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Vimeo promotes Anjali Sud to CEO after canceling SVOD plans

IAC-owned streaming video site Vimeo has a new CEO: Anjali Sud, who previously led the company's creator business. The appointment comes as the company has scrapped plans to launch a subscription vid

Nickelodeon revamps Noggin, its ‘Netflix for Kids,’ with dozens of interactive, play-along videos

Nickelodeon’s Noggin is today taking a step to differentiate Noggin from being just another “Netflix for kids” type of subscription video service.  Alongside its existing lineup of

British TV streaming service BritBox launches in U.S.

Adding to the plethora of streaming services on the market, BBC Worldwide announced the launch of its subscription-based, video-on-demand service called BritBox, arriving today. The service offers a l

Verizon buys Skyward, a drone operations company

Forget about Yahoo for a minute. Verizon just announced it has acquired Skyward, a drone operations and management company based out of Portland, Oregon for an undisclosed amount. Verizon says Skyward

Amazon launches the first of its own subscription VOD channels, Anime Strike

Amazon has debuted its first own-brand subscription video-on-demand channel, part of the Amazon Channels offering it provides with content from partners including HBO and Showtime . This is the first

Samsung rolls out new smart TV services for sports, music & video, plus an updated mobile app

Apple last month released a new TV app in an attempt to centralize all the streaming TV options available across Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. Now, Samsung is rolling out its own take on the matter, wi

Pluto TV, a free streaming service for cord cutters, raises $30 million more

Pluto TV, a video streaming service targeting cord cutters by offering a TV-guide like experience that connects you to hundreds of online channels, has raised $30 million in Series B funding, valuing

Verizon is launching virtual network services

Called "Virtual Network Solutions" and announced in a press release filled with so much corporate jargon it's barely understandable, the idea is that spinning up, monitoring, managing, protecting, and

Sky makes $45M strategic investment in Asia-based Netflix rival iFlix

iFlix, the video streaming service rivaling Netflix in Southeast Asia, has landed $45 million in fresh funding from UK broadcaster Sky.

Verizon Accused Of Net Neutrality Foul By Zero-Rating Its Go90 Mobile Video Service

Verizon, the parent of TechCrunch's parent AOL, is being accused of violating net neutrality principles by excluding its own mobile video streaming service, go90, from data charges -- thereby creating

Verizon Is Changing Its Logo, Too

According to AdAge, our corporate overlord Verizon will be introducing a new logo this week. Proving that we have little or nothing to do with AOL or Verizon really, this was also news to us.

NFL Teases A New Subscription Service For On-Demand Games, Will Support Apple TV

The NFL is preparing to launch a new version of its Games Pass service, which will now include the ability to watch games on a wider selection of devices, including the Apple TV. According to informat

Rogers And Shaw Team Up To Launch A Netflix Competitor For Canada Called ‘Shomi’

Canadian cable giants aren’t just going to watch their audience slip away to streaming services – two of the nation’s biggest providers have joined forces to launch shomi, a new subscrip

Netflix Tops HBO In Paid U.S. Subscribers As Members Stream 5 Billion Hours Of Content In Q3

Today, <a href="">Netflix posted its third-quarter earnings</a>, with the streaming video provider exceeding analyst projections thanks to strong

Yidio’s New App Is A Comprehensive Guide To All The TV Shows & Movies You Can Watch On Your iPhone

There's no shortage of <a href="">mobile</a> <a href="">applications</a> <a href=

Netflix Inks Exclusive U.S. Online Rights To Warner Bros 2012-13 Drama Shows Including Revolution, The Following And The West Wing

The latest skirmish in the ongoing battle between pay-TV and over-the-top providers to woo customers by building the most alluring content ecosystems has been won by Netflix. The on-demand streaming v

Video on demand: The patron saint of Tribeca Film Festival?

<img src="" />Is video on demand the key to making your spiffy indie movie the next <i>Huge Success</i>? Depends on who you ask. The Tribeca

Amazon Video on Demand ups the definition to "high"

<img src="" />If you're a fan of Amazon's iTunes rival, Video on Demand, you've probably been waiting patiently for this announcement.

Hands on with Amazon Video on Demand for the Roku box

<img src="">I did a quick video of Amazon Video on Demand on the Roku box and, as you can see, I really need to lose some weight. Otherwise, i

Roku now supports Amazon's Video On Demand

Good news for those of you with the well-liked Roku player. As we heard was going to happen, and then we heard was in testing, the little thing can now access the many videos on Amazon’s VOD ser
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