Web 2.0

  • Facebook Chat launches: Built-in IM handy but should be optional

    Did you hear the awesome news? Facebook Chat launched at the weekend for some folks, myself included. Apparently the rollout is on a network-by-network basis, and one of mine, NYU, was a big winner. You can read how great it is on Facebook itself or any one of the fan sites, but I’ll tell you what about it annoyed me. First, the implementation, on a UI level, bothers me. The app… Read More

  • Trendy: Hating online applications because they're not powerful enough

    Not good enough~! How do you feel about online apps aka “cloud computing”? You know, Google Docs, Photoshop Express, Meebo, etc. Love them? Hate them? Couldn’t give a toss? Well one angry journalist, Paul Boutin, hates them… now! See, he used to be all about network-dependent apps, thinking, in his crazy youth spent at an MIT computer lab, that such applications… Read More

  • Flickr users freak out over Microsoft-Yahoo! deal

    Me either Didn’t people complain when Yahoo! bought Flickr in 2005? These same folks are at it again, claiming the sale of Yahoo! to Microsoft will destroy their favorite photo sharing service. Some users are apparently at odds with Microsoft’s online ethos as it were—trying to come up with a service to mach another, already… Read More

  • Gamestrata site tries to community-ize gamers even further

    [photopress:gssss.jpg,full,center] German chemical corp BASF had (has?) a slogan, “We don’t make many of the products you use; we make them better.” Something to that effect. The recently launched Gamestrata has a similar slogan. “We don’t make the games you are playing; we just want to make the games you are playing better!” It’s a pretty bold claim… Read More

  • Do you use Web 2.0 apps – like a lot?

    Drop me a line @ john at crunchgear dot com if you really, really like web 2.0 apps as in “I erased Office so I could use Google Docs.” Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Picknik, the online photo editor

    Hate opening Photoshop, that resource hog, just to resize an image? Me, too! That’s why I use Picnik, an online photo editor that uses the magic of Web 2.0 to—get this—edit photos. It can grab photos from your Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, Photobucket and Webshots account, or edit photos you have on your computer. There’s a premium version, too, that, for $25 a year, gets… Read More

  • iDrudgeReport: Drudge goes mobile, is now readable on iPhone and BlackBerry

    Readers will have noticed that I’m a big fan of the Drudge Report. Well now—NOW!—I’ll be able to read the Web site on-the-go. Mr. Drudge just launched idrudgereport.com, which is a mobile version of the Report. It’s just headlines: no pictures, no sirens, no zaniness. It must be Mobile Optimization Wednesday. I bet the code for iDrudge must have taken months… Read More

  • Awesome Party Guy Vid!

    Now this is what I call a Halloween costume. Leave your unoriginal iPhone costumes at home people, ’cause Awesome Party Guy is on a roll this year as a YouTube video. He even has a comments section, where people can write dirty jokes and draw dicks after slamming back a couple Jello shots. Dress up as a YouTube clip and let people comment on you directly [MAKE] Read More

  • Why Facebook is worth $15 billion

    With Microsoft recently purchasing a 1.6-percent stake in Facebook for a whopping $240 million, many are questioning if Facebook is truly worth $15 billion. While many pundits are calling $15 billion crazy, the BBC takes a look at why Facebook could actually be worth the big bucks. For instance, did you know that over 200,000 new users join Facebook each day? Talk about astronomical growth! Read More

  • 'Prism' runs web apps from the desktop with ease

    Mozilla Labs has created a really easy way to run any web site in its own separate window. Some people may find this useful and some may ask "what’s the point?". Well, for instance, I’m currently running Prism on a multiple monitor setup that allows me to keep Google Reader, Gmail, and our super-secret CrunchGear web-based chatting app open in three separate windows, all… Read More

  • Facebook to ink deal with either Microsoft or Google in next 48 hours says NY Post

    Facebook will accept an offer from either Microsoft or Google within the next 24 to 48 hours, according to the New York Post. Both companies are looking to sink between $750 million and $1.5 billion dollars into the site. The Post didn’t give odds or anything, but said that if Google wins it’ll look to undo the ad deal that Facebook struck with Microsoft earlier in the year. Read More

  • Some guy's five ways to make Facebook 'useful' (because it stinks now?)

    I love people who criticize Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, as if he and the rest of the Facebook crew need any outside input from anyone. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing over there. Take this guy’s suggestions. Alexander Wolfe, in his “Wolfe’s Den” column (I was actually going to start a column called “Deleon’s Den;” too… Read More

  • Will we see a browser-based Joost in the near future?

    Let me rephrase that title in the form of a statement instead of a question. We better see a browser-based Joost in the near future. With the impending release of the H.264 codec into Flash Player 9 and its ability to do high quality, full screen video inside a web browser, downloading and installing an external program like Joost is going to become an inconvenient extra step. Read More

  • Adobe to drop desktop apps, move entirely online-based within the decade

    And you thought this whole Web 2.0 thing was a fad. Adobe’s CEO said yesterday that, in five to 10 years, all of its applications, including Photoshop, will be available to use online. Not only that, but that by the time that happens, Adobe said it will have completely shifted its resources from developing desktop applications like we see now to online-only apps. No more multi-gig… Read More

  • Intel opens software bookmarking site to the public

    Once an internal bookmarking site shared amongst Intel employees, Cool Software is now open to the public. It’d be easy to take potshots at the lame name, the photo of five people in summer clothes leaping into the air atop a frozen lake, and that it’s basically the same stuff you could find in the software section of Digg.com but the fact that it’s little more than an… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The Futurist: Will Human Laziness Burst The Web 2.0 Bubble?

    At first, the Web was simple. It was a world so full of static pages with useless information that a GIF of a dancing hamster or (god forbid) baby could turn into an overnight sensation. It was an era so enthralled with its own existence that its purveyors, creators, and financiers never really asked if it was sustainable until it was too late. And, as we can all learn from South Park, without… Read More

  • Microsoft To Possibly Invest In Facebook

    Go to 2:07 in the video Mark Zuckerberg is chugging a can of beer right now and screaming “Shit yeah dudes!” somewhere on this earth. Why? Microsoft is looking to possibly invest in his popular social networking site. You may have heard of it actually, it’s called Facebook. Microsoft is looking to buy a reported 5-percent stake of the company in exchange for some cash. Read More

  • Facebook Polling Says HD DVD More Popular Than Blu-ray: Bunk?

    The great—I suppose—war rages on between Blu-ray and HD DVD. So today I was browsing Facebook when I noticed one of those polls that show up in your news feed—HD-DVD or Blu-ray? You knew the poll would be screwy when went out of its way to misspell HD DVD. There’s no hyphen there, pollmeisters. Out of the 1,000 recorded responses, HD-DVD won, 64 percent to… Read More

  • Google Defines Web 3.0, Calls Web 2.0 'Marketing Term'

    Is Web 2.0 already on the way out? At a digital something or other conference in Seoul, Google’s CEO was asked what the company thought Web 3.0 will look like. After admitting that Web 2.0 is just a silly marketing term designed to make AJAX and related technologies seem chic, he let loose Google’s vision of a Web 3.0 world. Bottom line: Web 3.0 means pieced together… Read More