• Liftopia, An E-Commerce Platform For Ski Resorts, Raises Additional $5 Million

    Liftopia, An E-Commerce Platform For Ski Resorts, Raises Additional $5 Million

    Last year, online ski marketplace Liftopia, which previously focused on offering skiers discounted lift tickets, launched an e-commerce platform for the ski resorts themselves called “Cloud Store by Liftopia.” Things have been going well since, it seems. At launch, the company started 10 resorts testing the platform and ended up with 15. Last season, that number grew to 50. And… Read More

  • Google Brings 38 Additional Ski Resorts To Google Maps

    Google Brings 38 Additional Ski Resorts To Google Maps

    A while ago, Google took its Street View cameras to the slopes and started documenting ski runs at a few select resorts. Today, Google is expanding its mapping options for skiers by adding 38 new run and lifts maps to Google Maps, including its apps for Android and iPhone. These include well-known ski resorts like Squaw Valley, Big Sky and Whistler Blackcomb. Read More

  • Ski Lift Retailer Liftopia Goes White Label, Lets Resorts Add E-Commerce To Their Own Sites

    Ski Lift Retailer Liftopia Goes White Label, Lets Resorts Add E-Commerce To Their Own Sites

    Liftopia, the startup offering consumers discounts on ski tickets and other snow-related activities, is today launching a new e-commerce platform for the ticket sellers themselves called “Cloud Store by Liftopia.” The service will be offered for free to any mountain resort for use on their own websites (including mobile), starting first in North America, then followed by resorts… Read More

  • Ski Lift Ticket Retailer Liftopia Goes Live On iPhone

    Ski Lift Ticket Retailer Liftopia Goes Live On iPhone

    San Francisco-based Liftopia, an online retailer of lift tickets and mountain resort activities, is launching its iPhone app today. The app’s title is quite the mouthful: “Liftopia Ski Reports, Snow Conditions and Ultimate Lift Ticket Deal Engine App.” Whoa! So there’s the news, I guess – it’s all in the app’s name. Oh you want more info? OK. Read More

  • Ski goggles feature head mounted display

    Wow, these Zeal Optics “Transcend” goggles feature built-in GPS, speed data, altitude information, temperature, and a whole lot of other stuff for $350. Read More

  • Burton Vice Mitts keep your hands warm and your (energy) drink cold

    Living up by Lake Tahoe, I’m always on the lookout for new gadgets and technology for when I go snowboarding. Case in point: the Burton Vice Mitt. Okay, it’s a mitt, but what’s the vice part? A drink holder, you say? Read More

  • GPS for the ski nerd

    This weird looking thing here is a GPS for skiers. With the Flaik you can share your daily ski performance or race against total strangers without seeing each other. According to Flaik’s website the idea is to combine location-based services with social networking. Oh and it also sends an emergency signal if you happen to be under an avalanche. Read More

  • 35-story indoor ski resort planned for Long Island

    The official car of Long Island The Great Indoors? Developers out on Long Island, the fashion capital of the world, plan to build a $2 billion resort, whose crown jewel will be a 35-story ski mountain. The resort, at Riverhead, which is 75 miles east of New York City (about an 18-hour drive on the LIE), isn’t expected to be open until 2013. Naturally, environmentalists oppose the… Read More

  • Cross country skiing sensors

    [photopress:IMG_1544.JPG,full,pp_image] While most of the CrouchGear staff can barely lift a pair of skis over their heads, some people actually get onto skis and ski around on flat surfaces for exercise and sport. This is called “cross-country skiing.” Whereas my favorite part of skiing is the mulled wine and languid bowel movements back at the chalet, these people have trainers… Read More

  • Exclusive: Hands on with VholdR

    We told you about VholdR at TC40 and I got my grubby mitts on a Beta the other week. I’m extremely excited for this to hit the market in the coming months and while it’s geared towards the active community, just about anyone can use it. You don’t have to be an extreme athlete to own or even want one. The unit itself is super lightweight, under a pound, I think. It’s… Read More

  • Skiboot flask: Because there's no better place to get trashed than on an icy mountain

    We like to drink. In fact, we’re all drunk right now. However, I, personally, rarely drink on the ski slopes simply because I’m afraid of hitting trees, babies, and the ground. If you’re a better skier/snowboarder than I am, however, feel free to pick up the Bakoda Flask Pack, a flask system that connects right onto your boot binding, ensuring you can get nice and toast on… Read More

  • SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: Spyder's Liquid Armor Suit

    Spyder, as they usually do, had some pretty wicked stuff on display, but I was drawn to the d3o ‘liquid armor’ suit. I know the technology isn’t new, but it’s still cool to see it being integrated into performance clothing like the ladies d3o Freeryde armored suit, picture after the jump. If you’re a racer then the d3o suits could save your forearms from nasty… Read More