a16z-backed Rewind pivots to build AI-powered pendant to record your conversations

a16z-backed Rewind is now pivoting to build AI-powered meeting suit along with a hardware product to record your conversations.

Formlabs says new 3D printer ‘rivals injection molding’

This month marks five years since the release of the Form 3, Formlabs’ last major 3D printer refresh. To celebrate the occasion, the MIT spinoff has unveiled the long-awaited Form 4. At the top of t

Kickstarter launches ‘late pledges’ for completed campaigns

Once a Kickstarter campaign is complete, you need to turn to a creator’s own page to buy the products after the campaign clock has ticked down — that is, until now. Today, Kickstarter anno

Fellow steps away from its usual grind with $365 Aiden coffee machine

Coffee is a beverage, sure, but to many people, it’s more than that. It’s a ritual to find a pause in the day, rewarded by a tasty jolt of caffeine. For many years, Fellow has been top of

Humane’s $699 Ai Pin is now available

Humane today announced the availability of its first product, the Ai Pin. The Bay Area-based hardware startup has been kicking around since 2017, a year after co-founders Bethany Bongiorno and Imran C

Fairphone launches easy-to-repair earbuds

The right to repair has been a hot topic for several years now, hitting a kind of critical mass with domestic and international legislation. Advocates note that these proposals give users more control

Neurotech startup Neurovalens gets FDA clearance for noninvasive anxiety treatment

A 2019 rule change by the U.S. medical devices regulator aimed at encouraging innovations targeting insomnia and anxiety is bearing fruit: Neurovalens, a Belfast-based startup that for over a decade h

Ten years later, Facebook’s Oculus acquisition hasn’t changed the world as expected

Every year, Time Magazine issues a list of the 200 best inventions of the past 12 months. Frankly, I don’t know how the editors do it. The dirty secret of this job is that true, game-changing invent

Nightside’s ambient lamp rethinks the reading light

Nightside is the brainchild of Jess Gupta. The $350 LED bedside lamp is an intentionally simple product. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi or Alexa built in, but it does have a few clever tricks up its slee

Oura launches a new Labs section to test out new features

Smart ring manufacturer Oura is introducing a new section in its app called Oura Labs to test out new features and get user feedback. As part of this rollout — currently available only on iOS — th

Odd Ball, the ball-shaped music instrument, is adding new gestures so you can become a house DJ

Odd Ball is a company that makes fun electronic bouncy balls that let you generate MIDI sounds by tapping or bouncing them. The company is adding new gestures to its device — including spin, twist,

Ember’s journey from hot coffee to medication transport

Ember’s first Indiegogo campaign drew sideways glances when it launched in 2015. Would anyone actually buy a $129 heated coffee mug? Nearly a decade later, however, it’s clear that the ini

Google will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features on Pixel 8

Google announced today that it will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features such as recording summaries and smart replies on the Pixel 8. These features will be based on Gemini Nano, a small-sized

Oregon signs right to repair into law

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek on Tuesday signed Senate Bill 1596 into law, joining California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts and Minnesota in a growing list of states embracing a right to repair for cit

Apple slams DOJ case as misguided attempt to turn iPhone into Android

Apple is coming out swinging against the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) antitrust case, just announced Thursday, which accuses the iPhone maker of being a monopolist with its thumb on a mobile ch

Microsoft’s new Adaptive accessibility accessories include an Atari-style joystick

Microsoft has long garnered plaudits for its focus on accessibility. It’s a large segment of the population that is too often disregarded as an afterthought when it comes to product design. The comp

Smart ring maker Ultrahuman has its eye on Oura’s crown

India’s Ultrahuman is prepping for a growth year. Today it’s announcing the close of $35 million in Series B* funding, a mix of equity ($25 million) and debt. The smart ring startup is a l

With cycle tracking, Withings considers taking half of the population seriously

Whenever I talk to people working in the quantified self — fitness and health trackers — there’s a murmuring about how little attention is given to literally half the population. For

Verve Motion’s robot backpack helps workers lighten their load

Wander the Modex floor long enough and you’ll stumble upon some wearable robotics. The category has nowhere near the presence of AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) or storage and retrieval systems, but

Moonbird’s relaxation device takes flight internationally

“Well it looks like you had some fun recently,” a friend said as he joined me for coffee. There, in the middle of my dining room table, is a device that does, now that he mentions it, look
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