Loic Le Meur Moves To Silicon Valley To Start Video Content Company

Loic Le Meur (on left in picture, along with me, Tariq Krim and Rodrigo Sepulveda), the well known French entrepreneur and blogger, is moving from Paris to silicon valley this summer to start a new video content company.

Le Meur founded uBlog (merged with Six Apart) and organizes of the annual Le Web conference. In an email, he told me it’s the perfect place for him and his family right now: silicon valley is the center of Internet innovation, and he says his children will learn to speak better English by living here. He also says he likes the acceptance of failure in silicon valley. “If you succeed it’s great, if you fail try again that’s ok, you learned. In Europe it’s usually if you succeed hide and if you fail you suck, so don’t try again,” he says.

With regard to his startup, he isn’t saying much yet. He does point out that its easier to gather a global team when the headquarters speaks English rather than French. He says that the path to success will be quicker from silicon valley. He also says:

I am currently in the process to create a fifth startup, based in the US and currently finalizing the initial funding. Can’t say much at this stage but it will be in the video content space, so hot and competitive these days because most remains to be done. I have uploaded to date about 450 podcasts, so I feel something very different than what we see today is ahead of us. What I can say is that I will crowdsource the company itself, grow it as I learnt in always beta mode and grow it with the feedback of my community. I have already gathered my advisory board, a group on facebook open to everyone :)

He’s also quick to point out that there are a lot of successful European startups. This is just the right move for him and his family, he says.

Whatever his startup, we’ll be covering it here on TechCrunch when it launches. Loic says to look for an early beta some time this Fall.