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Paystand acquires Teampay to be DeFi version of ‘Venmo for B2B payments’

“Teampay represents this new class of fintech companies that came up,” said Paystand CEO Jeremy Almond.

The impact of TikTok’s ban in other countries could signal what’s ahead for the U.S.

On April 24, U.S. President Joe Biden signed a bill that would ban TikTok if its owner ByteDance doesn’t sell the app. The bill requires ByteDance to secure a deal within nine months, with a 90-

Petlibro’s new smart refrigerated wet food feeder is what your cat deserves

Ding, ding, ding! Dinner is served. Fresh out of the cold tin can. Petlibro, a pet tech startup that designs automatic food and water dispensers for cats, launched its first refrigerated smart feeder

Carv raises $10M Series A to help gamers monetize their data

Ex-NSA hacker and ex-Apple researcher launch startup to protect Apple devices

Two veteran security experts are launching a startup that aims to help other makers of cybersecurity products to up their game in protecting Apple devices. Their startup is called DoubleYou, the name

India’s ICICI Bank exposed thousands of credit cards to ‘wrong’ users

ICICI Bank, one of India’s top private banks, exposed the sensitive data of thousands of new credit cards to customers who were not their intended recipients. The Mumbai-based bank confirmed to

Watch it and weep (or smile): Synthesia’s AI video avatars now feature emotions

Generative AI has captured the public imagination with a leap into creating elaborate, plausibly real text and imagery out of verbal prompts. But the catch — and there is often a catch — i

Meta could face further squeeze on surveillance ads model in EU

Meta’s tracking ads business could be facing further legal blows in the European Union: An influential advisor to the bloc’s top court affirmed Thursday that the region’s privacy law

TikTok pulls feature from Lite app in EU over addiction concerns

TikTok suspended a gamification feature in the European Union following an intervention by the bloc. With attention on TikTok’s growing pile of US legal woes, the announcement went mostly unnoti

Playruo lets you try game demos from your web browser

It’s still unclear whether cloud gaming will ever become the next big thing. The appeal is clear: The game you’re playing runs in a data center near you, and the video output is directly streamed

Edonia grabs €2M to turn microalgae into less bitter-tasting ground meat alternative

The company produces plant-based ingredients from raw microalgae biomass, generated from spirulina or chlorella, that it claims is more nutritious than meat.

Swiggy, the Indian food delivery giant, seeks $1.25 billion in IPO after receiving shareholder approval

Swiggy, an Indian food delivery and instant commerce startup, plans to raise $1.25 billion in an initial public offering and has secured approval from its shareholders, it disclosed in a filing to the

Mark Zuckerberg says Threads has 150 million monthly active users

Threads, the Twitter/X rival from Meta, is growing at a stable pace. The social network now has more than 150 million monthly active users — up from 130 million in February — Mark Zuckerberg menti

Xaira, an AI drug discovery startup, launches with a massive $1B, says it’s ‘ready’ to start developing drugs

Advances in generative AI have taken the tech world by storm. Biotech investors are making a big bet that similar computational methods could revolutionize drug discovery. On Tuesday, ARCH Venture Par

Anduril moves ahead in Pentagon program to develop unmanned fighter jets

Anduril Industries has taken another step forward in its quest to become the next great American prime, this time by beating out major defense companies to develop and test small unmanned fighter jet

IBM moves deeper into hybrid cloud management with $6.4B HashiCorp acquisition

With HashiCorp, Big Blue gets a set of cloud lifecycle management and security tools, and a company that is growing considerably faster than any of IBM’s other businesses.

Rabbit’s R1 is a little AI gadget that grows on you

If there’s one overarching takeaway from last night’s Rabbit R1 launch event, it’s this: Hardware can be fun again. After a decade of unquestioned smartphone dominance, there is, once again, exc

India’s JioCinema offers Hollywood streaming for a penny a day to box out Netflix and Prime Video

JioCinema introduced new monthly subscription plan on Thursday, with the lowest tier costing just 35 cents.

Eric Schmidt-backed Augment, a GitHub Copilot rival, launches out of stealth with $252M

Augment, a startup developing an AI-powered platform similar to GitHub's Copilot, has launched out of stealth valued at nearly $1 billion.

TikTok ban signed into law by President Biden: How we got here, and what comes next

TikTok faces an uncertain fate in the U.S. once again. A bill including a deadline for TikTok parent company Bytedance to divest within nine months or face a ban on app stores to distribute the app in
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