• Gentleman requests more Americans embrace mobile iPhone porn

    Some dude—it has to be a dude—wants Americans to embrace mobile pornography, specifically on the iPhone. The Europeans do it, the Asian do it, so why can’t we? Clearly this man is tackling the tough issues for us. I applaud his character. Read More

  • Microsoft (Pretends To) Force Yahoo's Hand

    April 5, 2008
    Board of Directors
    Yahoo! Inc.
    701 First Avenue
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089 Dear Members of the Board: It has now been more than two months since we made our proposal to acquire Yahoo! at a 62% premium to its closing price on January 31, 2008, the day prior to our announcement. Our goal in making such a generous offer was to create the basis for a speedy and ultimately friendly transaction. Read More

  • Lord British to take sexy GMT Seiko watch into space, perhaps even leather armor

    Richard Garriot AKA Lord British is taking a custom, space-proof Seiko Spring Drive watch into space when he heads for the International Space Station next year. The watch is air tight and weighs 92.5 grams. It has oversized buttons to tap when using huge space gloves, a 12 hour chronograph, and a GMT hand. Price is unannounced and only 100 will be made. It has a 53 mm body made of titanium… Read More

  • Trendy: Hating online applications because they're not powerful enough

    Not good enough~! How do you feel about online apps aka “cloud computing”? You know, Google Docs, Photoshop Express, Meebo, etc. Love them? Hate them? Couldn’t give a toss? Well one angry journalist, Paul Boutin, hates them… now! See, he used to be all about network-dependent apps, thinking, in his crazy youth spent at an MIT computer lab, that such applications… Read More

  • Pittsburghers and Columbusites: CrunchGear is coming home

    I’ll be in Pittsburgh until Wednesday of next week for RoboBusiness and a visit to the alma mater and then I’ll be Columbus, Ohio until the weekend. I’d love to meet CG readers in both locations. Drop me a line at john @ crunchgear dot com or leave a note after the jump. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Quake 3 for iPhone

    Just after discovering Yeti3D I’m pleased to find that Quake 3 is now ported to the iPhone, completing the karmic circle that all handheld devices must follow. In the first incarnation, they must play Doom. Then they must play NES. Finally, they must play Quake 3. So it is written, so it shall be. Best of all? It uses the accelerometer instead of the insuckerometer AKA pressing… Read More

  • Firefox 3 vs. Safari 3: Fight

    Dude, seriously: don’t you wish browser wars were this cool? Daring Fireball wrote a nice comparison between FF3 and S3, finding Safari to be the better contender. He makes a few good points (I like FF3 better than Safari, but it might just be for ephemeral, weenie reasons like not wanting to use something new) but this sticks out: Tabs — Firefox 3 does let you drag to reorder… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Some guy already beat GTA IV, says it's much better than previous games

    So some jerk has not only played Grand Theft Auto IV—apparently RockStar hates us, even though we’re in NYC… I can’t blame them, really—but he’s already beaten it. The knave writes for Xbox World 360 magazine, and sister publication GamesRadar (remember DailyRadar? Penny-Arcade sure hated them) has an interview with the Luckiest Man on Earth. The editor… Read More

  • Man dies trying to extract gold from his PC

    Gold digger Credit crunch got you down? Looking for gold in all the wrong places, like, say, the innards of your computer? Don’t! Unless you want to die! A Tulsa man died last week (news travels fast…) as a result of mercury poisoning. He was trying to use the chemical to extract gold out of his computer parts. He accidentally inhaled the mercury, leading to his untimely… Read More

  • T-Mo replacing Wing batteries, because they care

    T-Mobile Wing owners should expect a nice package in the mail soon: T-Mobile and HTC are providing a replacement for the T-Mobile Wing battery made by Dynapack at not charge to you due to rare occurrences of the battery overheating. If you don’t get one, I’d call T-Mo for a replacing. You don’t want your phone to burninate you, do you? Read More

  • Maryland's attorney general doesn't like paying $50 cellphone insurance policy fee

    Those cellphone insurance policies you buy? You may have the Maryland Attorney General’s ignorance to thank if something happens to make them more “consumer-friendly.” So be sure to give Douglas Gansler an orange for Christmas this year. The AG’s son recently lost his cellphone and when they called up the insurance company, Asurion Protection Services, to get a… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Xbox-Live outage last night really happened

    In trying to log into Xbox Live last night, I kept getting error messages left and right. Naturally, I assumed it was just Time Warner behaving as expected (read: awfully), but it turns out there was a legitimate problem last night. Kotaku speculates that the just-released Call of Duty 4 map pack may have had something to do with it. I just logged in now (had to download an Orange Box… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Explosions in the Street Edition

    From the “I told you so” Dept.: Study shows violent games relax players
    CrunchArcade: Yeti3D for real (and really cool) 3D games in the iPhone
    H2O2 + Terror Tang = Orange-flavor Alert
    Guiyu, e-waste capital of China
    Blu-ray could lose out to new format with 20,000 times the capacity in just five years Read More

  • Powerset Will Launch In Coming Weeks

    San Francisco based Powerset will be publicly launching a long-awaited beta version of the service in the coming weeks, the company told me yesterday. They are working on a new kind of search engine that will understand natural language searches and compete with keyword matching engines that dominate search today. An early version of the search engine, which was demo’d to me yesterday… Read More

  • Microsoft And Yahoo's $40 Billion Game Of Media Chicken

    Lots of reports today on the Microsoft-Yahoo negotiation, which is now in its third month of drama and appears to be being negotiated primarily through the media. The WSJ in particular is serving as the court of popular appeal via very controlled leaks from both sides. Yahoo’s key message is that they want a deal to happen but at a higher bid than the 62% premium Microsoft… Read More

  • AT&T wants Panasonic to develop plasma screens for cellphones

    We’ve been waiting for OLED to invade the marketplace, but it hasn’t yet. It will, sure, but Panasonic, with AT&T, have another idea, plasma. Right now you can get a flat-panel HDTV in LCD or plasma, and they each have their strengths and weaknesses (which will be addressed in a future home theater feature), but one thing about plasma is that it’s got more vibrant color… Read More

  • Is this the butt-end of the 3G iPhone?

    The iPod Observer scored a photo of what is purported to be the 3G version of the iPhone, or the iPhone 2, or the one I’ve been waiting for. It’s only the back, and I’m not 100% convinced it’s real, but I like the look. The iPod-ish metal backing never sat well with me. I also not the camera does not yet have a flash, something we’ve heard the 3G iPhone would… Read More

  • Source: Google To Launch BigTable As Web Service

    Google may be releasing BigTable, its internal database system, as a web service to compete with Amazon SimpleDB, according to a source with knowledge of the launch. There are also rumors that press is being pre-briefed on the product, although we haven’t been contacted by Google. BigTable is a highly scalable database system used internally by Google to support over 60 of its products… Read More

  • You're under arrest, citizen, for crossing the street while talking on the phone

    Mother of god. I’m supportive of the handheld ban while driving, but while walking? Well, if Representative Kenneth Duncan of Illinois gets his way, you’ll have to hang up at every crosswalk. How unbelievably idiotic is that? He even has a backer for the bill, Illinois’ Secretary of State, who thinks it should be softened to being a secondary offense, only applicable to… Read More

  • Blu-ray could lose out to new format with 20,000 times the capacity in just five years

    While we maintain that Blu-ray represents the end of the optical disk for media storage, there are signs that we might be wrong. Professor Min Gu of Swinburne University of Technology has a group of scienticians working on a new optical disk with 20,000 times the capacity of a Blu-ray disk. You could, in effect, have an entire video store, every song ever recorded, and my vast collection of… Read More

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