Social Email Contact Manager Xobni Raises $10 Million From ‘Commercial’ Partner

Social email startup Xobni, the social email plugin that makes your inbox smarter, has raised $10 million in new funding, according to an SEC filing. We confirmed the new round with the company. This brings the startup’s total funding to $42 million.

Xobni says that it signed a commercial agreement, and as part of that agreement, the partnering company invested money in Xobni. We’ve been told that the agreement will eventually be disclosed as the company rolls out products.

As we’ve written, Xobni’s social email plugins essentially makes your e-mail smarter (Xobni is inbox spelled backwards). The plugin integrates LinkedIn, Twitter Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Skype, Hoovers and more into your Outlook inbox. Xobni also recently rebranded its email contact manager Smartr and launched Android, Gmail and iOS apps. The Smartr Cloud automatically extracts all contacts from your phone’s email data (currently integrated with Outlook or Gmail), as well as data from social networks, and makes them easily searchable. A complete profile is created for each contact, including a photo, job title, phone numbers, company details, email history, common contacts and info from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We’re told the iOS app has already seen 300,000 downloads since its launch in January. The Outlook has had over 10 million downloads.