100 Seesmic Accounts, And A Disclosure

One of the hardest to get beta accounts right now is Seesmic, Loic Le Meur’s new startup that went into private beta in early October.

The service, which can most easily be described as a video Twitter, is popular with the 300 people who are beta testing it so far. Le Meur says that more than half of them are extremely active, and 200 videos are being posted daily.

There are over 5,000 people on the beta invite wait list. But if you’ve gotten to this post quickly enough, you can get in immediately. The first 100 people to send an email to techcrunch@seesmic.com will be given beta accounts. Everyone after the first 100 will be added to the beta list.

At some point, Le Meur says, existing beta holders will be able to invite others to join as well. As soon as that functionality goes live we’ll add Seesmic to InviteShare.

Disclosure: I have also become an investor in Seesmic and have updated my disclosures on our about page.