Review: The G Drive mini

g-drive-mini_frontview_mediumSSDs are fast, enduring and expensive. The G Drive mini is no exception; 120GB of solid state storage built into an all-aluminum enclosure priced at $599. Let us see what else can be expected from this small and reliable storage device.

There are two versions of the G Drive mini; a double interface and a triple interface. I’ve got the triple one with FW800, FW400 and USB 2.0 ports. The package (above cables and CD) includes a leather carrying case that you can hook up to your belt or something, although I wonder who would actually do that.


The drive is about twice as thick as a 2.5” HDD and it’s equipped with a heat sink on the bottom. Passive cooling lets the drive operate without noise. Being sturdy and well-built, I can imagine the mini to endure medium-height drops and bumps. It’s a nice-looking kit, however the edges of the cover are sharp. If you’re not careful, you could cut yourself. Considering how little effort it would take to round those edges, it’s odd that it hasn’t been done.


SSD is faster than HDD, although I didn’t notice any serious speed differences while I was copying to and from the mini. But that’s not the point. This device is for people who need portable and reliable storage — professionals who travel a lot and don’t mind spending a small fortune for an SSD. With the mini you don’t have to worry about moving around while copying files or be afraid that a single drop to the ground will kill your storage.


– Small, reliable, silent, sturdy

– Faster than USB enclosures

– Sexy

– Leather case


– Expensive

– Edges are sharp

Price: $599