• Steven Spielberg's Ghost Town

    Hollywood super producer Steven Spielberg is preparing to launch a new social network, we’ve heard from multiple sources. The focus will be on users who’ve had or who are interested in sharing paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences. The new social network may also have original video content investigating alleged ghost and UFO stories. Spielberg has always had a love for ghost… Read More

  • Google Gears Goes Mobile

    Google is bringing offline apps to mobile phones – and this has nothing to do with Android. Google Gears, which allows developers to create apps that run on Firefox and Internet Explorer when offline, is supposed to launch later today under the name Google Gears for mobile. (Information for developers is already available here). It will support only Pocket IE running on Windows… Read More

  • Whorelore: Just for all of us

    The Village Voice has a cool interview with Dez, former Gonzo porn producer/performer who now makes week-long wizards and elves porn epics starring ladies dress up like halflings. I, ummm, watched one a little while back and it involved lots of SCA fighting, a woman painted green “milking” herself, and elf sex. Seriously. It doesn’t get much better than that to a group of… Read More

  • GigaOm Launches Ostatic Resource For Open Source Community

    GigaOm (Om Malik’s blog network) just launched a new open source software focused blog called Ostatic. The goal, Malik said today in an interview, is to track news around the world’s 150,000+ open source projects. Malik quotes IDC, saying that 71% of the worlds developers have used open source software, and that 50% of organizations have some open source software in production. Read More

  • You're Now Free to Book Really Expensive Flights Online

    So it took longer than originally planned, but Virgin Charter – the site where well-heeled travelers can find and book (expensive) charter flights – has officially opened its doors to the public after almost a year-long closed beta period. We first covered Virgin Charter this past June when it launched into private beta. The company began as an independent startup but was picked up… Read More

  • Spot Runner Acquires Weblistic, Seeks Synergies Between TV and Online Advertisements

    Spot Runner, an online service that helps local businesses develop and run professional-looking advertisements for TV and radio, has acquired Weblistic, a company that helps these same businesses run online advertising campaigns. The all-stock deal intends to produce profitable synergies between traditional and new media. As part of the announcement, Spot Runner is citing a Jupiter Research… Read More

  • Star Wars credits via the Rat Pack

    Saul Bass created a number of wild title sequences back in the 1950s and 60s and even designed the AT&T death star logo. This offers a look at what Star Wars would have looked like had it starred Dean Martin. via BB Read More

  • Carbon fiber tripods from Manfrotto

    That’s the PRO4 I don’t know too much about tripods, but I do know that I’ll need one soon as my pictar taking abilities improve. I’m very twitchy for some reason. Anyway, Manfrotto announced a trio of carbon fiber tripods dubbed the CX-series. The low-end 190CX3 isn’t fully carbon fiber but its tubes are while the center column is aluminum as is the top plate. Read More

  • The Orientation: Digital TV

    Welcome, friends, to another edition of The Orientation. This week we’re going to be looking at digital TV. The switch is coming soon. Ok, not really. It’s still a year away, but let’s take a look at what it’s all about. What’s the difference between analog and digital? Should you care? Does it really matter? The answer to the last two are a resounding, yes. Read More

  • AOL: Up To 30 New Sites By The End Of 2008

    AOL is to launch at least 12 new sites in the next six months, and between 20 and 30 new sites by the end of the year. Bill Wilson, AOL Executive Vice President of Programming told Bloomberg that AOL wants “to be sure we are appealing to as many consumers as we can.” Ultimately it’s all about numbers; more web properties should equal more traffic and more advertising… Read More

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