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Our SXSW experience, in comic form

http://pixton.com/widget/1 Howdy, y’all. John and I are still at SXSW, taking in all the sights and sounds. One of the cooler companies here is Pixton, a site that lets you easily create comic s

How much are you worth on Twitter?

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/twitterv.jpg" />So there's this site Out There called <a HREF="http://tweetvalue.com/">TwitterValue</a>. It allegedly measures how much y

Let's get excited, maybe, over a possible Facebook Music service

How annoying is the “random vowel deletion” phenomenon in Web 2.0? This annoying, as a matter of fact. Facebook is stll arnd fr sme resn, as is MySpace. Gvn tht MySpace lnchd MySpace Music lst mnt

Shock: Facebook application could initiate denial of service attack if it wanted to

Well, it seems Facebook is wildly insecure and none of those third-party applications should ever be trusted. Who would have guessed it? Specifically, there’s an app out there called Photo of th

The Register rips on Amazon and Goog's cloud computing

This is a great editorial. The author takes shots at Amazon’s EC2, Google’s App Engine, and “green” tech in general. I’m not convinced of the utter shamelessness and oppo

Snow Leopard screens trickle out: Safari has mysterious 'Save as Web Application' menu item!

The first shots of Snow Leopard, Apple’s new operating system that should be here in about a year, are now starting to appear online. On a German site, of all crazy things! Anyhow, the biggest n

Creative Commons-licensed shirts with phone-scannable codes

Seriously, I’m about to move to Japan. I think they should stop calling their phones “phones” (or the Japanese equivalent) and call them “Tricorders” (or the Japanese equ

The gathering storm: Time says Facebook faces backlash over inane application requests

Charming It looks like Time mag didn’t get the memo that says nothing negative is to be written about Facebook. Funny (well) thing is, it’s the same thing I complained about nearly a year

Jaxtr: free phone-based VOIP social network 2.0

Boy, if only these guys had "user-created" somewhere in their mission statement. It’s already a Web 2.0 smorgasbord. If I understand it correctly, the idea is that you and your friends

Facebook Chat launches: Built-in IM handy but should be optional

Did you hear the awesome news? Facebook Chat launched at the weekend for some folks, myself included. Apparently the rollout is on a network-by-network basis, and one of mine, NYU, was a big winner. Y

Trendy: Hating online applications because they're not powerful enough

Not good enough~! How do you feel about online apps aka “cloud computing”? You know, Google Docs, Photoshop Express, Meebo, etc. Love them? Hate them? Couldn’t give a toss? Well one

Flickr users freak out over Microsoft-Yahoo! deal

[photopress:flickrrrrr.jpg,full,center] Me either Didn’t people complain when Yahoo! bought Flickr in 2005? These same folks are at it again, claiming the sale of Yahoo! to Microsoft will destro

Gamestrata site tries to community-ize gamers even further

[photopress:gssss.jpg,full,center] German chemical corp BASF had (has?) a slogan, “We don’t make many of the products you use; we make them better.” Something to that effect. The rec

Do you use Web 2.0 apps – like a lot?

Drop me a line @ john at crunchgear dot com if you really, really like web 2.0 apps as in “I erased Office so I could use Google Docs.”

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Picknik, the online photo editor

Hate opening Photoshop, that resource hog, just to resize an image? Me, too! That’s why I use Picnik, an online photo editor that uses the magic of Web 2.0 to—get this—edit photos. I

iDrudgeReport: Drudge goes mobile, is now readable on iPhone and BlackBerry

Readers will have noticed that I’m a big fan of the Drudge Report. Well now—NOW!—I’ll be able to read the Web site on-the-go. Mr. Drudge just launched idrudgereport.com, which

So that's what Web 2.0 is?!

Awesome Party Guy Vid!

Now this is what I call a Halloween costume. Leave your unoriginal iPhone costumes at home people, ’cause Awesome Party Guy is on a roll this year as a YouTube video. He even has a comments sect

Why Facebook is worth $15 billion

With Microsoft recently purchasing a 1.6-percent stake in Facebook for a whopping $240 million, many are questioning if Facebook is truly worth $15 billion. While many pundits are calling $15 billion

'Prism' runs web apps from the desktop with ease

Mozilla Labs has created a really easy way to run any web site in its own separate window. Some people may find this useful and some may ask "what’s the point?". Well, for instance, I&
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