Mini-Review: Acme Made camera case

There isn’t too much to talk about here, but this gorgeous little case from Acme Made deserves a look from anybody looking for an expensive but lovely little gift for a spouse or lady friend. Pictures and such after the break.

This little case comes in two colors, black and “Tuscan Orange.” This one is (obviously) of the Tuscan Orange variety, and it feels as good as it looks, like the other bags I recently reviewed. The leather is grippy and thick, and the color is very tasteful. The zipper is metal and has a solid feel.

Inside, you have a spot for you camera, clearly, and then a couple spaces for other things. I found out after I took the pictures that it’s easier to put the batteries up top and the cord below, but hey. There’s a little spot for an SD card (it won’t fit anything larger) and a pocket behind everything where a quick reference manual or prints can be stored.

It’s really quite a nice little object, and that’s probably why it costs so muchthe version pictured costs $90 and a black one costs $110 The prices changed considerably the day after this review published: to be precise, they were nearly halved! That puts these in stocking stuffer territory! The one I had will set you back $65, the small “solo” version $40. There are littler ones, but they seem less useful. Of course, a camera case like this is already a luxury: point and shoots are meant to be carried by themselves, and any extra bits like cables can be stored in your backpack or what have you. So if you’re going to buy something impractical, it may as well be expensive too, right?