Seagate finally shows up at the solid state drive party with an enterprise offering


Seagate, the big huge hard drive company, has just now officially announced its first ever solid state drive. The press release title says “Seagate Introduces Its First Solid State Drive: Pulsar” and above the title it says “December 08, 2009.” To be fair, Seagate CEO Bill Watkins hasn’t been keen on solid state drives, saying a little over a year ago that his company wasn’t really considering the solid state market aside from these enterprise-level drives that have just been announced.

So enterprise-class SSDs: great. But will we see consumer offerings from Seagate? As prices continue to fall and demand rises, it’d be foolish for the company to not eventually get into the consumer SSD market. Just don’t plan on anyone with a Seagate nametag showing up to the party before most of the other guests.

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