World Fund

New capital infusion puts Farmless on path to first alternative protein products

The new capital will go toward building a pilot brewery in Amsterdam so that Farmless can develop its first products to replace meat, dairy and eggs.

Mycoprotein producer Enough raises €40M toward doubling its production capacity

Now with the Netherlands factory online, Enough is ramping up to produce over a tonne of Abunda every hour and around 10,000 metric tonnes per year. 

Battery recycling startup Cylib recharges its coffers to go faster

In 2024, a number of new EU regulations are expected to come into force, which will tighten the obligation of electric vehicle manufacturers and resellers to recycle batteries at the end of their natu

Porsche, World Fund join $63M bet on batteries for electric planes

To help electric planes take off, German battery company Customcells says it landed about $63 million (€60 million) in Series A funding from Porsche and several climate-tech investors. World Fund, a

Klarna founder to launch new ‘Nobel Prize for Impact’

According to BCG global assets under management are around $100 trillion, but only $715 billion, or less than 1%, goes on what you might term “impact” companies or projects to tackle the w

World Fund joins $128M bet that quantum can deliver climate breakthroughs

World Fund, a newcomer in climate-VC land, is taking the lead in a $128 million round for IQM, with hopes the Finnish quantum computing company will one day deliver carbon cuts by the megatonne. Quant

Kiko Ventures joins the climate tech investment stampede with a $450m Evergreen fund

Given the dire predictions about the impending (and basically already here) climate crisis, the world can’t get enough climate tech funds right to power new innovation that can address the issue. FT

Freshflow is helping grocery retailers fight food waste

For years grocery retailers have been using data driven forecasting to help them predict demand to figure out which products to reorder to keep shelves stocked. That’s nothing new. But Berlin-ba

Juicy Marbles gets $4.5M to sizzle up plant-based steaks

Convincing meat eaters to adopt a climate-friendly diet might get a little easier thanks to Slovenian startup Juicy Marbles, which has come up with a way to create plant-based whole meat cuts, if that

World Fund is a new €350M climate VC fund incubated by green search engine Ecosia

You might have previously thought that Ecosia was a nice-to-have search engine that planted trees when you punched-in a search term. Lovely. How nice. But no. Ecosia’s founders and the network aroun