Toward transitive data privacy and securing the data you don’t share

We are spending a lot of time discussing what happens to data when you explicitly or implicitly share it. But what about data that you have never ever shared?

Economist Tyler Cowen talks about the value of despair

In this episode of Technotopia I talk to Tyler Cowen, a professor of Economics at George Mason University and an editor at one of my favorite sites, MarginalRevolution. Cowen is one of the smartest pe

Virginia’s governor just signed the nation’s first daily fantasy sports law

Virginia Governor¬†Terry McAuliffe just signed into law the “Fantasy Contests Act,” which is a legal framework¬†for fantasy sports providers that operate in the state. The bill, which was

Amazon Starts Building 208 MW Wind Farm In North Carolina

Amazon today announced that it will build a 208 MW wind farm in North Carolina to power its current and future AWS data centers. The so-called Amazon Wind Farm US East -- likely because its power will

TechCrunch Meet-Ups: Now With More Pitocin

While I know that a TechCrunch meet-up can invigorate start-up founders and encourage investors to write checks, did you know they can also induce labor? One attendee, <a HREF="

Virginia Is For TechCrunchers: DC, Norfolk, and Richmond, Here We Come

Just a reminder: starting April 9 TechCrunch will be hitting Virginia for a barnstorming tour of three cities - DC on Monday, Norfolk on Tuesday, and Richmond on Wednesday. You should have already RSV

Show Us What You Got, Virginia: Let’s Schedule A Quick Meeting Next Week

As you may well know, we're having a series of <a HREF="">three mini-meetups in DC, Norfolk, and Richmo

The First Of The TC Mini Meet-Ups: DC, Norfolk, and Richmond

Here we go! After a bit of back and forth, I've decided to run the TCVA mini-meetups in DC-Norfolk-Richmond order. We have some sponsors on tap and hopefully we can have a good time and get the word o

Geek Weekend: Roanoke, VA

Geek Weekend is a continuing travel series about geeky things to do in cities around the world. Want your city featured? Write us at The RNR region is frequently recognized as a g