• Nintendo Unveils New DS Gadget

    Nintendo DS owners today rejoiced as Nintendo unveiled yet another innovative gizmo for its popular portable system. The new Slide Sensor for the DS clips to the bottom of a DS and essentially allows a user to turn his or her DS into an optical mouse. One of the uses could be to slide the DS around to explore an in-game map. Cool, but useful? Perhaps. The Slide Sensor can be had for about $48… Read More

  • Attention Flash-based Widget Builders: Win A Free Trip To Flashforward2007

    Thumbplay, purveyor of fine mobile-entertainment downloads (ringtones, games, videos, etc. etc.) is looking to get a little outside help from Flash developers. They’re having a Thumbplay Widget Festival in conjunction with Flashforward2007 being held in Boston on September 19-21, 2007, and are looking for someone to create the ultimate Flash-based widget to help pimp their… Read More

  • Pay Per Call Company VoiceStar Acquired by Marchex

    Pay per call advertising service VoiceStar has been acquired by local advertising company Marchex. Terms of the deal are as follows: Marchex total anticipated investment to acquire VoiceStar will be $28 million, consisting of approximately $20 million in transaction consideration and $8 million in company investment. Specifically, transaction consideration consists of approximately $12.9… Read More

  • Piss-Screen = Gaming Through Pissing

    Though this isn’t the first “game” to involve pissing (listen/watch video above), it’s certainly the most advanced. Whether you just loaded up on Gatorade, water, or just have a medical condition that really sucks, you can become the new bathroom champion of Piss-Screen. Thanks to a bunch of sick Germans who put pressure sensors in urinals, you can now race other people… Read More

  • Baby Ninjas Rule

    Don’t beat up kids, especially the baby ninjas. Read More

  • CrunchGear Told You So: Apple Patent for Multi-touch MacBook

    Who has the hot scoops? CrunchGear has the hot scoops. Do you dare disagree? Remember our tidbit about multi-touch coming to MacBooks? Well, look what showed up at the FCC today, a patent for a “wide touchpad on a portable computer.” The patent indicates the palmrest instead of the touchpad, but the fact remains the same. We called it and now we can say, “we told you… Read More

  • Poisonous Frog-Inspired PC Mod Is Best Of The Bunch

    Computer Shopper held a little PC mod contest and that hulking thing up there is the winner. Designed by a certain Dan Soules, it’s meant to evoke the coloring of an African dart frog while simultaneously being easily upgradeable. Read More

  • Halo 3 Will Blow Your Mind

    Pre-orders for Halo 3 have exceeded expectations by selling over 1 million copies. Cha ching. As expected, the Legendary Edition will probably never even hit store shelves because who doesn’t want a helmet? There’s also some huge media blitz for the games launch, but who cares about Mountain Dew Game Fuel, Halo 3-branded Slurpee cups or the aforementioned Burger King pop cups? I… Read More

  • The Neon Graveyard

    Neon signs will always looks cool when one is inebriated, but what happens when these signs get old and die? They go out to the deserts of Las Vegas, where they remain still in time forever. Some are beautiful, some are ugly, all are old and overused. Quite beautiful actually. Neon Graveyard [Cool Hunting] Read More

  • High-Rez Halo 3 Xbox 360 Pics

    Peter filled you in on all the hot deets yesterday, but here’s the hotness: high resolution pictures of the Halo 3 Xbox 360 in all its glory. Try not to drool please. Hit the jump for all the photos. Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition high res pics [Engadget] Read More

  • Sony VAIO VGN-CR190E Review

    I can say without a doubt that Vista is the bane of my existence. Calm yourself, Windows fanboy. I said Vista not Microsoft. This was, in fact, my first foray into Vista and it’s unfortunate that the Sony VAIO VGN-CR190E had to take the brunt of my frustrations. Aside from the POS OS, the ride experience was rather bumpy with plenty of ups and downs. The CR Series is extremely good… Read More

  • The Anatomy Of An Album Leak

    A great album, but it leaked a whole three months before its release date You’ve got to peep this article on this small blog. It’s a great write-up on how CDs get leaked months or weeks before their release and the impact it has on the music industry and fans alike. Sometimes leaks work in a positive way though, like when Nine Inch Nails left USB drives in venue bathrooms for fans… Read More

  • German-Engineered Backpack-Mounted Laser Cleaner Sounds Really Safe

    The Germans have invented what is supposedly the world’s first backpack-mounted laser cleaner. Clearly there was a need for such high-powered cleaners. There’s no real explanation of how the laser cleans, but we can assume that it burns away layers of dirt. Probably not for use by children under three years of age, or any of us here, really. The laser will make the rounds in the UK… Read More

  • New Ways Of Spotting Movie Pirates

    Piracy allows me to enjoy funny clips like this that get put up on YouTube illegally With piracy on the rise, it’s a no-brainer that the MPAA is busy going crazy over each CAM and Telesync released to sites like The Pirate Bay. Canada has an ongoing problem with movie piracy in Calgary and although digital watermarks have helped pinpoint pirates in specific theaters, more help is needed… Read More

  • iPhone vs. Wiimote vs. Baby: Who Will Reign Supreme?

    Kottke has an excellent comparison on who/what has the most sensitive built-in accelerometer. The contenders are the Apple iPhone, Nintendo Wiimote and Kottke’s newborn son, Ollie. Awww. Cute. Barf. If you’ve manhandled the iPhone then you know the accelerometer needs to be coddled or you’ll be stuck in portrait hell or vice versa for at least 5 seconds. Am I wrong? You… Read More

  • Verizon Acquires Ramcell

    Hey do you live on Kentucky or Oregon like Peter did? Oh you don’t? Well then this won’t really concern you, but it’s worth a mention because Peter will chase me with a broom if I don’t post about Oregon. Verizon today acquired Ramcell, a regional network operator based out of Kentucky and Oregon. Verizon’s acquisition will help over 500,000 people achieve… Read More

  • iPhone Gets Copy & Paste

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=266383&server=vimeo.com&fullscreen=1&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=1&color=00ADEF Oh, what it would be like to Copy & Paste on an iPhone. It would certainly boost your productively infinitely. The moving lips are super creepy and I can’t get the image out of my head. Make it stop! Vimeo Read More

  • The Futurist: What We'd Like To See In A Google Phone

    The fact that Google is trying to take a bite of the Apple pie–that is, prepping a launch of its own mobile phone–is perhaps Silcon Valley’s worst-kept secret. As the rumors currently stand, the “Gphone” will come to America sometime next Spring, likely riding on back T-Mobile’s network, and, according to some reports, costing the Gguys several hundred… Read More

  • FCC Filing Reveals New T-Mobile @Home Router

    Though John “Pop n’ Lock” Biggs is a fan of T-Mobile’s @Home service, it still hasn’t stopped the ‘Mo from developing with a new version of the product. The revamped router has hit the FCC and it looks to be a whole new experience with T-Mobile @Home. It features dual SIM card slots and dual phone jacks so you can hook up your own phones for the hot… Read More

  • Who Doesn't Love 42-Ounce Halo 3-Themed Soda?

    Microsoft launches Halo 3 on September 25, just seven weeks from now, and boy does it plan on marketing the hell out of it. It’s lined up several partners so that, wherever you go, you’ll run into Master Chief one way or another. So far, Microsoft has enlisted the following companies to help make Halo 3 the system seller that it wants it to be. •Burger King: Terrifingly… Read More