an alternative to Microsoft’s bid,” according to Reuters. So Microsoft proposes marriage and Google comes along proposing a friends-with-benefits arrangement. Not that Yahoo’s not playing the field a bit, though. Sources… Read More

  • Lymabean: It May Not Go Far, But It Sure Looks Pretty

    Let’s add one more new social network to the list that’s trying to woo college students back from Facebook: Lymabean. It hasn’t launched yet, but you can watch an overview video of what appears to be a very pretty Flash-based interface. The site has most of the bells and whistles required of social networks today – profiles, friends, photos, videos, etc. Instant… Read More

  • Teneros, A Startup That Cashes In Every Time Microsoft Exchange Crashes, Raises $40 Million In A Series D

    File this one in your irony folder. A Silicon Valley startup called Teneros closed a $40 million series D financing today, led by Advanced Equities. That brings the total raised since the company was founded to $84.5 million (other investors include Goldman Sachs, New Enterprise Associates, and Sevin Rosen Funds). What does Teneros do? It keeps crashing Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers… Read More

  • Breaking: In The Middle of The Storm, Yahoo! Acquires Israeli FoxyTunes

    A couple of weeks ago we reported several rumors of acquisition of Israel-based FoxyTunes a Firefox plugin that allows users to control their favorite media players from the browser. According to several sources the acquisition has been completed for an undisclosed amount of money. This happens as Yahoo decided to shut down its premium music service and reroute it to Rhapsody. Prior to… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: You! Me! Dancing! Edition

    This is the Kaossilator
    PMA 2008: Gorillapod Go-Go! Suction Cups
    Shirts that give you health when you’re close to your other
    Keepon the dancing robot and Diane the dirty call management system
    Building the Lego Millennium Falcon Read More

  • mydeco launches assault on the home front

    After selling the UK’s first, quintessential Web startup, Lastminute.com, to Travelocity in May 2005 for £577m ($1.1bn dollars), some might have forgiven co-founder Brent Hoberman for kicking back and enjoying his rumoured £26m payday. But Hoberman has done anything but that, remaining an active seed investor in the UK startup scene (most recently MoveMe). But the real question was… Read More

  • Obama Sets Record With January Donations; Online Donations 88% Of Total

    Last Thursday the Barack Obama (who we have endorsed as the Democratic candidate for president) campaign announced a record-setting month in terms of donations – $32 million in January alone. That’s the most ever raised by a candidate who’s still in a Primary race. And, his campaign told me today, $28 million of that was raised online. That means Obama raised more money… Read More

  • The Industry Standard 2.0: Their Analysis, Your Predictions

    The Industry Standard—the once high-flying, and then hardest-falling, magazine of the dotcom era—is relaunching today in a public beta, nearly seven years after the original media outlet went bankrupt. It would be all too easy to write this off as a counter-indicator signaling that the current Web 2.0 mania has peaked. And perhaps that is exactly what it is. The brand carries … Read More

  • Amid Yahoo Turmoil, AOL Makes An Acquisition

    On Monday AOL will announce the acquisition of San Diego-based Goowy, a startup founded in late 2004 and which launched, incidentally, in my living room in late 2006 (we had a TechCrunch party where Goowy, Meebo, Sphere and other startups launched). The size of the deal is not being disclosed. Their first product was a Flash-based webtop or alternative operating system. But later they went… Read More

  • Yahoo To Shut Premium Music Service, Redirect Users To Rhapsody…For Now

    Yahoo will shut its premium music service tomorrow, a move away from premium music sales we first reported on in September 2007, and instead redirect users to Real Networks’ Rhapsody service. Terms of the deal are not yet available. According to an AP report, subscribers to Yahoo Music Unlimited will be shifted to the Rhapsody service in the first half of this year with Yahoo… Read More

  • 10 small good things you need for the big game

    Like most nerds, I don’t follow football. However, I do follow football-shaped slow cookers and boy, is this a doozy. It has three settings — warm, cook, and off — and it only costs $39.99. Don’t let the kids at it or they’ll be throwing a metal ball full of chicken wings across the room faster than you can say Bret Farve. Hit fosfor.com for 9 more gadgets. Read More

  • No Super Bowl For Yahoo: Top Brass Weigh Their Limited Options

    So apparently the Yahoo brass didn’t take Microsoft’s public offer to buy them as well as could be expected (hey, at least their shareholders finally got a break – the stock jumped nearly 1/3 on Friday). They’ve been working all weekend (I suspect they canceled their Super Bowl tickets last minute) to find someone, anyone, to make a competing offer. Barring that, they… Read More

  • PMA 2008: Leica M8 Upgrade Program

    Leica announced at PMA 2008 that it will be offering a new "perpetual upgrade program" to owners of its M8 digital camera. The program, as it stands now, will offer two handling upgrades to M8 owners — a new scratch resistant sapphire glass LCD screen cover; and a retuned, quieter shutter. "The shutter will be softer and feel more like an M6 with less lens vibration and… Read More

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