Loren Feldman Trashes Seesmic; Founder Loic Le Meur Takes The Bait

People who don’t follow Loren Feldman are usually surprised when he takes aim at their startup and lets loose. He combines valid points with a highly confrontational approach (he once called me a “pompous elitist asshole” and I still consider him a friend). The results are usually entertaining and combustive. Quite often they also cross the line and could be called offensive.

Today Feldman went off on new video startup Seesmic (I am an investor). Since Feldman is a video guy, I would have assumed he’d like Seesmic. But he most certainly doesn’t. He posted a video attacking the site, its founder and its users in a highly aggressive way. Apart from the parts making fun of Europeans, I found it to be funny and included some valid points. The video is below – it is definitely NOT safe for work.

Founder Loic Le Meur, hot off a very successful Le Web conference in Paris, didn’t take it very well. You can sense his frustration in his blog response. The frustration is warranted, but this kind of thing is going to be occurring regularly, Loic. Time to get used to it.