Mobile Digital TV Standard Adopted in the U.S.A.

Late last night, around midnight if you really must know, the ATSC (aka the Advanced Television Systems Committee) ratified the A/153 ATSC Mobile DTV Standard which “defines the technical specif

Astronomy service Slooh will let you watch the LCROSS impact live on October 9

<img src="" />Slooh, a service that offers unfettered access to two huge earth-based telescopes, is inviting folks to <a HREF="http://ww

Sony Ericsson partners with Comverse for visual voicemail

Earlier this morning Comverse announced a new partnership with Sony Ericsson to bring visual voicemail to future SE handsets. Ever since a certain mobile device (hint: starts with “i” and

Vonage Mobile released for iPhone and BlackBerry

Vonage, the once almost-zombie VoIP company, has roared back from its flirtation with the deadpool (er, from being sued into near oblivion for patent infringement by Verizon et al.). Its latest produc

TXTBlocker allows parents to block kids from texting while driving

Texting while driving is incredibly unsafe (and making calls, for that matter). Even more so than drinking and driving, which YOU SHOULD NEVER DO, EVER. California knows it. The Obama Administration k

Comcast plans to take On Demand Online mobile

Yesterday, cable behemoth, Comcast, announced plans to make its emerging On Demand Online service available to cable subscribers on their mobile devices in the near future.

Jajah Brings Voice Calls To Twitter

Starting today, Jajah is rolling out a brand spankin’ new service – Jajah@call, a Twitter user-to-user phone call solution. That’s right, ladies and gents. Jajah, the self-proclaimed

Wall Street Journal to begin charging for on-the-go access

Like the Wall Street Journal? Enjoy catching up on the latest business news while on the go via your iPhone, CrackBerry, or other mobile device? Love to spend money? Well then you are in luck! The Wal

Location-based mobile social network Centrl integrates web version into its mobile apps

<img src="" width="215" height="136" />"Location" has been one of the most frequently used buzzwords in the web industr

Clearwire's WiMAX continues to spread its wings, enters 10 new markets

Yesterday, Clearwire announced the expansion of its CLEAR 4G WiMAX Internet Service to 10 new markets, bringing the total number of markets served up to 14 with coverage for over 10 million users. Thi

FLO TV partners with Rentrak to launch first mobile TV analytics system in U.S.

Late last week, FLO TV, a wholly owned subsidiary of mobile chip juggernaut Qualcomm, announced that it has joined forces with Rentrak to create the “first comprehensive audience measurement and

MINI brings roadside assistance into the 21st century with mobile app

Drive a MINI? Have an iPhone or Blackberry? Well then, you are in luck my friend. MINI has recently released a free app, MINI Roadside Assistance, to better assist its customers in times of need. Shou makes sure you stay on top of Japan's mobile tech scene

<img src="" /> Everyone pretty much agrees that Japan boasts the <a href="

Samsung one ups LG, announces the world's thinnest watchphone, S9110

As much as Samsung loves to claim a “world’s first” every single day of the week, I know they love to beat LG more than anything. Today is no different, folks. Samsung has unveiled an 11.98mm wa

From Tokyo: Demo of "almost finalized" augmented reality tagging app Sekai Camera (videos)

<img src="" /> I attended the inaugural event of the <a href="">AR Commons</a> in Tokyo today, a new in

iTunes on your Blackberry: DoubleTwist seems to be popular so far, now enters Japan's cell phone market

<img src="" width="215" height="59" /><a href="">DoubleTwist</a>, a universal media mana

Kazaa still kicking, brings HD video to the Pre?

Seriously, we’re just as surprised as you are. Not only is Kazaa somehow still in business, they’re also trying anything they can to set themselves apart from all the other digital music r

Pageonce's updated iPhone app brilliantly combines all your online accounts into one app

Step aside, Mint. Pageonce just launched a major update to its iPhone application, and it blows you out of the water. Pageonce’s v3 update is absolutely fantastic, and Mint’s app pales in

Hands-on with the Samsung Omnia 2

<img src="" alt="" />Announced on Monday, the <a href="">Sams

Apple patent reveals plans for Emergency Mode

Consider this: you’re stranded on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard, and you find yourself hopelessly loss amidst a sea of white. You glance down at your iPhone, to see you only have about
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