• Microsoft Quietly Closes Software Licensing and Protection Service

    It seems that Microsoft’s SLPS, a programming suite for adding licensing and demo functionality to your .NET based software, is closed, adding a whiff of mystery to the down-turn. Could they have taken it out back and shot it? The service is currently not accepting new orders – at least as of last night – so either there is an upgrade afoot or Microsoft is paring back some… Read More

  • Time Warner tells price-gouging TV provider to take a long walk off a short pier

    We really ought to applaud Time Warner, I think. A company that owns the rights to broadcast some of the major networks in certain markets, LIN TV, has been playing hardball with the cable operator, demanding more money for access to the channels. Time Warner is all, “But, you can get these channels for free over the air, and many times online, why should we pay you (and raise our… Read More

  • April Fools Check: Did Google Really Release Mail Goggles?

    I looked at the blog post and then I looked at the date. No, it’s not April Fools and yes Google did just release a new product, created by Jon Perlow, called Mail Goggles. The new feature, which is a play on the term Beer Goggles (which refers to being so drunk that unattractive people look attractive) has the goal of helping you unsend those crazy drunken emails that sometimes go out… Read More

  • Spotify launches public beta of Last.fm competitor

    Spotify, the Swedish startup with a Bittorrent-meets-Last.fm service streaming music service, has launched into open public beta. The startup is understood to have raised a massive €15.3m from VCs Northzone Venture Partners and Creandum. Spotify is a lightweight iTunes-like application streams songs via encrypted P2P technology. The service is ad-financed, hence the comparison with Last.fm. Read More

  • MyPunchbowl 2.0 Launches With Gorgeous Custom Invitation Editor

    MyPunchBowl, an eVite competitor that opened its doors early last year, has launched a ‘2.0’ version of its site that features a revamped interface and a very impressive custom invitation creator. MyPunchBowl CEO Matt Douglas says that his team has integrated improvements throughout the site for the new release, including an enhanced address book, the ability to send test invites… Read More

  • Reggie kills that pesky Wii HD in 2011 rumor

    In Reggie we trust, right? Hope so, but he just killed quite the rumor in a recent interview. The president and COO of Nintendo told VentureBeat that the rumored Wii HD, “penned” for 2011, is a joke. Calling it “pure rumor and speculation,” Reggie says that Nintendo isn’t about to show developers prototype version and ask, coyly, “What do you guys… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: KDDI's super-futuristic cell phone protoypes (photo gallery)

    KDDI au is not only Japan’s second biggest cell phone carrier but also famous for its KDDI Design Project. And while their exhibition in the KDDI Design Studio in Tokyo was disappointing, the company made a strong showing at this year’s CEATEC. See the coolest cell phone designs below. KDDI has been running this design project for years now and actually started mass-producing… Read More

  • Thanks to research, decent 3D displays getting closer to reality

    So CNN has this quick little piece on innovations involving holographic television. You know, something along the lines of “don’t look now, but in just a few years you could be watching ESPN and get an elbow in the face from Kevin Garnet.” The catalyst for the piece is new research coming from the University of Arizona that make it easier to create displays with some sort… Read More

  • Tokyo Jogging: Run through Tokyo with your Wiimote and Google Street View

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1683367&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1 Tokyo Jogging is the name of a cool idea Ryo Katsuma, a renowned Japanese software engineer, single-handedly turned into reality in his spare time. Katsuma-san’s project is a mashup of Wii technology and Google Street View. Users… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: NTT Docomo's next-generation cell phone prototypes (photo gallery)

    Japan’s biggest cell phone carrier NTT Docomo had one of the coolest booths at this year’s CEATEC (which ended last Saturday), showcasing a lot of spectacular new stuff. These are their cell phone concepts, some of which even might make it to the mass market one day. Watch a video of their microprojector cell-phone hybrid here and a see this post for more information on their… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Don't Mind If I Do Edition

    What does the downturn mean for gadget freaks?
    Review: True Enough by Farhad Manjoo
    CEATEC 2008: The two coolest robots of the show besides Little Seiko (2 videos)
    Clever promotions company fills USB drive with beer, other liquids declared the best thing on earth
    Canon zoom lens in pieces — many, many pieces Read More

  • appssavvy Raises $3.1 Million To Connect Social Media Developers, Advertisers

    appssavvy, a company that aims to help pair developers on social media platforms with advertisers and brands, has closed a $3.1 million Series A funding round led by TRUE Ventures. Also joining the round is About.com founder Scott Kurnit. appssavvy reports that it has worked with 100 developers on the Facebook platform who account for 500 applications, as well as developers working on… Read More

  • Hey kids – get off of my lawn

    Back at the end of July, Microsoftee Dare Obasanjo attacked the Open Web Foundation for being a bunch of kids fresh out of college who hadn’t heard of IETF or other standards bodies. I dashed off a post calling on Dare to revert to his previously ecumenical ways of supporting bottom-up standards development, and to stop his partisan attacks on these Animal House attempts and their… Read More

  • Quick Tip: Hide your USB drives away deep in the wall

    For those of you predisposed to paranoia, you may want to move along. However, if you’re not going to freak on me feel free to head over to Instructables to create this unique USB drive using a standard phone jack and a USB key. By assigning a pin and wire to each of the pins on a USB cable, you can create a “secure” system for storing data that you can hide in plain sight. Read More

  • Netvibes Partners With Russian Web Portal Rambler.ru

    Netvibes, the site that lets users customize their homepages with a variety of widgets, has partnered with Rambler.ru to bring its widgets to the massive Russian web portal. Rambler is the Yahoo of Russia, with an estimated 40 million users and 3 billion monthly pageviews. The deal is being described as “multi-year” and worth “multi-millions”, but further details… Read More

  • VisualHub maker to shut down product support

    Tyler Loch, maker of VisualHub, one of the best applications for converting video on the Mac ever in the whole wide world, is citing health and relationship reasons for closing up shop and potentially releasing the product as open source. Loch’s company, Techspansion, will cease support and Apple had nothing to do with the decision. Loch wrote: Read More

  • Sugar High: Sugar Inc Launches API And IMDB For Fashion

    Sugar Inc, the company behind a network of popular women-focused blogs that includes PopSugar, is announcing two major releases tonight that take advantage of its fashion-hungry userbase. The first, dubbed PopSugar’s CelebStyle, is positioning itself as an IMDB for style, analyzing outfits from many of television’s most popular shows. Sugar Inc is also announcing a new ShopStyle… Read More

  • Fight Spam With A Direct Message To Twitter

    There doesn’t appear to have been an official announcement, but Twitter has begun soliciting spam reports to a “spam” user account via direct messages. Are you a victim of Twitter spam? Just begin following @spam and send it a direct message with the username of your spammer. As the following email autoresponse to spam reporters instructs, you can send these direct messages… Read More

  • Unboxing: Pantech C610 for AT&T

    Pantech’s C610 clamshell was announced today for AT&T and we were lucky enough to have one dropped off at the office. The C610 isn’t a bad looking phone to be honest and is well equipped. It can tap into the 3G network for downloading music, games and watching TV clips. It even gives directions with built-in GPS. Memory is expandable via microSD and also includes Bluetooth. Read More

  • Review: Debaufre Aircraft-8

    What you do know will hurt you. As a long-time lover of larger than life watches, I was pleased when Steinhart nee Debaufre released a line of watches to rival Bell & Ross’ attempts at recreating old-timey airplane dial. As I’ve mentioned many times before, Bell & Ross watches are obscenely huge and obscenely expensive so to find a watch that mimics – but does not… Read More

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