• It's Time To Hide The Noise

    A few days ago, Seesmic CEO Loic Le Meur (@Loic) sent out a retweet with a link to a screenshot of his CTO’s Seesmic Web client showing 1,200 Tweets across nearly 20 columns. The joke was that his CTO was trying to achieve a “world record” for how many Tweets could be loaded up into a Twitter client at one time. (It’s not a world record. Competitor TweetDeck can display… Read More

  • Full Disclosure: Sponsored Conversations on Twitter Raise Concerns, Prompt Standards

    In light of the FTC’s recent scrutiny of Social Media practices and the activity that connects brands to influencers and ultimately consumers, we will soon see guidelines and corresponding penalties to serve as governance for future engagement. In the realm of sponsored posts or tweets, the FTC simply cannot delineate the differences between earned and paid postings and therefore… Read More

  • Tweeting from the Web? Nine Alternative Web Clients

    Believe it or not, almost 50% of Twitter users, prefer to tweet directly from This isn’t surprising, but most heavy Twitter users agree that is actually the poorest user experience among the plethora of alternative web applications to access the service. But there’s one thing has going for it (besides being the default way all new users… Read More

  • Seesmic's Browser Client Is Like Gmail For Twitter

    Seesmic, the Twitter and Facebook desktop client developed by Loic Le Meur, is launching its much talked about browser-based Twitter client today at TechCrunch’s Real-Time Stream CrunchUp. We first heard about the plans for the browser client at the TechFellow awards in June, but its been in stealth mode for the past few months. You can try Seesmic Web in preview here. We got a chance… Read More

  • Seesmic To Launch New Desktop Version, iPhone App And Browser Based Client

    I had an informative chat with Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur at the TechFellow Awards Friday night, where he revealed to me the future plans for Seesmic Desktop, a desktop Twitter and Facebook client that’s built on Adobe Air. Seesmic will launch a new version of the desktop client next week that will let users compress their stream of Facebook updates and Twitter messages into one column. Read More

  • Are Social Network Aggregators The New Cheese?

    Here’s a question that’s been running through my head ever since Michael posted about FriendFeed being in danger of becoming the coolest app no one uses: exactly how many startups out there are trying to be the one social networking service aggregator to rule them all, and how many is enough? It seems like every day startups come up with new applications, be it for desktop, Web… Read More

  • Sobees Latest Horse To Enter The Twitter / Facebook Desktop Client Race

    For a while now, we’ve been tracking a number of companies who are hard at work trying to build the ultimate social networking desktop app. We’ve talked about TweetDeck, Twhirl / Seesmic Desktop, AlertThingy, and there are many more especially if you also include the ones that focus only on Twitter (Tweetie, Nambu, Twitterific, etc.). Another horse in this race that barely gets… Read More

  • Facebook Opens Up Its Stream API To Developers. Let The Conversation Wars Begin!

    As we speculated this weekend, Facebook has opened up its activity stream through a new API for developers. Now any developer can create new applications incorporating the real-time stream. One of the first apps to take advantage of this new API is Seesmic Desktop, A Twitter client which is now adding your Facebook feed through this API (something Tweetdeck already did in the past through… Read More

  • Here Comes Twitter Spam And How To Fight It

    A spam-less Twitter feed might just be too good to be true. Spam is becoming an increasing problem on Twitter and something has to be done to separate the wheat from the chaff. Spammers are using Twitter as a tool by replying to your @username, which then causes the Tweets to show up in your timeline. There isn’t really a way to filter Twitter spam directly from a Twitter client. But… Read More

  • TweetDeck Counters Seesmic Desktop Release With Major New Features

    Yesterday, Loïc Le Meur announced a TweetDeck rival dubbed Seesmic Desktop that not only looks a lot like the popular AIR application (more popular than any other desktop client according to statistics) but also heavily competes with it on a feature level. TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth, not to be outdone by the announcements, sent an e-mail out to his contacts just now about an… Read More

  • Seesmic Unveils A Formidable New Twitter Client To Rival Tweetdeck: Seesmic Desktop

    I’m live blogging from video conversation platform Seesmic’s headquarters, where Seesmic’s founder Loic Le Meur, is previewing a new Twitter client. We reported earlier about the unveiling of the site. Le Meur says that this is still a work in progress and ongoing changes will made to the product. Seesmic, who also owns popular Twitter app Twhirl, has launched a new… Read More

  • Twitter Client Arms Race Continues – Seesmic To Up The Ante

    Seesmic will unveil a new version of it’s Twhirl Twitter client tonight at a press event starting around 6:30. Not many details on what they’re launching yet, other than the fact that they’ve rebuilt Twhirl, which has been downloaded 1.2 million times. Seesmic isn’t releasing details, but the site they’ve set up for the new product shows the screenshot above… Read More

  • Twhirl Gets An Upgrade, Too; And Now Seesmic Has A Desktop Client

    Not to be overshadowed by AlertThingy’s announcement earlier today, Seesmic founder — Twhirl owner — Loic Le Meur let us know that his desktop notifications client is also getting a substantial upgrade today. Twhirl doesn’t support as many services as AlertThingy but Le Meur points out that it’s much more popular. It’s also the only desktop client in its… Read More

  • JS-Kit Introduces Picture Comments, Embraces OpenID 2.0

    Cross-platform feedback widgets maker JS-Kit just added a feature that enables users to enhance comments with pictures, on any of the 600,000+ websites using its custom commenting system. I’ve always been curious to know why major blogging platforms don’t simply add such a functionality to their commenting systems, while there are already companies like Seesmic, Viddler and… Read More

  • Thank You Seesmic, For Sucking Less

    Even though I’m an investor, one thing that has always bugged me about Seesmic is the all black background (its depressing), and the excessive use of Flash on the site (there’s nothing except Flash, try loading it on an iPhone). Having a few Flash elements on a site when necessary is fine. But using it just to use it is so…ugh. You can check out the new all white site… Read More

  • Getting The UnParty Started: Seesmic Lays Off 1/3 Of Staff

    It’s time to start slamming the reality of the Silicon Valley situation home to everyone. Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur lets seven employees go, he says, which is more than a third of the company. This comes on top of three employees let go a couple of weeks ago. “We cut everything that wasn’t outsourceable, core or absolutely necessary for the company.” Le Meur says… Read More

  • Yammer Hammers Forward With API Launch; See It Soon In Twhirl

    Yammer, a Twitter-like messaging system for businesses, has seen solid growth since launching last week at TechCrunch50 (and taking the top prize). CEO David Sacks says there are now 10,000 networks and 50,000 users just one week in. Yammer’s business model is to let people use the service for free, spreading it throughout the enterprise. When and if a company wants to take… Read More

  • The Real Video Twitter: (500 Alpha Invites)

    Some people think that Seesmic is the video Twitter. They are wrong (even if they are investors in the company—Mike). The real video Twitter is On Twitter, you have 140 characters to make your point. On, you have, well, 12 seconds. (On Seesmic, you can drone on forever or for 10 minutes, whichever comes first). We have 500 invites for the alpha… Read More

  • Seesmic Raises Another $6 Million Round

    Video conversation startup Seesmic raised another $6 million in a series B financing. The round was co-led by Omidyar Network and Wellington Partners. The series A financing last February, which was also for $6 million, was led by Atomico (the investment vehicle of Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis), and included angel investors Reid Hoffman, Steve Case, Jeff Clavier, Ron… Read More

  • Seesmic Hijacks Comments With Threaded Replies

    If content was king in old media, conversation is king on the Web. That is why everybody wants to control the conversation. Video commenting startup Seesmic is no exception. People can post short videos on Seesmic that other people can follow, just like on Twitter. Some blogs and Websites also make it possible for Seesmic members to comment on posts via video instead of text, as we have… Read More