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India, the world’s largest smartwatch market, is getting new smart rings

The world’s largest smartwatch market is about to get two new smart rings. While wrist-worn wearables are still wildly popular in India, a pair of domestic manufacturers are banking on consumers

Movano’s new smart ring is focused on women’s health

Movano’s getting a week’s jump on what might well prove a banner CES for the smart ring. Today the Bay Area-based firm debuted Evie, a smart ring focused on women’s health set to hit the market

The third-gen Oura Ring can now measure the oxygen levels in your blood

Oura, the company behind the Oura Ring lineup of wearable devices, today announced that blood oxygen sensing is rolling out to the third-generation Oura Ring. It’s a long time coming — Our

Ultrahuman busts out a smart ring to decode metabolic health

Indian fitness platform Ultrahuman is expanding its wearable portfolio by launching a smart ring to boost its ability to provide tech loving ‘biohackers’ — and, it hopes, health-conc

Oura sells its millionth ring

We love big, round numbers here in hardware land. Hitting one million of anything is an impressive feat, let alone one million $399 smart rings. It’s too soon to suggest that Oura has permanently tr

Circular takes on Oura with a $259 smart ring

Oura wasn’t the first smart ring to market, but over the course of its life, the device has had surprisingly little competition. In general, it’s proven difficult for consumer hardware companies t

Movano targets an H2 2022 launch for its fitness ring

My first in-person experience with a fitness ring was back at CES 2017. Four years later, one wonders if they might be having a moment at next week’s show — in-person or no. The Motiv ring dem