Xobni Brings Contact Manager Smartr To The iPhone

As we reported last September, Xobni rebranded its email contact manager Smartr and launched Android and Gmail apps out of private beta. Today, Xobni is debuting the iPhone version of Smartr.

The Smartr Cloud automatically extracts all contacts from your iPhone’s email data (currently integrated with Outlook or Gmail), as well as data from social networks, and makes them easily searchable. A complete profile is created for each contact, including a photo, job title, phone numbers, company details, email history, common contacts and info from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

All contacts are ranked by importance, not alphabetically, so the most important people are at the top. Different tabs show you contact details, that contact’s recent social feeds, your relationship history, and other contacts you share in common. The Gmail add-on shows you contextual information about whoever is sending you an email culled from various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and company databases. It also shows you your relationship history with that contact, a list of pervious email conversations and related contacts, as well as contact search.

As Xobni explains, these rich profiles help you better understand your relationship with each contact, how you know them, when you last communicated, and whom you know in common.