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If you liked the Animoto video at TechCrunch50, just wait until you see what French startup and winner of Seedcamp 2008 Stupeflix has just launched. Can’t keep up with the flood of tweets and pictures about you, your blog, your event or your company? Stupeflix.TV will mash them up on-the-fly into a live TV channel. The results are stunning, and they’re not limited to your own events or companies: you can enter any search terms you like to see what people are sharing at that moment.

OK, so we’re not talking about a fully-fledged social media monitoring system here (there’s no way to filter the kind of information you receive, for a start), but Stupeflix.TV could be great wall candy for conferences, and a pleasing ego massage for all you auto-Googlers. And it sure is pretty. Here’s TechCrunch 50:

Stupeflix’s studio service enables you to create high-definition video (at 3x real time) from pictures, text, music and video. In May, the company released an API that we described as “awesome”. Stupeflix.TV sees the company continue to experiment.

  • http://freakyidea freakyidea

    This is something new and exciting.

  • Andrew Warner

    Seems the site is down because of all the traffic you sent it.

  • Majento

    Site down, from the post and video it seems very interesting, reminds me of Oamos, example:

  • New York City Personal Injury Lawyer

    That looks super interesting. Pretty useful as well.

  • interesting

    Interesting idea, but I can’t get past the name… it sounds like “Stupid flix.” Worst name of the year.

  • William B.

    The stupeflix webiste _and_ video example is down. Kinda embarrassing for their first TC posting. Looks like first they need to work on how to scale. Rendering 3x real time doesn’t matter if it can only handle one video at a time.

    Someone please let me know when it’s back up. I’d love to watch a side by side comparison.

    • Trevor

      this probably happens all the time to new startups that get techcrunched. it would be more embarrassing if this was a new service by, say, google or someone established.

      • Jeff from Stupeflix

        Hi William, Trevor,

        Yes, we got tech-crunched. Our site went down for a while, hammered by all the great people who rushed in. Our graphic designers are already working on some kind of whale swimming in a TV-shaped aquarium. Live and learn.

        Sorry for all the folks who came and missed the show. Stupeflix.TV went back up shortly after you came, please come back!

        Oh and by the way, Stupeflix.TV is intended as a showcase of what can be done with our API. Anything video, of any scale, can be done. If you are a developer, show us what you can do! I’ll ship a magnum of Cliquot to the first developer to put our site back down due to the popular success of his/her application! Because that’s how we roll, people.

    • Mike Butcher

      Their servers got back up last night after we took off the autoplay for the video.

  • graham

    not a chance at them hitting animoto’s business, the automated transitions are just not clean enough

  • Larry Selo

    The outcome is not appealing enough. It just doesn’t look like a decent video.
    Not there yet to my taste.

  • Alexander Ainslie

    DailyMotion should buy Stupeflix fast and integrate them into their platform. This is a GREAT “feature” to add on to DailyMotion and it will help DM re-energize their offering as I think video is becoming tough to compete in these days. Stupeflix, get a hold of Fred Destin and make a deal. It will be good for both sides.

  • 7ero

    Great idea, but why do they render the whole thing as a 105s 640×360 movie file??

    Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to assemble the presentation as a live Flash slideshow?

    Obvoius advandtages would be
    * tweets & pictures update live while channel remains running
    * channel goes on endlessly without ever repeating the exact same music+text+picture combination
    * no cpu-intensive server-side rendering necessary
    * thus little or zero waiting time for updates
    * no waste of bandwidth (and no streaming lags like I’m experiencing right now)

    All it requires is some actionscript. Hey, I’ll do it for you if you want :) (not without permission though, I won’t steal the idea)

    • Bcha

      That’s what a company called ClipGenerator (Animoto’s only real competitor) is currently working on, real-time rendering doing away with waiting times.

      Probably their biggest draw card is they have deals with SonyBMG, Universal etc for “real music” rather than the elevator music on offer over at Animoto oh and of course, there’s no login and payments required, that’s always nice

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  • Florencia

    stupeflix is ESTUPENDO!
    i just create my new video

    i love it and i will use it
    also send the link to my friends in argentina and world !

    this 2..0 app r so enjoyable !

    is so fun sharing expression and creativity

  • Fannie

    I remember this!!!

  • Nabila

    Think you started blogging for the same reasons I did:,lucy

  • Sesli Sohbet

    All it requires is some actionscript. Hey, I’ll do it for you if you want :) (not without permission though, I won’t steal the idea)

  • auzz

    i paid for a video and download only 17 sec, for 5 usa dollars,why,can someone explain why only 17 sec,

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