• TC50: Glide Health Lets Docs And Patients Access Health Records Across Mobile And Desktop Platforms

    The online medical records space is growing fast; with Microsoft, Google and others trying their hand at products that could eventually become the go-to platform for accessing health records online. TechCrunch50 startup Glide Health, which was spun off from Transmedia, is hoping to give these tech giants a run for their money with its web, desktop and mobile apps that provide a centralized… Read More

  • TC50: Have You Considered Tele-Psychiatry? Schedule A Session With BreakThrough

    Mental illness is a more common affliction in society than most people think. But, many people are embarrassed to admit and confront their mental illness. According to TechCrunch50 startup BreakThrough, one in four American adults have a mental illness but two-thirds of Americans don’t get proper treatment. BreakThrough hopes to provide an easy and private way to connect mental… Read More

  • TC50: LearnVest Is A Personal Financial Guide For Women

    TC50: LearnVest Is A Personal Financial Guide For Women

    Now more than ever, personal finance education and help is crucial to anyone’s financial health., a former TechCrunch 40 company who won the top prize at the conference, has grown incredibly since its launch and was recently acquired by Intuit for $170 million. TechCrunch50 startup LearnVest is serving a different purpose when it comes to online finances; the startup focuses… Read More

  • TC50: Cocodot Is The Stylish, Prettier, More Social Evite

    Online event planning and invitation platform Evite was on the forefront of innovation—ten years ago. TechCrunch50 startup Cocodot is hoping to be the Evite of this generation of web technology, serving a style-conscious, eco-friendly event platform that people and brands can use to create an online presence for celebrations. Cocodot’s platform, which is targeted towards women, is… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: Is CitySourced the TC50 Company to Beat?

    Per Michael Arrington’s request I ran backstage and shoved a camera in CitySourced’s founders’ faces just after they completed what was one of the more compelling presentations of the day. Question one: Palm is really paying companies to write apps for the Pre? Yes. How much? All I got despite truly obnoxious questioning was “under $500,000.” We also talked about… Read More

  • TC50: CrowdFlower Crowdsources Mundane Labor To The Cloud

    TC50: CrowdFlower Crowdsources Mundane Labor To The Cloud

    For any business, from a startup to a large company, mundane, yet time-intensive tasks like transcribing video or removing spam comments from blogs, can be a waste of employee time. TechCrunch50 startup CrowdFlower CrowdFlower provides Labor as a Service (LaaS) by letting clients access an always-on, scalable workforce. Unlike traditional methods of outsourcing and hiring, CrowdFlower’s… Read More

  • TC50: Trollim Lets Coders Battle For Programming Superiority

    Coding is a highly competitive industry where programmers are often pitted against each other based on level of skill and ability. TechCrunch50 startup Trollim has created a competition platform and social network for programmers that assesses their coding skills through coding battles. Users are identified as “trolls” on the platform and once a user signs up, he or she fills out… Read More

  • TC50: CitySourced Lets You Report Pot Holes And Graffiti On The Go

    Ever seen a nasty pot hole or a wall full of graffiti and wished you could report the problem on the go instead of writing a letter or email to your city bureaucracy? TechCrunch 50 startup CitySourced is launching an a slew of smartphone applications that let you file an issue to your city from your phone, aiming to crowdsource this information for cities. It’s pretty simple. The app on… Read More

  • TC50: Affective Interfaces Monitors And Deciphers Facial Expressions Of Web Users

    Sentiment detection is fast becoming a popular method of deciphering Tweets, news stories and other content on the web. TechCrunch50 startup Affective Interfaces, which launched at the Business Applications session today, has built emotion sensing technology that detects a web user’s facial expressions via a webcam. Affective Interfaces’s SaaS uses a webcam to monitor facial… Read More

  • TC50: Metricly Aggregates And Mashes Up Business Data Into A Simple Online Dashboard

    For any web-based small business or startup, there is a plethora of online real-time business data, such as page views, ad impressions, financial information, that need to be tracked frequently. TechCrunch50 startup Metricly, which launched at the Business Applications session, helps online businesses create easy-to-use dashboards to track their key metrics and better understand their… Read More

  • TC50: ClientShow Allows For Real-Time Collaboration During Creative Pitches

    When pitching a creative idea to a company, often the mechanism by which you pitch the idea to clients is as important as the pitch itself. TechCrunch50 startup ClientShow, which is presenting during the Business Applications session, is hoping to help creative, advertising and marketing professionals show, pitch and sell their work to clients more effectively through real-time collaboration… Read More

  • WITTC50?: The TechCrunch50 Day Two Drinking Game

    So that was day one of Techcrunch 50. The best tech conference in the universe, that pays my wages. And what did I learn today? Today I learned that the Rocky soundtrack makes any technical hitch a million times more dramatic. I learned that Yossi Vardi believes that any disaster can be solved with a show of hands or a forced round of applause. I learned that, where other entrepreneurs quote… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: Tony Hsieh on Why You Should Be Changing the World

    Soft-spoken Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh had some surprisingly harsh criticism for the TC50 companies he saw today: Why aren’t you trying to change the world? I asked him more about that in our backstage sidestage interview during the TC50 cocktail party. “To be fair, is selling shoes changing the world?” I asked. Watch the clip after the jump to hear his answer. I pressed Hsieh… Read More

  • TC50: YourVersion Wins People's Choice Award In The DemoPit

    The second company to emerge from the TechCrunch50 DemoPit as a peoples’ choice winner is YourVersion, a discovery engine that looks to help recommend new content based on your past searches and interests. The company was among the top two recipients of TechCrunch50 tokens, which are used by conference attendees to vote on their favorite companies in the DemoPit, and shares… Read More

  • TC50: DemoPit Winner oDesk Launches A Real-Time Work Stream For Your iPhone And Desktop

    Each year we see hundreds of impressive applications to TechCrunch50 — unfortunately, we always have a number of great companies that deserve attention but don’t quite make the cut as finalists. That’s why we have our TC50 DemoPit, where we invite a few dozen other strong startups to demonstrate their wares in the conference building’s main hall. Each conference… Read More

  • TC50: Mota Motors Takes The Pain Out Of The Used Car Marketplace

    It’s not often that you hear about innovation in the used car space, but Mota Motors, a new site that’s launching today at TechCrunch50, has managed to pull it off. Mota’s multi-faceted service effectively holds your hand through the entire used car buying (or selling) process, offering a level of trust and convenience that has been difficult to achieve on traditional… Read More

  • TC50: Short On Cash? Startups Can Trade Goods And Services Instead Of Money On TheSwop

    For most startups just getting off the ground, cash on hand is extremely limited, to be reserved for only the most essential expenses. But that doesn’t mean these fledgling companies don’t have an abundance of talent. TheSwop, a new site making its debut today at TechCrunch50, is looking to help these startups and other growing companies trade ‘favors’ to each other… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: We Pry Skype Info out of Marc Andreessen (or Try)

    Getting a meeting with Marc Andreessen isn’t easy so I made sure I cornered him and shoved a camera in his face backstage at TechCrunch50 to ask him about his new life as a VC. It’s been seven weeks and one day, and so far, he says he loves it and it’s fun. Of course, as he notes, seven weeks in there’s no expectation that companies will have exited and it’s… Read More

  • TC50: RefMob Launches Social Media Driven Marketplace For Referrals

    RefMob is launching at the TechCrunch50 event today a service that allows business owners to make more noise about their paid referral programs online while at the same time giving more people the opportunity to earn bonuses for referring people using social networking apps. RefMob enables people to share paid referrals that they know of for a variety of business categories, like bonuses… Read More

  • TC50: Job Seekers Pay LocalBacon To Apply For Jobs (And That Might Just Work)

    As an employer, chances are you use sites like Craigslist or to try and get the best candidates for vacant spots. If that’s indeed your modus operandi for recruitment, than you’re probably also used to receiving bad or incomplete resumes, applications from totally unqualified persons or just utter spam. LocalBacon thinks it doesn’t have to be that way, and… Read More