Is that a ski coach in your boot, or are you just happy to see me?

It’s like a Fitbit, except you add it to your ski boots to get data-driven tuition to figure out where you’re doing well and where there’s space to improve. Carv claims it became “the largest

Liftopia, An E-Commerce Platform For Ski Resorts, Raises Additional $5 Million

Last year, online ski marketplace <a target="_blank" href="">Liftopia</a>, which previously focused on offering skiers discounted lift tickets, launched an e-commerce platform

Google Brings 38 Additional Ski Resorts To Google Maps

A while ago, Google took its Street View cameras <a target="_blank" href="">to the slopes</a> and started documenting ski run

Ski Lift Retailer Liftopia Goes White Label, Lets Resorts Add E-Commerce To Their Own Sites

<a href="">Liftopia</a>, the startup offering consumers discounts on ski tickets and other snow-related activities, is today launching a new e-commerce platform for the ticket

Ski Lift Ticket Retailer Liftopia Goes Live On iPhone

San Francisco-based <a href="">Liftopia</a>, an online retailer of lift tickets and mountain resort activities, is launching its iPhone app today. The app's title is quite th

Ski goggles feature head mounted display

<img src="" alt="" />Wow, these Zeal Optics “Transcend” goggles feature built-in GPS, speed data, altitude information, temperature,

Burton Vice Mitts keep your hands warm and your (energy) drink cold

<img src="" />Living up by Lake Tahoe, I'm always on the lookout for new gadgets and technology for when I go snowboarding. Case in poin

GPS for the ski nerd

This weird looking thing here is a GPS for skiers. With the Flaik you can share your daily ski performance or race against total strangers without seeing each other. According to Flaik’s website

35-story indoor ski resort planned for Long Island

The official car of Long Island The Great Indoors? Developers out on Long Island, the fashion capital of the world, plan to build a $2 billion resort, whose crown jewel will be a 35-story ski mountain

Cross country skiing sensors

[photopress:IMG_1544.JPG,full,pp_image] While most of the CrouchGear staff can barely lift a pair of skis over their heads, some people actually get onto skis and ski around on flat surfaces for exerc

Exclusive: Hands on with VholdR

We told you about VholdR at TC40 and I got my grubby mitts on a Beta the other week. I’m extremely excited for this to hit the market in the coming months and while it’s geared towards the

Skiboot flask: Because there's no better place to get trashed than on an icy mountain

We like to drink. In fact, we’re all drunk right now. However, I, personally, rarely drink on the ski slopes simply because I’m afraid of hitting trees, babies, and the ground. If you&#821

SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: Spyder's Liquid Armor Suit

Spyder, as they usually do, had some pretty wicked stuff on display, but I was drawn to the d3o ‘liquid armor’ suit. I know the technology isn’t new, but it’s still cool to see it being integr