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Accounting software startup Pennylane becomes France’s latest unicorn

Just like clockwork, Pennylane is raising another €40 million ($43 million at today’s exchange rate). This new funding round comes after the accounting startup raised €4 million in 2020, €15 m

While everyone keeps talking about AI, HR tech startups are quietly building toward a $24B market

While VCs, founders and major tech companies compete to see who can say “AI” the most in a week, people are busy building other, more useful stuff.

Turns out most unicorns today are more myth than reality

Most unicorns never were what they were purported to be. Instead, a lot of startups were granted big budgets to LARP as unicorns.

Plummeting unicorn births underscore a changing venture capital market

Per Crunchbase data, the rate at which unicorns are being born has fallen nearly 80% from its peak, which was notably reached one year ago.