Amazon flexes its retail muscle with a brick-and-mortar clothing store

Signaling its ambitions to make a dent in the apparel market, Amazon today opened its first physical clothing store, Amazon Style, in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Offering a twist on the traditional

YouTube launches a dedicated Fashion vertical

YouTube today is launching a new vertical called YouTube Fashion that aims to capitalize on the popular style and beauty content that attracts millions of viewers to its platform. According to Statist

Style-Focused Community And Shopping Service Polyvore Arrives On Android

Polyvore, the style-focused community whose members regularly pin collages of outfits and accessories to Pinterest, has now arrived on Android. The app follows the company’s iOS debut by rough

Meet, The Social Network For Idealistic Style Lovers From Plurk’s Founder

Remember Plurk, the social network was once considered a rival to Twitter, along with other microblogging sites like Heello, FriendFeed and the late Rejaw? Plurk is still trucking along with 10 millio

Foundation Video: Melody McCloskey Of StyleSeat On Getting Investors Involved In A Beauty Startup

In the most recent episode of my <a target="_blank" href="">Foundation</a> video series, I sat down with the founder of <a target="_blank" href="">StyleSea

Fashion Aggregation FTW: Lyst Picks Up $5M, Now Lists DFJ Esprit As Backer

The fashion world has taken to the internet like fish to water -- with thousands of brands and retailers complemented by the rise of fashion bloggers, social media and new technologies to make it easi

Ashton Kutcher, Founders Fund Go In For $775K On ‘OpenTable For Stylists’ StyleSeat

OpenTable for hair stylists and other salon professionals <a href="">StyleSeat</a> is announcing a raise of $775K this morning, from enviable angel investors Ashton Kutcher an

JNSQ, An Independent Style Mag For iPad, Makes Its Public Debut

<a href="">JNSQ</a>, the first independent style magazine for the iPad, is making its public debut today. The app, created by

Blue Screen of Death available in belt form

<img src="" />Behold the Blue Screen of Death belt! Is the Blue Screen of Death still hysterically funny to everybody? Whatever the case, i

Docomo's cell phone line-up for this summer (part 2: PRIME and PRO series)

<img src="" /> NTT Docomo not only announced eight new cell phones in their <a href="

Docomo rolls out 17 (partly awesome) cell phones in Japan (part 1: STYLE and SMART series)

<img src="" /> <a href="

The iTie has a pocket for your iPod

<img src="" alt="itie" />If you have to wear a tie more than once a year, you might as well have a cool one. The iTie serves two functions:

Mini-Review: Acme Made camera case

There isn’t too much to talk about here, but this gorgeous little case from Acme Made deserves a look from anybody looking for an expensive but lovely little gift for a spouse or lady friend. Pi

NTT Docomo floods Japan with 22 new cell phones

Japan’s biggest telco NTT DoCoMo today announced 4 new cell phone series (STYLE, PRIME, SMART and PRO ), which are part of the company’s fall/winter product line-up. Docomo will offer a to

Sweet designer keyboards are stylish and unreasonably priced

Looking around the accessories section of this site I found this series of keyboards (gold, green creepers, lotus print, bunnysuckle(?), flowers) that look totally amazing. The description of each cal

Louis Vuitton iPhone Cases

You don’t need to be wealthy to own an iPhone but to be able to spend money on a case that costs nearly twice as much as the phone itself means you’re living the life of luxury. These Loui

Milk Desk

Oh man, this thing is all kinds of hotness. Featuring every amenity one could possibly hope for on a computer desk, the Milk is one of those rare blends of fashion and efficiency. It has a pneumatic l