Crunch Report | Fitbit Acquires Vector Smartwatch

Fitbit acquires the Vector smartwatch, Marissa Mayer is resigning from Yahoo, Apple plans to consolidate server construction, Consumer Reports settles its differences with Apple and Ellen Pao joins Ka

Google joins the Open Compute Project

HP Desperately Wants To Be Innovative Again

Let’s face it, HP was once the king of Silicon Valley, but over the last several years, the company has had issues due in part to the revolving door in the CEO office. While the company has f

Facebook Buys Secure Server Technology Provider PrivateCore

Facebook announced this morning it has acquired PrivateCore, a Palo Alto-based secure server technology company. The deal does not appear to be solely an acqui-hire, as Facebook says that it plans to

Sandstorm Wants Web Users To Gain More Control Over The Apps They Use

This open source initiative is aiming to recast the relationship between web users and the underlying infrastructure that serves them content -- by making it easier for web users to run their own serv

EMC Acquires Israeli Storage Startup ScaleIO For $200M-$300M To Compete Better With The Cloud Kings

Palo Alto-based <a target="_blank" href="">ScaleIO</a> is one of a new generation of startup storage providers that's using intelligent software to help big companies streamline an

TechStars Graduate DigitalOcean Switches To SSD For Its $5 Per Month VPS To Take On Linode And Rackspace

<a target="_blank" href="">DigitalOcean</a> is a cloud hosting solution for small developers, looking for a cheap virtual private server to experiment, host web applicatio

Facebook’s First Server Cost $85/Month

At Startup School today in the Memorial Auditorium at Stanford University, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke to Y Combinator founder Paul Graham about the early days of Facebook. He re

Apple Drops XServe, Pitches Mac Pro Instead

Apple will remove the XServe server platform form the Apple Store on January 31, 2011, suggesting instead the server-oriented Mac Mini with no optical drive or the Mac Pro. The platform, introduced in

CrunchDeals: HP MediaSmart Home Server for $450

<img src="" alt="server" />Amazon has a pretty solid deal on an HP MediaSmart Home Server. Found elsewhere for over $550, you ca

Behold the Google Server, ye nations, and weep

What you see before you is the Google Server, the commodity hardware Google uses to run all its operations. The machine is a standard Intel/AMD 2U server but each one has its own 12-volt battery, ensu

Review: VIA ARTiGO A2000 Barebone Storage Server

<img src=""><strong>Quick Version:</strong> Much more functional than a NAS hard drive but not as expensive or large as most home server

CrunchDeals: HP MediaSmart home server for $299

Waiting to pull the trigger on a home server? OfficeMax has the HP MediaSmart for $299, which is a pretty enticing deal. The machine itself is outfitted with a 64-bit AMD Sempron CPU, 512MB of RAM, 50

Servers compromised at World Bank, senior technology manager calls it an ‘unprecedented crisis’

Whoops. Fox News is reporting that the World Bank is smack-dab in the middle of what “may be the worst security breach ever at a global financial institution.” It’s not really clear what exactly

Windows HPC Server runs at 68.5 teraflops, can almost run Vista

A Windows HPC Server installation is ranked as the 23rd fastest supercomputer in the world according to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. The machine, which has over 9,472 nodes, hi

PsyStar selling rack servers

Need an XServe without paying Apple for the privilege? Psystar has something for you. They’re releasing 1U and 2U servers running Windows, Ubuntu, and “even Mac OS X Leopard Server.”

IBM readies new smaller, water-cooled server series

IBM may be out of the personal computer business it helped start, but it’s still making computers, mostly business servers. It plans this summer to launch a new data center server line called iD

FastSoft creates a hardware download accelerator?

This company is advertising a hardware add-on that will multiply your outgoing bandwidth by 10-30x. I’m not sure how much of this is real, how much is PR, and how much is pure snake oil. Check t

Apple goes enterprise? It could happen

While some of us may remember the XServe and basically say “didn’t Apple already go enterprise? And fail?” this rumor is different. Basically folks are saying that thanks to the iPho

Quad RAMage! Metaram's chips quadruple your server's RAM capacity

I’m a little suspicious of this technology, but if it works then it’s certainly cool. Metaram’s new MetaSDRAM chipset sits between the RAM and the controller and acts as a go-between
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