• 1.6-Terabyte Smart Optimus SSD Reads A Gig Per Second

    1.6-Terabyte Smart Optimus SSD Reads A Gig Per Second

    Enterprise hardware company Smart Modular Technologies has announced a line of SSDs that appear to wipe the floor with pretty much everything out there. It comes in capacities from 200GB all the way to a current record capacity of 1.6TB. And not only is it the biggest single SSD available, it also is the fastest, using a Serial Attached SCSI interface to achieve (they claim) 1000MB/s read… Read More

  • Super Talent's RC8: Thumbdrive Looks, SSD Power

    If you’ve ever wondered why they can’t take these tiny SSD units and just pack ’em into a thumbdrive case, this one’s for you. The new RC8 from Super Talent is in every way a real SSD, except perhaps that it’s not sitting in your PC’s case with a SATA connection. This one’s USB 3.0 and it appears to really cruise. We’re looking at over 200MB/s… Read More

  • Intel Lowers Prices And Doubles Capacity Of New SSDs

    SSDs have been on my Amazon Wishlist for over a year now, but the prices have always been a little higher than my blogger’s salary allowed. The good news is that when new technology gets older, we enjoy very nice price cuts. This is no more obvious then here with the new third-generation SSD 320 Series from Intel. Read More

  • PSA: SSDs Are Difficult To Securely Erase (Update: Well, They Can Be)

    If you’re in a business that handles sensitive information, or are just conscientious about your privacy, you might want to read this study on SSD erasure. As you know, there are ways of erasing traditional magnetic hard drives that are more or less totally irreversible. Writing all zeros, writing garbage, zeroing again, and so on. After a few cycles it’s fresh and clean. SSDs are… Read More

  • Hitachi’s New Ultrastar Enterprise SSDs Are Quite Fast

    Generally, enterprise-orientated hard drives are much too expensive for the mainstream consumer. I can’t find the price on these new Hitachi SSDs, but I guarantee they’re not bargain bin. These suckers are aimed at speed and longevity. Read More

  • New Samsung SSDs Appear In The Old Country

    Not everyone is buying into the SSD thing just yet — they’re still awfully expensive, and the technology seems to be improved monthly. But on the off chance you’ve just decided to leave the spinning platters of yesteryear behind, here are a few new Samsung drives that sound just dandy. Read More

  • Buffalo Japan to release four new SSDs, six HDDs and two NASes

    Buffalo announced a slew of new SSDs [JP], HDDs [JP] and NASes [JP] in Japan today, all of which might soon be available outside this country, too. Available with 32GB ($160)/64GB ($230)/128GB ($440) and 256GB ($840/build-to-order) on board, the four 2.5-inch SSDs are part of the Buffalo SHD-NSU2 series (pictured above). All of these SATA devices support Windows XP/Vista/7 andMac OS X 10.5… Read More

  • OCZ drops SSDs to below $100

    In Dave’s SSD roundup the other day, the cheapest drive carried the day — naturally. Though the Kingston SSDNow V only has 40GB of space and you pay a pretty high price/GB, it’s really the easiest entry to SSD-land, and 40GB is plenty of space for a boot drive. In fact, you could even make do with 32GB. And lucky for you, OCZ just released a new Onyx model that gives you… Read More

  • Corsair unleashes the Force SSD line

    Forget about the just-announced Corsair Reactor and Nova SSDs because you’re not going to want those after you hear about the upcoming Force models. This new line forgos the Indilinx Bareboot controller for the faster SandForce SD-1200 processor, which enables the Force line to read at 285MB/s and write at 275MB/s. Yeah, that’s quick. Trim support is also present on the SATA II… Read More

  • SanDisk G3 solid state drive boasts speeds up to twice as fast as 7200 RPM drives

    It’s beginning to look like Expensive Speed Day here at CrunchGear, what with the USB 3.0 products and now this solid state drive from SanDisk. The G3 SSD is a solid-state drive available in 60GB and 120GB capacities for around $230 and $400, respectively. Read More

  • Seagate finally shows up at the solid state drive party with an enterprise offering

    Seagate, the big huge hard drive company, has just now officially announced its first ever solid state drive. The press release title says “Seagate Introduces Its First Solid State Drive: Pulsar” and above the title it says “December 08, 2009.” To be fair, Seagate CEO Bill Watkins hasn’t been keen on solid state drives, saying a little over a year ago that his… Read More

  • Some hard hardware reading for your slow Monday afternoon

    You’re just waiting for that clock to tick over to 5:00, right (well, you West-coasters anyway)? When I was a 9-to-5er, I had the same compulsive time-checking starting a little after 4, especially on Mondays and Fridays. Well, here’s something to tide you over until it’s safe to leave — something you might have to pick back up at home, since it’s a bit technical… Read More

  • OCZ Colossus puts several SSD peas in one 3.5" pod

    This is something we’ve seen in super-high-end storage systems, but is now being implemented on a enthusiast consumer level. The OCZ Colossus, within its featureless 3.5″ enclosure, sports two RAIDed SSD drives mounted to a single PCB. You can bet it’s going to be fast, though the RAID controller is apparently rated to “only” 260MB/s. With two drives (or four in… Read More

  • Moore's law for storage to level out soon?

    Although engineers continually devise new ways to conquer obstacles previously thought insurmountable, in the case of solid state storage, we may actually be approaching a point where the current theory just doesn’t work. The size of cells in memory arrays is getting so small that each one now holds just 100 electrons. That means that an array based on current theory can only get 100… Read More

  • Roundup of latest SSDs reveals yet another stalemate (a hot one though)

    We’re seeing SSDs popping up more and more, in plain drive form or included with high-performance laptops. There’s lots of news to sift through and it’s easy to get lost and wonder “Are any of these stupid things different from each other apart from capacity?” And the short answer is… yeah. But imagine I’m saying that while looking skeptical and making… Read More

  • Corsair's new 256GB SSD could give Intel a run for its money

    Intel has been the go-to guy for SSDs these days. While others are trying to bring the cost down or kick up the performance so high it costs a couple thou, Intel has been the one filling storage space in high-performance servers due to the drives’ reliability and high speed. But lovable memory maker Corsair is pushing out some drives that may hit Intel below the belt. Read More

  • Review: The G Drive mini

    SSDs are fast, enduring and expensive. The G Drive mini is no exception; 120GB of solid state storage built into an all-aluminum enclosure priced at $599. Let us see what else can be expected from this small and reliable storage device Read More

  • Samsung shows off face-melting speed of SSD RAID

    So we all know that SSD drives are fast, but how do those numbers translate into the real world? And what would happen if you had unlimited funds and wanted to build a 24-unit RAID to see exactly what they can do? Read More

  • Q&A session with an Intel SSD engineer

    There’s an interesting community-powered Q&A that’s just been posted over here at HardOCP in which their forum members were invited to ask questions of an Intel SSD engineer. There are many interesting questions asked and answered, regarding power consumption, which OS or file system to use, whether there are “grades” of flash, and more. It’s kind of technical… Read More

  • Carbon sheets may power next generation of flash storage

    Miniaturization is one of the driving forces in the tech world, not just in the size of your media player or whatnot, but in the size of the nano-scale components that make it up. Processors, for example, are approaching the barrier of quantum effects on their transistor units, and are having to work around it. Similarly, flash memory makers are going to be hitting a wall a few years down the… Read More