• SteelSeries making a custom Warhammer MMO keyset for the zBoard

    I’ve always been slightly skeptical about custom key setups. But, of course, I don’t usually play the types of games where a truly custom keyboard might be really handy. Maybe in Guild Wars. But I can certainly see, for games like WoW, EVE Online, and now Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, that a custom keyboard might actually be a real plus. As much as I’m used to it, it does feel… Read More

  • New mirror Rubiks cube to stump another generation

    So you know the Rubiks Cube algorithm and movements like your kids names, eh? It’s understandable as the ‘cubes been out since ’80, but this latest flavor will probably keep you busy for sometime thanks to different size mirrored blocks. Apparently, it’s only available in Japan right for ¥2079 ($20) so you might have to work a little harder to play with this… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Free iPod Touch with a $75,000 deposit at Ameritrade

    Here’s my concern about this deal: I come to your bank, I put seventy-five thousand dollars into your coffers, and as a congratulations you give me an 8GB iPod Touch? You couldn’t spring for the 16GB? Not classy! I’m going to keep my $75,000 under my mattress. Image credit: Consumerist Read More

  • Make a meat smoker out of an old microwave

    Two truths in life. One; everyone has a broken microwave somewhere in their house and two; everyone needs some way to smoke delicious red meat. Thankfully, an enterprising Flickr user has posted photos of a meat smoker made from an old, discarded microwave oven. The basic setup seems to include a $10 1-kilowatt burner from Walgreens (Walgreens!), some cherry wood chips, and some strategically… Read More

  • Tomorrow is G-Day

    The world – OK, just a group of phone geeks – is waiting for the launch of the Android phone aka the T-Mobile Dream tomorrow with bated breath. CG will be at the event in force with a liveblog and images but before we walk to the well of hype and drink deep and hearty droughts of orgasmic praise, let’s talk about what Android is and isn’t. The casual smartphone user is… Read More

  • DIY Eee 701 tablet kit coming – eventually

    A forum poster at eeeuser.com is creating a conversion kit for the Eee 701 that turns the wee-pc into a Samsung-ish UMPC. The collage kid is either genius or lazy too as it seems that the kit is simply a way to flip the LCD around on and display it on what was the lid. That way, the bottom part of the laptop doesn’t have to be ripped out and installed in another bezel. That’s at… Read More

  • Pictures from TechCrunchTalk

    Here are some pictures from TechCrunchTalk last week, the Seedcamp Party which followed and, well, the unofficial after-party which followed that! By pretty much all accounts over 300 people from the London/UK/European startup community enjoyed themselves on the banks of the Thames. Quite why some people started to throw a frisbee at the event is beyond me, but it may have had something to do… Read More

  • Four-port USB hub with Newton’s Cradle action

      I can’t tell if this is cool or dumb of if you’d simply buy it and go “Why did I just do that?” At the very least, you’d get a four-port USB hub out of the deal. At the very most, you’d get a four-port USB hub that doubles as a Newton’s Cradle device — although, as OhGizmo! points out, the whole physics aspect of the Newton’s Cradle part… Read More

  • Massive HTC Touch HD gallery and a report that O2 Germany will get exclusive launch

    In case the last HTC Touch HD pics didn’t satisfy your craving, this massive gallery certainly will. Also, the site causally mentions that O2 Germany will be the first carrier worldwide to launch the WME smartphone sometime in November with a 659 Euro price tag. No word when that exclusive deal is up though. theunwired via wmpoweruser via BGR Read More

  • Mega Man 9 is out for Wii!

    In case you forgot, or haven’t read any of the other 50 million Mega Man 9 posts here at CG, I thought I’d remind you all that Mega Man 9 is out today for download on WiiWare, and will be out shortly on the other consoles. I’m feeling that same excitement I felt back in the day when something like StarFox would come out — probably because I’ve been looking for a… Read More

  • Kingston 8GB SDHC Kit Giveaway: Congrats to our first winner. Who's next?

    Congratulations to the winner of the first round of our Kingston 8GB SDHC card giveaway marathon, Orlando. We’ve still got four to give away over the next 10 days, so be sure to enter! How do you enter? Comment on any story published between 9/21 and 9/23. Every story you comment on is one entry. If you comment on 5 stories, that’s 5 entries. Only one entry per post is counted… Read More

  • Some more Windows 7 information for your perusal

    Here’s a little info to prepare you for the arrival of Windows 7. Sure, it’s still well over a year away and sure, all this stuff could change at the drop of a hat, but let’s just run with it. According to Technologizer, an early build of Windows 7 may contain some or all of the following: – A fancier calculator. – The Office 2007 Ribbon thing may cross over… Read More

  • Sony specs out the impending Vaio TT laptops

     http://documents.scribd.com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=6160583&access_key=key-2dkjk762at1f2tf0o5mx&page=&version=1&auto_size=true&viewMode= The upcoming Sony Vaio TT just got a little more official today with some specs and model numbers. The top of the line VGN-TT190UBX is sure to draw some curious looks from travelers with its Core 2 Duo SU9400 1.4 GHz CPU, 4GB… Read More

  • Be better than Sarah Palin: How to minimize the chances of e-mail hacking

    The following is the first entry in my BAFTA-winning series, “Privacy, piracy and the dark side of the Internet.” It’ll be slightly above average. Beauty queen turned vice-presidenial nominee Sarah Palin had her Yahoo! e-mail account broken into last week. (Who uses Yahoo! e-mail?) It was a heinous crime, right up there with the Lindburg baby, and one that exposed her… Read More

  • Audio-Technica's new cans come in red, white, blue, and zune

    The press release is a little inexact, but Audio-Technica is releasing a range of new headphones today aimed at mobility and the lower-mid-range (of pricing, that is, not frequency). They have the usual jumble of letters and numbers for names, but the gist is that they’re releasing a line of in-ear headphones and a line of traditional headphones, both of which have models ranging from… Read More

  • Google Will Show You Where to Vote

    Google is getting in on the voting season by offering a Google mapplet that will offer a wealth of voter information before the big day in November. The site is not yet complete, but it will provide users with “voting location, registration information, and more.” What that more is has yet to be determined since, as the site points out, “all voting location information will… Read More

  • Samsung intros the 10.2MP, HD video-capable, 10x zoom HZ1

    The Samsung HZ1 just might be one of the most versatile cameras since the Polaroid shook up the camera market. The new 10.2MP Sammy camera combines an ultra-wide 24mm lens with a 10x telephoto zoom and throws in a 720p HD movie mode for good measure. Plus, with the optical and digital image stabilization, face detection, and small bezel, what more can you want in a point-n-shoot? Read More

  • Vodafone bringing the BlackBerry Storm to the UK?

    We’ve got a bit of good news for anybody lookin’ to get their mitts on the BlackBerry Storm over in the UK. According to Pocket-lint, Vodafone will be bringing the touchscreen handset to the sovereign isle sometime in the next two months. Read the rest at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • Leica drops monster 37-megapixel S-System pro camera

    That is a lot of megapixels. Leica has been burning up the internet lately, what with its sweet F/0.95 lens, new M8.2 camera, and even a nice-looking projector. But this monster is surely going to generate the most buzz, especially with Nikon and Canon bickering over the megapixel count in their flagship cameras. The new S-System has a 30mmx45mm sensor, which puts it in between 35mm and… Read More

  • State Of The Blogosphere: Get To 100K Uniques, Make $75K/year

    Technorati, the blog search engine, put out Part I of its sporadic (now-annual?) State of the Blogosphere report. This year, it conducted a random survey of 1,079 random bloggers (a statistically significant sample) to paint a more detailed picture of just who exactly is out there blogging. Technorati has indexed a total of 133 million blogs since 2002. In terms of how many are active… Read More

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