OCZ drops SSDs to below $100

In Dave’s SSD roundup the other day, the cheapest drive carried the day — naturally. Though the Kingston SSDNow V only has 40GB of space and you pay a pretty high price/GB, it’s really the easiest entry to SSD-land, and 40GB is plenty of space for a boot drive. In fact, you could even make do with 32GB. And lucky for you, OCZ just released a new Onyx model that gives you just that for under a bill!

Sure, 32GB is going to be barely enough for Windows 7, your programs, and a little scratch space for My Documents, and the 125/70MB/s read/write speeds are nothing to write home about, but it’s an SSD for a hundred bucks. The quickness will be apparent, even though this is the lowest grade stuff you can get. It’s still going to be faster than a spinning drive.

[via Hot Hardware]