Ketch raises another $20M as demand grows for its privacy data control platform

Ketch's OTC enables developers to embed security and governance into a piece of data as they build software.

PrivacyGrader is a free tool to help companies get smarter about data and disclosures

As businesses face a complex and evolving privacy landscape, a new tool called PrivacyGrader can help them make sure they’re doing the right things. The tool was created by Tom Chavez and Vivek

Truthset raises $4.75M to help marketers score their data

Data, the cliché goes, is the new oil of the digital economy. But Truth{set} co-founder and CEO Scott McKinley wants to know: “Why does no one care about the quality of that fuel?” That&#

Former Krux and Salesforce execs raise $15M for their marketing data startup Habu

Marketing startup Habu is emerging from stealth today and announcing that it has already raised $15 million in Series A funding. The company comes out of super{set}, the startup studio created by Krux

A startup factory? $1.2B-exit team launches $65M super{set}

Think Jack Dorsey’s jobs are tough? Well, Tom Chavez is running six startups. He thinks building businesses can be boiled down to science, so today he’s unveiling his laboratory for foundi