Secret Is Working On New Apps, Won’t Shut Down Original Product

Secret Inc. — makers of the”anonymish” app Secret, which lets users post notes to friends, friends-of-friends, or those in their vicinity without revealing their identities —

Secret Wants To Be The Stream Of Consciousness For Live Events, Starting With CES

Which panel at this conference isn’t boring? Where’s the after-party?  Your friends and followers around the world probably don’t know or care. But people nearby might, and Secret w

Few Winners In Anonymous Social Networking, And Secret’s Not One Of Them

Is anonymous social networking a flash-in-pan trend? A winner-take-all category? Which of the anonymous social networking apps around today are still thriving, and which are practically dead? These

New Secret Is A Shameless Clone Of Yik Yak

It is.          

Secret Update Removes Photo Library Access As It Faces Renewed Claims It Isn’t So Anonymous

Secret has a new update out for Android, with an iOS equivalent arriving sometime next week. The app changes include the addition of Flickr image search, which requires the “exchange” of t

Brazil Court Issues Injunction Against Secret And Calls For App To Be Remotely Wiped

A court in Brazil has ruled (via UOL) that Apple and Google must remove Secret, the anonymous social networking app, from their mobile software stores – and also from user devices where it’s a

Anonymish App Secret Has Raised Another $25M, Adds Facebook Login And Collections

Secret, the app that lets users share notes with others without revealing their identity, has attracted a lot of controversy (or celebration, depending on who you are) for how it enables the spread of

Anonymous Social Messaging Discovers That Location Matters

Apparently secrets are better if you share them with those closest to you — geographically. As anonymous social networks proliferate, they’re increasingly turning to location-based feature

Are Secret’s Raging Hormones A Problem Or An Opportunity?

I can't recall the exact wording on the short-lived post that found its way into my personal feed on Secret, the anonymish sharing app, the other day. But the illustrative image behind it was less eas

Secret Finally Lets All Your Freaky Friends Have Their Own Feeds

No more "I love my wife" or "I love my husband" posts from Montana for those of us using Secret on iOS. iPhone users can finally separate the hum-drum secrets of Midwestern life from their freaky frie

Secret Is Taking Its Anonymous Networking App To Schools, Workplaces With New “Secret Dens” Feature

Anonymous social networking app Secret, a popular watercooler for Silicon Valley gossip, and now, much more thanks to recent expansions, has just announced a new feature called "Secret Dens," which is

Secret Launches In China With A ‘Secret’ Partner, Adds Language Preferences As It Blows Up In Russia

Anonymous social sharing app <a target="_blank" href="">Secret</a> opened up to new users around the globe a few weeks ago, becoming available pretty much everywhere except China.

Anonymish Sharing App Secret Launches On Android And Opens Up Internationally

It’s hard to believe it here in Silicon Valley, but it’s been just four months since the “anonymish” social sharing app Secret could be downloaded in the U.S. Today, it will become available f

Shortwave Shows Off Anonymous Chat As Another Consumer Use Case For iBeacons

Apple’s iBeacons are being trialled and demoed in retail settings all over the place, but they’re slowly becoming more interesting to average users, too. A new app called Shortwave offers

Pst! Secret’s Android ETA Is “Two To Three Weeks”

Secret, the anonymish app du jour that’s enabling iOS users to thrill their own friends and people in their social circles by saying stuff freely, without having their own identity attached to

Secret Is Working On A Private Chat Feature

Anonyfish has been the only way to move a Secret conversation offline or somewhere with real names. But anonymous sharing app Secret plans to release its own native private chat feature, founders Davi

‘Anonymish’ App Secret Taps Into Android, Global Markets; UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand First Up

<a target="_blank" href="">Secret</a> -- the iOS app that lets you share confessions, rumors, complaints and praise with your wider circle of friends without attaching your na

Would We Trust A Secret Clone From Facebook?

Facebook could buy an anonymous sharing app like Secret, or build one, but would we use it? Facebook’s Snapchat clone Poke crashed and burned in part because people worried Facebook would spy on

Secret And Whisper Get Their Own Chinese Clones

Secret and Whisper have hit a dubious benchmark of success. Both have been cloned by developers in China. Secret posted about its Chinese duplicate this weekend, while Tech In Asia was the first Engli

Secret Shoots For Growth With New Anonymous Invites

Want to be sure you don’t miss any juice gossip or heartwrenching tales from you friends? Now when you re-open Secret, you’ll start where you closed the app instead of at the top of the f
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