startup exits

The first group of upcoming potential unicorn IPOs is shaping up well

Several startups that have said they are eyeing a debut are making the right hires or simply have IPO filings in the wings. Let's go over the list.

How to use the secondary market to find clues about who will IPO first

Tracking secondary deals gives us insight into how investors are thinking about a company's valuation and exit timeline.

PitchBook’s new tool uses AI to predict which startups will successfully exit

PitchBook is launching a new tool that uses historical data and AI to attempt to predict which startups will successfully exit.

Go long or go short? A VC reveals when it’s time to sell and how to maximize buyer interest

Founders often feel they have to become a unicorn to do right by their constituents. In reality, sometimes playing the short game delivers more value.

5 buyer red flags to look for during the M&A process

Now that the M&A market seems to be back on track, it's important for startups to be aware of the red flags to look for when they're considering selling.

Maybe we didn’t deserve any IPOs this year

We cannot provide enough handicapping to eliminate the fact that so very many 2021 tech IPOs were, from a returns perspective, hot garbage once they floated.

Don’t worry about VCs’ returns if you can exit your startup early

There are many reasons to stick it out at your startup, but if you're worried about your investors when faced with an exit, here's why you shouldn't be.