Intel Lowers Prices And Doubles Capacity Of New SSDs

SSDs have been on my Amazon Wishlist for over a year now, but the prices have always been a little higher than my blogger’s salary allowed. The good news is that when new technology gets older, we enjoy very nice price cuts. This is no more obvious then here with the new third-generation SSD 320 Series from Intel.

The new SSD 320 Series is Intel’s successor to the X25-M SATA SSD series. These new drives are great for the average user, but if you plan on doing a lot of video editing or sound production then it is worth going for the faster 510 Series. For the most part, the speeds are great at 270MB/s and 220MB/s read and write, thanks to the 3Gbps SATA II interface.


  • 40GB: $89
  • 80GB: $159
  • 120GB: $209
  • 160GB: $289
  • 300GB: $529
  • 600GB: $1,069