• Xobni Was Acquired For More Than $60 Million

    Xobni Was Acquired For More Than $60 Million

    Xobni was acquired by Yahoo today, the company officially announced on its blog. Initial reports said the company was acquired for “upwards of $30 million” but TechCrunch has learned that total consideration for the deal will be about twice that amount, somewhere in the $60 million-plus range. Read More

  • Yahoo! Reportedly Offers $30M to $40M For Social Email Startup Xobni

    Yahoo! Reportedly Offers $30M to $40M For Social Email Startup Xobni

    Yahoo is offering to purchase social email startup Xobni for $30 million to $40 million, according to AllThingsD’s sources. If the deal goes through, Xobni would be the latest acquisition by Yahoo as CEO Marissa Meyer seeks to boost the company’s talent roster and product offerings. Read More

  • Social Email Contact Manager Xobni Raises $10 Million From ‘Commercial’ Partner

    Social Email Contact Manager Xobni Raises $10 Million From ‘Commercial’ Partner

    Social email startup Xobni, the social email plugin that makes your inbox smarter, has raised $10 million in new funding, according to an SEC filing. We confirmed the new round with the company. This brings the startup’s total funding to $42 million. Xobni says that it signed a commercial agreement, and as part of that agreement, the partnering company invested money in Xobni. Read More

  • Xobni Brings Contact Manager Smartr To The iPhone

    Xobni Brings Contact Manager Smartr To The iPhone

    As we reported last September, Xobni rebranded its email contact manager Smartr and launched Android and Gmail apps out of private beta. Today, Xobni is debuting the iPhone version of Smartr. The Smartr Cloud automatically extracts all contacts from your iPhone’s email data (currently integrated with Outlook or Gmail), as well as data from social networks, and makes them easily searchable. Read More

  • Xobni Survey: Nearly 70 Percent Of You Will Check Email Over The Holidays

    Xobni Survey: Nearly 70 Percent Of You Will Check Email Over The Holidays

    Last year, we wrote about email software company Xobni’s survey that showed that going completely offline from email over the holidays is a thing of the past. And this year’s survey from Xobni reports that even more adults will be checking email over the holidays. According to the survey 79 percent of U.S. working adults have received work-related emails on the holidays; and 68… Read More

  • Xobni Makes Your Outlook Inbox Smarter With New Gadget Store

    Xobni, the social email plugin that makes your inbox smarter, is going to make your Outlook email more productive today with the launch of a Gadget Store with apps from collaboration and productivity services such as Dropbox, Evernote, JIRA, Klout, Salesforce, WebEx, and Yammer. Xobni’s social email plugins essentially makes your e-mail smarter (Xobni is inbox spelled backwards). The… Read More

  • Xobni Is Coming To Gmail, Android, And iPhone (100 Beta Invites)

    Ever since Xobni launched at the first TechCrunch 40, it’s been about Outlook and then Blackberry. But those of us who use Gmail also want to make our inboxes smarter. Today, Xobni is launching aprivate beta for Gmail, and will soon also launch iPhone and Android apps. The first 100 readers to sign up for the Gmail beta will get in (use the code XOBNI-TC100). The Gmail app comes in… Read More

  • Why Starting Justin.tv Was A Really Bad Idea, But I'm Glad We Did It Anyway

    Right now I’m neck deep in product launch mode, putting the finishing touches on our new mobile video application—Socialcam. Of course, I’ve been here before . . . Years ago when we launched the Justin.tv show we had no idea what we were doing. This much was obvious to anyone who watched. Outsiders attribute far more strategic thought to the venture than we gave it. Some… Read More

  • Survey Says: More Than Half Of You Will Be Checking Your Email Over The Holidays

    We know that email has done away with the nine to five job but does anyone ignore emails over holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving anymore? A new study by email software company Xobni suggests that going completely offline from email over the holidays may also be a thing of the past. According to the survey, 59 percent of U.S. working adults will check work email over holidays. Of the… Read More

  • Xobni launches its famous Outlook plugin en fran├žais

    Part of the YCombinator class of 2006, Xobni only recently launched its first non-English language version in German after partnering with the German Linkedin, Xing. Yet, given the high number of French users, the company has decided to make France it’s 2nd international market and is rolling-out the French version of its product today. But still, don’t try spelling the French word… Read More

  • Email Overload Means We're Never Not Working

    A new study by email software purveyor Xobni confirms what we bloggers know to be true, there’s actually no such thing as a day off in the Internet age (Want more visceral proof than an email study? Check out the timestamp of this post). Information anxiety has pretty much put the kibosh on “time off” as two out of three Americans and Brits check their email outside of… Read More

  • Tixe, "Exit" Spelled Backwards: Co-Founder Matt Brezina Has Also Left Xobni

    Tixe, "Exit" Spelled Backwards: Co-Founder Matt Brezina Has Also Left Xobni

    Back in June, Xobni co-founder Adam Smith wrote a blog post announcing he was moving on from the company, and handing over the CTO reins. We’ve just confirmed that fellow co-founder Matt Brezina has also left the company. The timing of Brezina’s departure isn’t fully clear, but we hear it was also a few weeks ago — he just didn’t have the big blog post about… Read More

  • Bubble Alert: Xobni's Spending Money On A Mural

    On the heels of the as of yet unprofitable Demand Media IPO filing, it looks like email software purveyor Xobni (Inbox spelled backwards) has decided to spend money on a mural. And an elaborate one at that. While the rest of the country is gearing up for a second recession, the tech sector seems blissfully exempt with inflated billion dollar valuations being flung left and right. Will startup… Read More

  • Xobni Goes Back In Time With Boxed Software

    Social email startup Xobni is channeling Microsoft today. The company is now selling the premium version of its product, called Xobni Plus, which the company rolled out last year, in a number of stores. The boxed software, which will be featured in stores right next to the newly released Microsoft Office 2010 software, will be sold at Office Max, Fry’s and a few other brick and… Read More

  • Xobni launches German version, partners with XING

    Xobni, the popular Outlook plug-in for searching and managing contacts in Microsoft Outlook, is launching a German verion. It makes sense. German speakers are their second biggest set of users according to the company. The move is the first in a wave of internationalization the startu is planning in the near future. Read More

  • Rapportive Makes Gmail Better, Integrates CrunchBase And Other "Raplets"

    One of the startups that pitched the crowd last week at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam, and whose co-founder Rahul Vohra myself and the other jury members crowned the best presenter of the bunch, was Rapportive, which loftily promises to “make email a better place”. I promised myself to check out their product extensively over the weekend, and now that I did I’m… Read More

  • Khosla And RRE Lead $16.2 Million Series C In Xobni

    Xobni, a social Microsoft Outlook plugin, has just raised $16.2 million in funding from Khosla Ventures and RRE Ventures, with Baseline Ventures, Atomico Ventures, First Round Capital, BlackBerry Partners Fund and Cisco participating in the round. We confirmed this with the company. This brings Xobni’s total funding to over $30 million. Xobni’s social email plugins essentially… Read More

  • Xobni's BlackBerry App Is Just An Excuse To Sync Your Contacts Through Xobni One

    It took almost a year, but Xobni finally released its email app for the Blackberry. It works as a standalone app integrated with the email on your Blackberry, but similar to Xobni’s Outlook plugin, it ranks your contacts by importance and pulls in social data from Facebook, LinkedIn and other places. Along with the Blackberry app, Xobni is introducing another product which may turn out… Read More

  • Microsoft Outlook Is Starting To Look Like A Poor Man's Xobni

    As we first reported on Friday, Microsoft is adding some social hooks into Outlook 2010. Outlook will gain the ability to pull in profile information, photos, and update streams from LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace. You can try the LinkedIn plugin now in beta. The other social networks will be added later when Outlook 2010 goes on sale, probably in July. The new social features make it look… Read More

  • Xobni Updates Its UI, Gains Monetizable Extensions

    Tonight, Xobni is selectively allowing users to download a new version of its client with a number of UI enhancements. This launch coincides with Xobni’s new Salesforce extension. This is notable because it marks the launch of premium extensions for the first time, that give the company a new potential revenue stream. Here are a few of the bigger UI changes: As you can see in the… Read More