• Movie mode for DSLRs may soon be possible

    DSLR users are getting pretty spoiled. Image quality is off the chart, the range of lenses and bodies is great, and they’re just plain fun to use. And the Live View function has eliminated the objection that there is no LCD viewfinder. The last hurdle now is making movies – and some guy named Hiroshi Terada is looking to tackle that one. The problem has been that the mirror… Read More

  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to feature drums and vocals?

    If only there were a game like Guitar Hero where you could also play drums and sing instead of just playing the guitar parts. They could call it something like oh, I don’t know, Band of Rockers or Rock Guys Rocking Together or Making the Band or Hey, Come Over After School And We’ll Jam In My Basement With The New Gibson Epiphone My Dad Bought Me After I Found Out He’s… Read More

  • First Look: Kluster's Market Approach to Crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing may work for Wikipedia, but few commercial companies have figured out how to make it work for them. The basic concept is to get outsiders, preferably customers, to swarm together to design a product or complete some other project. Crowdsourcing is quickly becoming a crowded field—there’s Innocentive, Cambrian House, the soon-to-launch CrowdSpirit, and Ideablob, to… Read More

  • Microsoft planning a Blu-Ray Xbox 360 – crazy talk?

    That eminently creditable source, “insiders at Microsoft,” has suggested that the fan-favorite Redmond company is working on a Blu-Ray flavor of the 360. Sony says they’d love to “welcome Microsoft to the Blu-Ray stable,” which has uncomfortable connotations and implies a pimp-like status for Sony. Well, maybe they have the right after Toshiba did its thing the… Read More

  • TV Phones Reach 20 Million Mark in Japan

    Cell Phones compatible with Japan’s mobile digital TV service have reached the 20 million mark in less than two years since the launch of the service. The Telecommunications Carriers Association said that the 20 million mark was reached in December of 2007, thanks to the shipment of over 1 million handsets during the month. OneSeg, the digital TV service launched on April 1, 2006, delivers… Read More

  • Nano-fibers may Power Handsets in the Future

    One day your clothing could power or help to power your handset. Researchers have created a nano-fiber that catches energy from movement making it possible to route that energy for practical uses. The fibers use the same mechanical principle as a self-winding watch but on a scale measured in billionths of a meter. Nano-generators are able to use energy from sound waves, vibrations and even… Read More

  • Chinese Government May Be Concerned About Microsoft's Takeover of Yahoo

    An interesting report from Reuters/ eWeek suggests the Chinese Government may be concerned about Microsoft, a firm that uses “monopolistic tactics” buying Yahoo, which will mean Microsoft will become the biggest shareholder in Alibaba, one of China’s biggest internet firms. According to the report Alibaba “will seek a stronger voice for its management team in… Read More

  • YouNoodle Thinks AI Can Predict Startup Success

    We cover a lot of startups here at TechCrunch, but I don’t recall ever having covered a startup that thinks it can use artificial intelligence to predict whether other startups will be successful. YouNoodle promises to do just that. The site opens to the public today, and they chose the NY Times to pitch their product: Kirill Makharinsky, 21, and Bob Goodson, 27, call their software… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Graveside Tribute Edition

    It’s official: Blu-ray wins
    Guitar Hero Carabiner: Take Guitar Hero with you wherever
    Name this SpinVox guy with a block for a head
    DLO lays an egg with new iPhone, iPod Touch speakers
    SD card readers for gauche Japanese girls make me want to vom
    iWave Cube: the littlest microwave that could Read More

  • Contest: Worst. Valentine's. Ever.

    Now that the worst Hallmark holiday has passed us it’s time for a contest! Once again, TeleNav has been generous enough to give the lucky winner three free months of service. So how do you win? It’s pretty easy, really. Tell us over at BFF your worst Valentine’s Day horror story – getting lost on the way to your date, being stuck in traffic, not knowing where the… Read More

  • Who Bought Rupture?

    We knew something was up when Shawn Fanning’s startup Rupture, an unlaunched social network around gaming, delayed and delayed their launch. Well, it turns out, say multiple sources, that Rupture was able to do what Parakey pulled off in 2007. Get acquired before launching, that is. We’re shaking trees to find out the buyer and size of the transaction. But Fanning, who founded… Read More

  • Digital Downloads Are Not About To Kill Blu-Ray

    With Toshiba’s announcement that it is to cease manufacture of HD DVD players, the High-Definition format wars are now over. With Blu-Ray left standing, some, such as Rob Beschizza at Wired are now saying that digital downloads will now kill Blu-Ray. It’s an argument I want to support and many of you reading this will feel is a sound one, but it’s not going to happen… Read More

  • Media Alert: Bluetooth headsets are good for those who drive cars!

    [photopress:Bluetooth_Headset.jpg,full,center] Massachusetts is likely going to be the next state to adopt headset-while-driving laws for cellphone users, but it’s the Boston Globe that takes the award for breaking it down into simple, bite-sized pieces with this headline: Headsets may come in handy for drivers Thank you, Boston Globe for that hard-hitting journalism. Other articles of… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhones, iPod to be $100 cheaper very soon?

    [photopress:400.jpg,full,center] Are you one who’s been wanting that iPhone or iPod Touch but on a budget? You might be in luck within the next two months, there are rumors (of course) swirling that Apple is planning a $100 price drop across the board. That would make for a $300 16GB iPod Touch, or $400 for a 32GB Touch or 16GB iPhone. Coupled with the pending SDK, that makes the… Read More

  • Fred Wilson – Hypocritical, Wrong and Conflicted

    Fred Wilson lit a fire today suggesting that certain bloggers need to step it up a notch to improve quality and be more like mainstream journalists. A fair point if spoken generally, although I’d argue that the quality of reporting done by many bloggers today, at least in the tech space, is equal to or better than most mainstream journalism. I think this is particularly true when… Read More

  • Today's religious teens forgo social networking for Lent

    [photopress:god.jpg,full,center] Do you know what I gave up for Lent? Nothing, I’m not religious. But kids these days, I tell you! Do you know what they’re giving up for Lent? MySpace. And Facebook. In this modern, connected world of Social Networking, that’s quite a fast indeed. Sites like Facebook and MySpace can be quite addictive, and I can only imagine the anguish these… Read More

  • Video: Ken Burns-esque "History of the LOLcat"

    http://www.glumbert.com/embed/lolcatshistory The history of the LOLcat, it is amazing. Read More

  • Playstation 3's used by scientists as mini Supercomputers

    [photopress:psthree003.jpg,full,center] Now that Blu-ray is the decisive winner in the next-gen format wars, it’s time to take another look at the PS3. Game play and disc features aside, it’s a sound system. Did you know that scienticians use them to frickin’ model black holes? Maybe you can find one on sale. Why scientists love games consoles [The Telegraph] Read More

  • New iPhone, iPod Touch firmware coming sooner rather than later?

    [photopress:114.jpg,full,center] Remember, like, a few hours ago when you updated your iPhone or iPod Touch to version 1.1.3? And then, like, a few minutes later you Jailbroke it? Yah, that was rad, but we’re going to have to do it all over again soon if the rumormill has anything to say about it. See, the grapevine has it on good authority that firmware update 1.1.4 is right around… Read More

  • Video: Cellphone radiation in action

    OMG CELLPHONE RADIATION YOU HAVE CANCER EVERYONE PANIC! Really, though, what’s the big deal? Read More

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