• TC50: Iamnews Emerges From The DemoPit To Win People's Choice

    The last company to present yesterday at TechCrunch50 was picked by the audience from the more than 100 additional companies vying for attention in our DemoPit. Every attendee got three TC50 poker chips that they could give to a DemoPit company each day, and the one with the most chips at the end of the conference became our 52nd finalist. This year’s winner was Iamnews, a… Read More

  • Yammer Takes Top Prize At TechCrunch50

    Three jam-packed days, and 52 startup demos later, we finally have a winner for this year’s TechCrunch50. Every day, the presentations just seemed to get stronger and stronger. There were so many strong contenders this year that we are awarding five jury selection prizes, in addition to the top prize. But there must be a winner, and that winner is…Yammer. Yammer is Twitter with… Read More

  • Israel Makes Strong TC50 Showing

    Israel seems to be the country with the single biggest foreign contingent at TC50 with no less than 6 of the 50 companies presenting on stage. Some more Israeli startups can be found in the demo pit, the exhibition space and just walking around the venue floor shopping for investors, customers and partners. Here is a round-up of the 6 Israeli companies that presented on stage: Read More

  • TC50: GoPlanit Generates Your Travel Itinerary With One Click

    There are countless travel sites available on the web that detail the best things to do in every major city on the planet. But with so many options, actually booking a trip is a major hassle: attractions may close on seemingly random days, or may require reservations weeks in advance. GoPlanit is a travel site that aims to simplify this process by generating your schedule for you. The… Read More

  • TC50: GoodGuide Shines Light On The "Goodness" Of Consumer Products

    Product transparency was a popular theme in the twelfth and last session of TechCrunch50, Research and Recommendations, with two companies in particular helping consumers make better purchasing decisions. The first, GoodGuide, was met with unanimous acclaim from the expert panel for its efforts to inform consumers of the social, environmental and health “goodness” of personal… Read More

  • TC50: GoodRec, a Recommendation Engine for the Undecided

    GoodRec is a web-based system for posting and finding recommendations from your friends and the world at large. The recommendations pop up on a map either in the browser or on a phone – specifically, in this case, the iPhone. You can take photos of the locations or items or simply add a recommendation on the fly. You can recommend and look up multiple types of things including… Read More

  • TC50: Atmosphir, The Build-It-Yourself Gaming Platform

    Atmosphir is a gaming platform and engine that allows users to easily create their own levels in a 3D world by painting basic elements into a three dimensional grid. After downloading a client application, users can play in their own levels, or they can visit the Atmosphir community website to play on any of the maps that have been uploaded by other users. The application is currently… Read More

  • TC50: Bojam Asks, Why Can't We All Just Rock Together?

    Desktop music-mixing software like GarageBand has liberated musicians from the sound studio. Now Bojam wants to liberate them from the constraints of geography or the isolation of their rooms. Bojam is a Web-based sound studio that lets musicians practice playing music, find other musicians around the world to jam with, and lay down tracks together on the same song. Bojam is a fully… Read More

  • TC50: Birdpost and Closet Couture, Two Social Networks for Birds

    The first two companies to present at this afternoon’s Vertical Social Networking session proved that niche social networks can be exciting, even for people outside of their respective niches. On paper, a social network for bird watchers sounds like a joke. But the founders of Birdpost wowed the TechCrunch50 audience by presenting not only a very well-designed site but one that… Read More

  • TC50: Shattered Reality Brings Agile Development to MMORPGs

    Shattered Reality has released Kaos War, a multi-player game with absolute transparency and social network design functionality which allows the players – not a bunch of overpaid and overfed game designers – create future expansion packs and levels based on player requests. Read More

  • TC50: Causecast, One Stop Philanthropy Shop is a philanthropic site that brings a number of major figures in politics and entertainment together to pitch and bring attention to 10 non-profit companies a month. Read More

  • TC50: Scoble Declares That VideoSurf "Doesn't Suck"

    Video search is an unsolved problem. VideoSurf applies hardcore computer vision technology to this problem and finds relevant results beyond what may already be available to text-based search methods. In the demo at TechCrunch50, the startup showed how you might want to search for a scene in the show Entourage. You can drill down to the show, and then are presented with thumbnails of all of… Read More

  • TC50: Grockit, The Multiplayer Learning Game That's Better Than Any Practice Test

    Grockit, the mysterious online learning site that has been operating in stealth for the past year and has raised a total of over $10 million, has finally revealed itself to the public, and it doesn’t disappoint. The site calls itself a “Massively Multi Player Online Learning Game”, taking gaming concepts that have made World of Warcraft a massive hit and applying it to… Read More

  • TC50: Fotonauts Is a Gorgeous Photopedia

    Jean-Marie Huillot wants to create “a Wikipedia of pictures,” a Photopedia, if you will. The former CTO of NeXT and Apple’s Applications Division launched Fotonauts today at TechCrunch50. Fotonauts helps photographers organize, upload, synchronize, and share their photos. But it does more than that. It adds data from Wikipedia, Google Maps, and other places to photo albums… Read More

  • TC50: Gazopa Searches for Images Similar To Other Images

    Image search engine Gazopa is the third TechCrunch50 company from Japan (following Opentrace and Sekai Camera). Michael Arrington introduced the Hitachi-backed service with a warning to judge Bradley Horowitz from Google, saying: “Brad, you’re gonna hate the next company, seriously” (a tongue-in-cheek statement since Horowitz got his PhD in graphics and image… Read More

  • TC50: Playce Lets You Play in Real Places

    Playce is a social gaming platform that actually lets you play games in real geographical locations with graphics quality that blows away most web-based games. Because the game is completely online, whenever you want to start playing you simply select a game and connect. There are no downloads and the geography and graphics are phenomenal. Read More

  • TC50: Akoha Makes the World a Better Place

    Games for the Oprah crowd is how Akoha co-founder Austin Hill describes his online gaming system. The system uses “mission cards” that friends pass to each other along with a mission i.e. give someone a book or buy someone a meal. You then register that card and perform the mission. Using clever social networking tools you can see how your missions effect others, compete… Read More

  • Day Two TechCrunch50 Recap: We Have Internet!

    Day two at TechCrunch50: Awesome. None of the day one problems with the Internet access, thank God. The celebrities had left the stage. It was all about the startups on stage and in the demopit. Day two sessions included Collaboration, Finance & Statistics, Mobile and Language/Platform Tools. At least two startups had standing ovations: Swype (virtual keyboard input) and Tonchidot (real… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 LiveStream: Day 3 We’ll be streaming TechCrunch50 here Monday through Wednesday so everyone can see the conference’s demos for themselves as they happen. You can also find our written coverage of the conference here and coverage from other news outlets below. Update: All the companies have presented. The winner will be announced later tonight. Read More

  • TC50: Devunity Offers Browser-Based Collaborative Coding

    Devunity is a collaborative coding platform that allows developers to simultaneous view and modify code on their browser without having to download a client. The service has built-in support for a number of popular APIs, allowing users to simply click on one of the options to generate the relevant framework in their code. After developing a program on Devunity, the platform will suggest a… Read More

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