Social trading app Shares receives EU stock trading license

Fintech startup Shares has raised $90 million for its stock trading app. And yet, the service is only available to people who live in the U.K. But that’s about to change as the company has received

Shares raises $40 million for its social investment app

Shares has closed a $40 million Series A funding round led by Valar Ventures. The company has been working on a mobile app that lets you easily buy and sell shares, but with a social twist. You can fo

Shares is a new stock trading app with a focus on social features

Meet Shares, a new European startup that wants to add a social twist to financial investment — in this case, the company means “social” as in “social network”. The startup ha

Crunch Report | GoPro Cuts 200-300 Jobs

App revenue reached $60 billion in 2017, Travis Kalanick is selling 29 percent of his Uber shares and GoPro cuts 200-300 jobs. All this on Crunch Report.

IBM shares dropped like a rock today

How do you solve a problem like IBM? Yesterday evening the company reported its 20th straight consecutive quarter of year-on-year losses. The company’s quarterly earnings beat expectations, but that

New law changes the liquidity game for tech company founders, workers and investors

Late last year, Congress passed legislation that substantially improved the legal landscape for startups, early-stage companies and the stakeholders in the ecosystem. You might have read about, for ex

Selling Private Company Shares 2.0

Congratulations, you now own stock in a private company… but can you sell any of it? The considerations that go into answering this question have changed over time as the process for selling private

Activist Investor Carl Icahn Asks Apple To Speed Up Share Repurchase Program

Apple CEO Tim Cook received another letter from activist investor Carl Icahn today, which marks the second time the shareholder has lobbied Apple to step up its repurchase program. The letter details

Microsoft Experiences Its Biggest Drop Of The Century As Shares Fall 12 Percent

Microsoft shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NASDAQ:MSFT</a>) dropped 12.2 percent, representing the biggest single-day drop in over 13 years. On April 24, 2000

Apple Shares Dip Below $400, Representing A 16-Month Low

Apple shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NASDAQ:AAPL</a>) are currently trading down at $398.11, 6.6 percent below yesterday's closing price of $426.24. It r

Salesforce Shares Reach All-Time High As Stock Pops 7.2% In Wake Of Favorable Earnings

Salesforce shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NYSE:CRM</a>) are trading today at their highest price ever -- $181.46 a share. It represents a 7.23 percent incre

Tesla Shares Drop 9.7% As It Reports Another Quarterly Loss

Shortly after market opening, Tesla shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NASDAQ:TSLA</a>) dropped 9.68 percent to 34.81 in the wake of yesterday's <a target="_

Zuckerberg Now Owns 29.3 Percent Of Facebook’s Class A Shares And This Stake Is Worth $13.6 billion

Facebook announced in an <a target="_blank" href="">SEC filing</a> that founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg now owns 29.3 perc

Apple Drops 6.4% Due To Volatility And Uncertainty: The iPad Mini Is Out, Now What?

Today, Apple shares fell 6.43 percent to 538.79, which represents a $34.8 billion market cap write-off. Analysts have been looking for reasons for the drop all day long without finding a single one th

Groupon Shares Pop 11.6 Percent After CEO Andrew Mason Defends His Vision And Leadership

Groupon shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NASDAQ:GRPN</a>) closed at 4.42, 11.62 percent above yesterday's level. CEO Andrew Mason's <a href="https://techc

Surprise: Facebook Stock Up 28% In Past Month, Highest Since July

Today, Facebook shares (NASDAQ:FB) have jumped 5.28 percent, closing at 24.32. In fact, it represents a four-month high for Facebook, as shares have not traded at this level since the first lockup exp

HP Stock Price Drops 12.4 Percent After Unexpected $8.8 Billion Loss

At market opening today, HP took a big hit, with shares (<a target="_blank" href="">NYSE:HPQ</a>) trading at $11.65, 12.41 percent below yesterday's level. The c

Apple Shares Close Up 7.21% After Recent Fall-Off

Apple's share price rose considerably today, climbing 7.21 percent during today's trading to a closing total of 565.73. The climb comes after the company's stock hit a six-month low last week, hitting

Apple’s Stock Price Crashes To Six Month Low And There’s No Bottom In Sight

The good times can't last forever. Eventually the music dies off, the balloons pop and everyone goes home. Without sounding the hyperbole alarm, let's look at the facts. Apple's stock price has dec

Facebook Stock Price Up 10.3 Percent On The Day As Biggest Lockup Expires, Irrational Changes Are Over

Facebook share prices are up today, with shares at 21.91, 10.32 percent above yesterday’s level. It represents a 4.6 billion market capitalization gain. Today the company is experiencing its big
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