Hitachi’s New Ultrastar Enterprise SSDs Are Quite Fast

Generally, enterprise-orientated hard drives are much too expensive for the mainstream consumer. I can’t find the price on these new Hitachi SSDs, but I guarantee they’re not bargain bin. These suckers are aimed at speed and longevity.

The 2.5″ versions use a 6Gb/s serial-attached SCSI interface, allowing them to top 500MB/s read and write on the 200GB and 400GB capacities, and the controller allows for 46K and 13K read and write IOPS. That’s on par with the high-end stuff, so I’m going to guess the prices will be around $3/GB or so.

The 3.5″ variety is slightly slower, using a 4GB/s connection and falling behind on read/writes — still quite fast, of course, but not quite so much as the smaller one.

Just an FYI so you know how SSD speeds and such are standing now. I don’t expect anyone to run out and buy these, but a little refresher on what’s being sold is always in order. More info over at Hitachi.