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  • Going Digital: Editor Josh Quittner Leaves Time Inc For Flipboard

    This should be interesting. Flipboard is getting an editorial director from the world of print magazines: Josh Quittner, my former boss at Business 2.0 magazine and most recently the editor at Time Inc. behind many of its digital magazine initiatives. (Quittner is the one on the right of this picture from our B2.0 days, with Om Malik and me in the background). I’ve been telling Josh… Read More

  • Apple, Time, Inc. Fighting Over Ability To Sell Digital Subscriptions?

    Time, Inc. and Apple are going through a rough patch. Time wants to be able to sell digital subscriptions of its properties, including Sports Illustrated, via the iTunes Store, but Apple won’t let that happen. This puts Time in a weird spot: it can either sell its magazines like any company would sell any widget on the iTunes Store (giving Apple complete control in the process), it… Read More

  • Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

    Reimagining The Magazine Cover For The iPad

    Print publishers are in a tizzy over Apple’s new iPad because they hope to finally be able to charge for their digital editions. But in order to get people to pay for their magazine and newspaper apps, they are going to have to offer something different that readers cannot get at the newsstand or on the open Web. We’ve already seen plenty of prototypes from magazine publishers… Read More

  • Confirmed: Time Inc. Buys Personal Shopping Engine StyleFeeder

    StyleFeeder, a recommendation engine for shoppers, has been acquired by Time Inc., the WSJ reported earlier this morning. Time chose not to disclose the purchase price, but the newspaper cites a source who said it was “well into eight figures.” Cambridge, MA-based StyleFeeder raised $3.5 million in financing from Highland Capital Partners and investment firm Schooner Capital. Read More

  • Why The Magazine Industry Wants Its Own App Store. It's All About The Data.

    The magazine industry is falling over itself over a new shiny object. It wants to remake its product for a new class of digital tablets with color screens and touch screens. Today, a group of big publishers—Condé Nast, Time Inc., News Corp. Hearst, and Meredith—announced a joint venture to create standards for digital magazines to be read on tablets, e-readers, Web phones, and… Read More

  • Videos: Watch Me Swipe The Time Inc. Tablet

    Earlier today, I got a look at Time Inc’s new digital magazine concept. While I was there I captured some of the demo on video. Actually, Sports Illustrated editor Terry McDonnell was kind enough to shoot the video above while I played with a prototype version of the tablet mag showing an SI issue on an HP tablet computer with a touchscreen. You can see how quickly the digital… Read More

  • Time Inc's "Manhattan Project" Is A Tablet Magazine

    The magazine business is hurting just like all print publications. And even if their Websites are popular, they generate one tenth the ad revenue of the print side. Since last summer, Time Inc has been working on a “Manhattan Project” to create a digital magazine for the new breed of color tablet computers soon to come to market. (Condé Nast is also working on a similar concept). … Read More

  • Time Revisits Techland

    Time Inc just launched a new technology blog called Techland, headed up by one of our former CrunchGear editors Peter Ha. Time magazine’s senior tech writer Lev Grossman is also a contributor. Techland covers the intersection of gadgets and geek culture, and is aimed at a mainstream audience. Some of the debut posts cover the movie 2012, Samsung’s new Android phone, and a recap… Read More

  • A Digital Magazine Without Links Is a CD-ROM

    When the next generation of touchscreen tablet computers hits the market, one of its highly anticipated uses will be as a full-color reader for books, newspapers, and magazines. Of those three, the main beneficiary may very well be old-style magazines. The black-and-white Kindle doesn’t do magazines justice, and they never really quite translated to the Web. The magic of a magazine is… Read More

  • "World's Sexiest App"? Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Now Clutch Themselves On The iPhone.

    The print magazine business isn’t doing so hot right now, but Sports Illustrated might just have found a new business model: selling an iPhone app featuring models from its 2009 Swimsuit Issue. Although the Swimsuit issue came out in February, the app just hit the iTunes store today (iTunes link). Marketed as the “World’s Sexiest App” with a 17+ age rating, it… Read More

  • Time Magazine Throws Up Its Hands As It Gets Pwned By 4Chan

    The hackers of 4Chan have succeeded in completely gaming Time Magazine’s online poll for its Time 100 list of the most influential people on the planet. At the top of the list is Christopher Poole, aka Moot, the founder of the 4Chan online forum, whose members used some coding to get his name to the top of the list. Not only did they help moot win the poll, but they also arranged the… Read More