The Monarch could be the next big thing in Braille

For many people around the world, braille is their primary language for reading books and articles, and digital braille readers are an important part of that. The newest and fanciest yet is the Monarc

Goodbye, Google Glass, we knew you well

Update: Google tells TechCrunch that it remains committed to augmented reality, stating, “For years, we’ve been building AR into many Google products and we’ll continue to look at ways t

Ember is in the baby bottle business now

Ember has been a fascinating company to watch. The Los Angeles-based startup entered the scene with a self-heating mug, only to leverage its temperature tech learnings to enter the cold chain space, w

Verity raises $32M as IKEA stores deploy its inventory drones

There’s no shortage of startups attempting to put drones to work. There is, however, a longstanding question around the efficacy of such plans. Drones — especially the smaller variety —

Torch is building solar-powered outdoor sensors to spot wildfires early

The Nest Protect is the single best piece of smart home hardware I’ve ever purchased. Not everything in your home would benefit from being connected, but smoke detectors really do. They go a long wa

Apple’s AR/VR headset reportedly being pushed out due to ‘huge pressure to ship’

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Apple is building a mixed reality headset that’s set to ship this year. The company’s MR (AR+VR) hardware ranks among its longest-lasting rumor cycles. S

Apple could reportedly release a HomePod with a display

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could be working on a new HomePod device that would feature a built-in display for 2024. The rumor seems to be based on third-party supply chain companies, suc

Wing likens its drone ‘delivery network’ to rideshare

Drone delivery is one of those ideas that’s been sold as “the next big thing” forever. Regardless of how bullish you happen to be on the technology, there’s undeniably a lot that has to be fig

Ring launches a higher-res, battery-powered doorbell

Ring just launched its first doorbell in two years. The $180 Battery Doorbell Plus brings head-to-toe video and improved resolution to the Amazon brand’s lineup. The smart home accessory featur

Apple releases new yellow iPhone 14 and 14 Plus

Apple has a tendency to introduce a new iPhone color in the spring. And this time, it’s yellow. The company is adding the color option to both iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. Last spring, the comp

Sonos replaces the One, adds a spatial audio speaker to lineup

The Sonos One wasn’t broken, but that doesn’t mean the company’s is above fixing it. Over two generations and a few variants, the compact speaker has become one of the company’s most popular.

reMarkable powers up its e-paper tablet with a keyboard case for distraction-free writing

The reMarkable 2 is a great tablet for reading long documents on, annotating them, taking notes, sketching… but not for full-on writing. At least, it wasn’t until they put out this great k

Honeycomb’s yoke and throttle let you take your flight sim experience to the next level

When Microsoft, after a decade-long hiatus, relaunched its now 40-year-old Flight Simulator series in 2020, it reignited interest in a genre that had long been a mainstay of PC gaming. It’s one

Smartphone makers searched for a way forward at MWC 2023

The slowdown was inevitable, of course. Nothing stays hot forever — especially in this industry. By tech standards, smartphones have had a good run, but the last few years have seen device maker

Neuralink human testing has reportedly received one FDA rejection already

Neuralink’s ambition to provide a brain-computer interface orders of magnitude better than what’s out there now has hit headwinds with the FDA, Reuters reports. The agency reportedly rejec

Brinc’s Lemur 2 straps on blue strobes and is ready for action

Drone developer Brinc today showed off its newest drone, designed to help cops and others who care about public safety do their jobs from a safe distance. The new quadcopter is called Lemur 2 and is t

The brave new terabyte broadband world of 6G is coming, but not just yet

At a session on the future of 6G during Mobile World Congress, expert speakers from companies such as Samsung, the European Space Agency and Telefonica came together to give their views about how 6G w

Nothing’s Phone (2) will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 series

Nothing’s presence stood in stark contrast to OnePlus at this year’s MWC. Whereas Carl Pei’s old company, OnePlus, put on a flashy launch event for a concept device yesterday, Nothing has largel

OnePlus’ first foldable will arrive in the second half of the year

The OnePlus that was founded in 2013 was a cautious company, deliberate in its release schedule. The Shenzhen-based firm would announce one to two phones a year, not hung up on being the first to mark

Motorola’s Rizr is back as a concept phone with a rollable screen

Three years after the debut of its wildly popular Razr phone, Motorola gave the world the Rizr. While beloved by many, the product never managed to capture the same level of cultural cache as its pred
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