Gift Guide: Ten One Design Pogo Connect iPad Stylus

Short Version

The number of options out there for iPad styli at this point is almost crazy. But Ten One Design has always made solid ones, and the Pogo Connect also adds pressure sensitivity via Bluetooth 4.0. It’s a slightly different take than others in this space, and one that benefits immensely from extremely low-power consumption.

Long Version


  • Pressure sensitive (“hundreds” of levels)
  • Magnetic replaceable tip
  • Months of use on a single AAA battery


  • 5.1 inches long
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • MSRP: $79.95
  • Available: Now
  • Product page

The Pogo Connect is…

… a pressure-sensitive stylus that you don’t need to pair, and that you don’t need to turn off. It’s almost like having a regular, dumb stylus in terms of how long it can go without juice, but with the added benefit of very good pressure sensitivity that works in a variety of apps, including Photoshop Touch and Paper by FiftyThree.

Buy the Pogo Connect for…

… any aspiring artists you know, with the condition that they also own an Apple device that can support Bluetooth 4.0, which is iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3rd generation or later, or the iPad mini. The Connect’s main benefit vs. competitors (low power, instant Bluetooth connectivity) is also its greatest limiting factor in terms of reaching a broad audience. But with every new iOS device Apple sells, that becomes less of an issue.


… while there are a number of pressure-sensitive options out there, and they mostly provide relatively similar function in terms of responsiveness and accuracy in my opinion, this is the only one that uses the power-frugal Bluetooth 4.0 standard. Ten One Design makes good products, too, and has teased upcoming interchangeable magnetic tips that means the Pogo Connect could also become upgradeable. And at $79.95, it’s also one of the cheapest options out there in this category.