CrunchDeals: Pogo stylus half off (today only)

Back in December of 2007, I brought you news of the Pogo stylus for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I remarked that the initial price of $25 sounded a bit expensive for an aluminum stick and that a stylus

μ1060: Olympus rolls out a new digital camera

Olympus Japan unveiled a new point and shoot camera [JP], the μ1060, which will become available on August 30 for $360 (no word on availability and pricing outside Japan yet). The successor model of

iPhone stylus handles dragging, SIM eject tool

Those of you who want to be able to eat honey-dipped powdered donuts without having to put your iPhone or iPod Touch down for five minutes may or may not take great pleasure in this affordable, yet wo

Brando hanging Bluetooth headset and stylus: Like a marriage of fish, bicycle

For those who find it difficult to separate their “writing on a screen time” from their “talking to humans” time, Brando has a $30 Bluetooth stylus that doubles as a phone head

Stylus for iPhone/iPod touch costs $25, defeats purpose

When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone, he made his feelings about stylus use pretty clear by saying something to the effect of "Who wants a stylus? Yuck. We’ll use the best pointing d

Olympus Stylus 780: Basic 7.1-megapixel Point-and-Shoot

Olympus’ latest point-and-shoot digital camera, the “all weather” Stylus 780, keeps many of the same basic features from last fall’s Stylus 750 (7.1-megapixel image sensor, 2.5