• Demo: Kindle HD's Mayday Tech Support

    Amazon Introduces Mayday, A Unique And Amazingly Useful Live Tech Support System For Kindle

    Live support has always been a dream for major retailers. While chat solutions already exist, today Amazon announced a new support service available on Kindle HD products called Mayday. It is a single-click, hardware-support solution that lets users work with a remote tech support representative to solve problems with their tablets. Read More

  • Fiverr Updates Its Task-Based Marketplace With Slicker Look & More Buyer/Seller Tools

    Fiverr Updates Its Task-Based Marketplace With Slicker Look & More Buyer/Seller Tools

    Fiverr, an online services marketplace that gives its community of skilled sellers a platform to market and sell whatever it is they can do from as little as $5, is relaunching its website with an overhauled design. It’s also adding analytics and tools to help its users turn their Fiverr ‘gigs’, as it calls them, into more sustained and streamlined businesses. Read More

  • Review: SugarSync for the iPad

    I’ve been wondering how, exactly, I’ll be able to do work on my iPad. With the assistance of programs like Dropbox and SugarSync, it is possible to cobble together a workflow that doesn’t drive me crazy. When I last looked at SugarSync the service was in it’s infancy and I found it slightly lacking. All of my concerns, two years ago, have been address and now you have… Read More

  • Who needs the Droid? T-Mobile G1 hacked to run Google Nav

    I like to imagine that a special place exists somewhere on the Web where a bunch of unassuming “ordinary” folks get together to solve world technology issues. A brotherhood (that allows women too, of course) of sorts that uniformly scream, “HACK3RS UNITE!,” and then figure out how to stick it to the man. I’m not entirely sure anything that amazing exists, but there… Read More

  • Vimeo begins to play nice with iPhone, Android devices

    The lack of Flash support on the iThings (i.e. phone, touch) and all but one Android device has made it rather difficult for Flash-based video sites to penetrate the ever-expanding smartphone video-consuming market. While YouTube has implemented a workaround for this problem (by encoding each uploaded video in both Flash AND as .mp4 files), other sites (arguably with less resources) have been… Read More

  • Clearwire raises an additional $1.5B to continue building its nationwide WiMAX network

    Sprint, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks (to name a few) continue to bet big on Clearwire’s WiMAX nationwide wireless network. The foursome have just pumped an additional $1.494 billion into Clearwire’s coffer, with another $50 million coming from Intel and $20 million from Eagle River Holdings. CHA-CHING. Read More

  • This is the end, my only friend (for MSN Direct wireless data service)

    It’s the end of an era. MSN Direct has announced that their wireless data service will be shut off on January 1st, 2012. The service supplies a data feed to wristwatches, GPS units, and other portable devices. But if you’ve got an MSN Direct device, don’t worry. You’ve got two years to replace it before they shut off the service. Read More

  • Google Analytics adds mobile reporting, iPhone/Android app tracking

    The ability to keep tabs on mobile visitors is becoming increasingly important as more and more users surf the web via mobile browsers. With that said, there are a variety of website tracking / analytic reporting tools available across the Net that include mobile reporting. However, one of the more popular (and free) apps, Google Analytics, has essentially been asleep at the mobile… Read More

  • Blogs: Now more mobile friendly

    I’m a big fan of WordPress, be it their free blogging service ( or their free blogging platform ( Heck, the entire TechCrunch Network and my personal blog run on the stuff. Read More

  • United States Postal Service goes mobile

    Sometime yesterday, the one and only United States Postal Service launched a mobile-friendly website – – for any web-enabled mobile device. Hooray! The new mobile site sports the USPS’ most “popular [online] functions” including Track & Confirm, Post Office locator, and everyone’s favorite application (according to the USPS itself), ZIP… Read More

  • Mobile Digital TV Standard Adopted in the U.S.A.

    Late last night, around midnight if you really must know, the ATSC (aka the Advanced Television Systems Committee) ratified the A/153 ATSC Mobile DTV Standard which “defines the technical specifications necessary for broadcasters to provide new services to mobile and handheld devices using their digital television (DTV) transmissions.” In other words, digital TV will soon be playing… Read More

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