MrOwl wants to be your new sharing platform

MrOwl is a new app by Arvind and Becky Raichur that lets you store, sort, and share data. What kind of data? All of it.

The app is what would happen if a social network had a baby with Evernote. Users can create public or private stores of data – this is my branch about Rolex – and put in images, text, and links. There are popular branches like this one about secret menus and you can create private ones just for yourself.

I found the app interesting if a bit quiet right now. With a few more users it could become a vibrant information-sharing location.

“Collaboration is key in a new and powerful way, with users being able to add multiple editors and deciding whether to keep the information public or private to only the group they’re collaborating with,” said Arvind. “It’s a great way to share your knowledge and resources with your community as you choose.”

Obviously what the world needs now is another social media play like we all need a hole in the head but I see some utility in MrOwl simply because it makes it easy to select and share large chunks of data with friends and followers. It has grown in popularity in India and it has already seen 7,500 daily active users and 700,000 sessions on the app. It’s raised $6 million in funding.

“The best way to describe MrOwl is how our users describe it, which is that MrOwl is a bridge between Google, Wikipedia, and Pinterest. It allows people to find, create, collaborate, and share the things that are the most interesting to them.”