• TechCrunch40 Keynote Talks: Marc Andreessen, David Filo, Chad Hurley, Michael Moritz and Mark Zuckerberg

    It’s just two weeks until TechCrunch40 kicks off on September 17 in San Francisco. Last week we announced that we’ve doubled the number of presenting companies from 20 to 40. And today we’ve announced the two keynote sessions to be held at the conference, in addition to the 40 new products (see our partner Jason Calacanis’ blog post about this here). The first… Read More

  • The Beatles Coming To iTunes? Nope!

    Everyone was wrong! The Beatles catalog is not coming to iTunes like we all expected. So what was the special announcement from Sir Paul McCartney all about? Read More

  • iPhoneSimFree Delays Shipment

    Oh noes. I know the sweet new deals on the iPhone have you frothing, but hold off a bit longer. The ISF team has released this announcement regarding the software unlock they were supposed to start shipping on Monday. Hmm. Is this really going to happen? Did Apple’s rabid pack of lawyers shut ‘em down? Read More

  • Apple Stock Drops After Announcement Of New iPod That Everyone Is Going To Buy

    The market, she’s a fickle mistress. I’ve been holding out for quite some time for a new music player because nothing’s turned my head in the last couple of years but I can tell you unequivocally that I’ll be buying the new iPod without hesitation. Apparently, Wall Street doesn’t have the same feeling that I do — Apple’s stock has… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 4GB iPhone for $299 on Clearance

    Hey, pal, wanna buy an iPhone? $299, and it’s yours. No really, totally legit. No, it didn’t fall off a truck, who do you think I am? Apple’s just unloading what’s left of the now-defunct 4GB models for $299. It’s a pretty sweet way to get in on the iPhone hype for not a lot of dough. Sure, you’ve gotta sign up for that 2-year AT&T plan, but do you know… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished 8GB iPhone Gets Another Price Cut

    Pretty self explanatory. Product Page Read More

  • I Want To Touch!!!

    OMFG. I’m so upset right now. I just scampered on over to the Soho Apple Store to pick up a Touch and/or Nano, but none were in sight. Dude at the store tells me they’ll, “probably be in on Friday”. Ugh. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: iPhone Owners Can Get a Refund

    So the iPhone is now $399. That’s awesome, as that’s the perfect pricepoint for the device. But you feel foolish. You just bought an iPhone! Well fret not, early adopter, as many of you will be getting a refund. Read More

  • Hands On With The iPod Touch, Nano, Classic

    No words can describe the joy I feel right now. Read More

  • Guided Tour Of The New iPod touch

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf And so to train myself to remember that the “touch” part of iPod touch is lowercase. Fun times ahead. Anyhoo, here’s the guided video tour of Apple’s newest, coolest doodad. iPod touch – Guided Tour [Apple.com] Read More

  • New Hotness: Meet the iPod Touch

    You want more iPod? We’ve got your more iPod. For months and months we’ve been hearing rumors of a full-scree, touch-sensitive iPod, we’ve called it the iPhone without the phone part. Everyone’s wanted it, and now they’ve got it. Steve rolled out the latest iPod today, starting an entirely new class of iPods called the iPod Touch, and it’s exactly what it… Read More

  • So Long iPod; Hello, iPod Classic!

    When Steve says the “Beat Goes On”, it goes on and on. Like the Nano, the iPod got a much-needed update today. Not just in terms of storage (80GB for the base model, 160GB for the high-end), but also in name: it’s now the iPod Classic. Featuring Coverflow and the same revamped interface as the iPhone and Nano, it’s a welcome update. The basic form factor is the same… Read More

  • The iPod Fat Nano™: Fat and Thin and Fat and Rad

    So the Fat Nano™ (or as Steve J calls it, just ”iPod Nano”) is official as of today, and it’s pretty close to how we called it. It’s got a 2″, 320×240-pixel screen, at an impressive 204 pixels per inch, that’s a dense screen. It’s also utilizing the Coverflow interface, similar to the iPhone, which we also expected. What we didn’t expect… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live: The September 5th Apple Announcement

    Thank you for watching us for your Mac coverage! More images and video coming soon.

    Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me. Read More

  • XM & Sirius One Step Closer To Merger

    Today XM and Sirius verified that they are compliant with the Department of Justice’s second request for additional company information. This is one step ahead in the quest for the two companies to complete their merger. Says Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin: I think we paid a little bit over $1 million just for photocopying the material that we had to send them, and that doesn’t include… Read More

  • Universal Finally Sues Veoh

    After one too many “unreasonable threats”, video site Veoh preemptively sued Universal Music last month in federal court, seeking a declaratory injunction to bar Universal from taking legal action. Now it seems Universal has finally made good on some of those threats. Universal is suing the startup for copyright infringement, using some strong language in an L.A. court hearing today. Read More

  • 11 Movie Download Services Reviewed, But they Missed One

    The Last100 put up a fill list of movie download services, including international availability, pricing, and OS compatibility. I doubt that a lot of us are comparison shopping — and I doubt many of us have “bought” or “rented” video online with any intensity — but clearly it’s picking up. They even mention Bittorrent, but not in the way… Read More

  • TruAudio BadBoy Speakers: A Misnomer, Actally Good

    TruAudio has some speakers, right, and the speakers are bad. Not bad in the widely accepted meaning of the word bad, but in the “oh look, I’m cool and use bad to mean good” sense. Anyhoo, the company’s “BadBoy” in-wall speakers, available in black or white, have a 1-inch tweeter (which is typical for the type) and four-layer voice coils. I guess… Read More

  • 3G iPhone To Be Announced Today?

    No, I’m not on crack, but apparently the Brits seem to be. According to T3, the BBC will witness the UK launch of the 3G iPhone. They’re even going as far as claiming the iPhone Dos will be announced in an hour or so. This is certainly surprising and I’ll surely be glued to my seat. Maybe the rumors are true. iPhone 2 today [T3] Read More

  • Live Coverage from San Fran Coming Up

    Our intrepid reporter Mark will be reporting live from the Apple announcement tomorrow on the launch of the potential, soon-to-be-announce, coverflow-tastic Fat Nano. Watch this space at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT for our coverage. We will be taking down the dynamic portion of the site for that hour and updating only an HTML document, ensuring that you all will actually get to read our coverage rather… Read More

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