Sketchfab Becomes A 3D Printing Repository By Letting You Download 3D Objects

Sketchfab is launching a much needed feature — a download button. As a reminder, Sketchfab is a sort of YouTube for 3D models, where everyone can upload and browse 3D models directly from your b

Sketchfab Revamps Its Platform To Become The SoundCloud Of 3D Files

Sketchfab just released the second version of its 3D platform. As a reminder, Sketchfab’s ultimate goal has always been to become a sort of SoundCloud for 3D models. On the website, you can uplo

Sketchfab’s Photoshop Integration Allows You To Share Your 3D Models On The Web

Adobe recently updated Photoshop with a few 3D capabilities. A hidden gem that wasn’t much discussed is the ability to export and share 3D models directly from Photoshop thanks to Sketchfab. The

3D Model Sharing Service Sketchfab Raises $2 Million

As 3D modeling enters the mainstream, it helps to have a place to put them. That's where <a target="_blank" href="">Sketchf

Sketchfab Is A Unique Way To Show DIY 3D Content On The Web

Sites like <a target="_blank" href="">Thingiverse</a> offer ways for 3D makers to display and upload their 3D models for the world to peruse but there's never been a way to r