Anchor wants a future where everyone reads Squarespace ads

In the future, everyone will get Blue Apron ad copy. Meantime, Anchor’s helping users monetize their shows with Sponsorships, a new program designed to match podcasters with advertisers. The featur

Squarespace expands its website-building platform with email marketing

Squarespace is launching its first email marketing product today. CEO Anthony Casalena and Director of Product Natalie Gibralter both told me that the Squarespace platform has been gradually expanding

Crunch Report | FCC Kills Net Neutrality

The FCC kills net neutrality, Snapchat launches Lens Studio and Squarespace reportedly raises $200 million. All this on Crunch Report.

Squarespace reportedly raises about $200 million at a $1.7 billion valuation

Squarespace, the 14-year-old platform that makes it easy for essentially anyone to build their own website, is raising about $200 million from General Atlantic, valuing the company at a $1.7 billion v

The future of front-end development is design

Should our kids learn to code? I can’t argue against the value of every child having a working knowledge of software development. But there is a difference between coding foundational technology and

Tilda is the web design tool for the rest of us

If you’re a maker, a hustler, a shaker, or a serial entrepreneur you probably make a lot of websites. There are a number of tools you can use including Bootstrap (please stop using Bootstrap), S

Postleaf is an open-source blogging platform for the design-conscious

Content management systems are boring until you have to use one. You can install a little Drupal or WordPress, pick up some Squarespace, or just dump to Medium, the graveyard for posts about protein s

Squarespace introduces new analytics for its commerce-focused customers

Website creation platform Squarespace is introducing new analytics features for its e-commerce businesses. As explained to me by Director of Product Natalie Gibralter, Squarespace’s Commerce p

Former Squarespace employee alleges ‘overt’ racism

Accounts of racism, sexism and discrimination are unfortunately way too common in the tech industry. The latest comes from Amélie Lamont, a black woman and former employee at website creation company

Apartments.com, Mobile Strike & Amazon Scored The Top Spots Among Tech Companies’ Super Bowl Ads

A number of technology companies took to the airwaves during last night’s Super Bowl 50 broadcast to make their names – and brands – better known among a mainstream audience. Howeve

Pinterest Adds A Few Tools To Integrate More Easily With Squarespace

Squarespace users this afternoon will get a set of tools that will enable them to more easily publish content to Pinterest and gather data about the traffic those pins are driving to their site. Previ

SaaS Companies Look To Change The Interface Of Web Design

Code-free web design platforms are an increasingly popular tool among web designers. Companies behind these tools promise a design experience that doesn't require any coding skills, or the need for an

This Is The New Squarespace

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/squarespace">Squarespace</a> has just announced a brand new version of its product called Squarespace 7. Obviously, the interface of

Website-Building Platform Squarespace Raises Another $40M

Squarespace, which offers tools for individuals and small businesses to build websites and online stores, just announced that it has raised $40 million in Series B funding. The funding comes from g

Squarespace Adds Commerce System For A High-Class Blogging/Sales Experience

<a target="_blank" href="http://squarespace.com">Squarespace</a> knows from fancy. They make dead-simple websites for people who require a high level of design and elegance and, unlike, say, our websi

Squarespace, Fog Creek, Peer1 Kept NY Data Center Alive By Carrying Fuel Buckets To The 17th Floor In The Dark

Small businesses may have been even more affected than big companies by Hurricane Sandy, as they don't have the same resources. When <a target="_blank" href="http://www.squarespace.com/">Squarespace</

Record Your Brilliant Ideas In Style For Either Public Or Private Consumption With Squarespace Note

Squarespace introduced a new mobile app for iPhone today, but it has little to do with the company's website creation platform. Instead, it's a simplified note-taking application that can publish to y

Squarespace Theme Editor And Blog Engine Goes HTML5, Aims At Code-Capable Designers

Squarespace makes it easy for design- (but not tech-) savvy users to build beautiful websites. The service has been around since 2003 but recently received a full overhaul called Squarespace 6. The re

Squarespace 6: Rebuilt From The Ground Up To Take On WordPress, Tumblr And Everyone Else

So you want to build a webpage. Maybe it's a blog. Maybe it's a site for your small business. Maybe it's a portfolio for your artwork. In any case, you have options. A lot of them, including WordPr

Squarespace Raises $38.5 Million From Accel, Index Ventures

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/squarespace.jpg" />When founder <a href="http://www.crunchbase.com/person/anthony-casalena">Anthony Casalena</a> first started <a href="http:/