Get your own personal TV channel with Stupeflix.TV

If you liked the Animoto video at TechCrunch50, just wait until you see what French startup and winner of Seedcamp 2008 Stupeflix has just launched. Can’t keep up with the flood of tweets and pictures about you, your blog, your event or your company? Stupeflix.TV will mash them up on-the-fly into a live TV channel. The results are stunning, and they’re not limited to your own events or companies: you can enter any search terms you like to see what people are sharing at that moment.

OK, so we’re not talking about a fully-fledged social media monitoring system here (there’s no way to filter the kind of information you receive, for a start), but Stupeflix.TV could be great wall candy for conferences, and a pleasing ego massage for all you auto-Googlers. And it sure is pretty. Here’s TechCrunch 50:

Stupeflix’s studio service enables you to create high-definition video (at 3x real time) from pictures, text, music and video. In May, the company released an API that we described as “awesome”. Stupeflix.TV sees the company continue to experiment.