• ScottEVest Founder Puts In Bid For SkyMall

    ScottEVest Founder Puts In Bid For SkyMall

    It’s back! Venerable SkyMall, that inflight catalog full of stepping stools for dogs and hearing gadgets, may have a second life thanks to the larger-than-life CEO of ScottEVest, Scott Jordan. Jordan, who we interviewed at CES this year, is putting in a bid for the company and hopes to turn it around by bringing it into the 21st century. Read More

  • Slingshot Down the Strip with SCOTTYeVEST | CES 2015

    A Ride With The Pocket Man

    Scott Jordan has been a tech fixture for almost a decade. His company, ScotteVest, makes clothing for gadget lovers, feature pockets for almost everything including tablets, phones, water bottles, and even passports. Now he’s taking on a new persona, Pocket Man, and trying to help people follow their passion. While his adventure is a little self-promotional, he means well. He’s… Read More


    ScottEVest Shows Off Their Latest Pocket-Ful Travel Jacket

    As geeks, it’s hard for us to carry all of our geek accoutrements to our various geek events. That’s why I, for one, love ScottEVest: they’re durable, fun, and pocket-ful pieces of clothing for the nerd on the go. Read More

  • A Very Special Episode: TV Takes On Patent Trolls

    A Very Special Episode: TV Takes On Patent Trolls

    While I find most reality TV abhorrent, last week’s Shark Tank brought a very interesting concept to the usual babble that is the modern “boss” show. In this episode, Scott Jordan, creator of ScottEVest, appeared in front of a motley crew of entrepreneurs including Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary to pitch his patent licensing business, Technology Enabled Clothing or TEC. Read More

  • ScottEVest Releases The Transforming Transformer Jacket

    How often has this happened to you: you’re trapped in a Wampa cave on Hoth and your sleeve is trapped under a fallen icicle and you can’t reach your light saber. The only way out is to pull your sleeve off quickly. But if you unzip your sleeve, you’ll wake the Wampa. If you had the ScottEVest Transformer, you could simply pop off the sleeve with one swipe, freeing your… Read More

  • ScottEVest Introduces The Puffer Jacket

    ScottEVest makes clothes for use geeks. They have lots of pocketses, plenty of acceptable style, and you can amaze people by stuffing a water bottle and laptop out of one of their coats with room to spare. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 40% Off ScottEVest Stuff

    Type in coupon code 10SALE40 to rock 40% off of SeV this month in honor of ScottEVest’s 10th anniversary. Don’t feel like it? No big whoop. What, we want to fight about it? No. Read More

  • Review: ScottEVest XAE Leather Jacket

    So you’re a handsome devil. We all know it. But what do you need to frame your steel-cut jaw and straight-edge browline? A leather jacket, that’s what. It’s hard to pull off the leather jacket look. Leather jackets have long been the realm of rock stars, fans of WII bombers, and people who ride mopeds. That’s why I was initially wary of the ScottEVest XAE Leather Jacket… Read More

  • Delta Would Rather Charge For Extra Baggage Than Run An Ad

    Remember back in 2008, when the airlines told us that they needed to add extra charges and fees because of rising fuel prices? Please tell me you didn’t think when fuel prices went down they’d drop those fees? It all comes down to profit, and we can definitely see that given what happened to Scott Jordan from ScottEVest. Scott makes a line of travel clothing, and in recent months… Read More

  • The Scottevest Carry-On Coat may be carrying things a bit too far

    Scott at Scottevest is a pretty cool guy – if a bit manic. Case in point: this crazy freaking trenchcoat that apparently allows you to carry clothes and shoes in one of the jacket’s 33 pockets. Read More

  • Review: Scottevest Evolution Travel Jacket

    Short version: Scott Jordan understands geeks. Or at least, he understands what geeks want in clothing. The Evolution Travel Jacket takes the same basic concept as the other Scottevest products, and refines it. The Evolution is a jacket with more pockets then most people will ever need, and could quite easily replace a backpack or messenger bag when traveling. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 40% off all ScottEVest Goodness

    Our best buddy, Scott, he of ScottEVest, just started its massive 40%-off sale. They have plenty of great stuff including the Quantum and Evolution jackets and my favorite, the cotton hoodie. Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: Baby it's cold out there

    Hey, friend. Want a soft shell jacket from the inimitable ScottEVest? These guys are really and truly our favorite outerwear makers – I wear my SeVs every day – and they want to give you one jacket, whether you deserve it or not. The jacket (this link might not work as they were just hit by a phishing attack but they’re totally legit) has 19 pockets and is made of 3 layer fabric. Read More

  • Even ScotteVest caught the iPad fever

    IPad accessories are popping up everywhere. Proof? ScotteVest is now advertising its 22-pocket Travel Vest for Men as the first clothing line with a pocket for the iPad. Maybe that explains where Colbert was holding his during the Grammys. He seemed to pull it out of nowhere. That’s what ScotteVests are known for after all — gadget concealment. Read More

  • Fulfill your dreams of becoming a catalog model

    If you’ve always dreamed of being a catalog model, this is your chance to really show off your stuff. Tech-friendly clothing company Scottevest is running a contest where you can appear in their catalog wearing their products. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself (in focus, and in high resolution) and email it to them, and you may get your big chance to be in a catalog. Read More

  • Review: Scott Jordan Signature System

    I’m a big fan of ScotteVest stuff. Maybe that makes me a nerd, but it’s nice to have hundreds and hundreds of pockets – actually about 24 in each part of the “Signature System” – where I can stash all my phones and cameras. The system consists of the Fleece 5.0 and the Quantum jacket. While you can put them on together, to do so would cause a shift in… Read More

  • New SCOTTEVEST fleece jackets available for preorder

    [ While it still may be a little too warm out to start thinking about winter wear, it can’t hurt to plant the seed early – especially when it means getting a good deal. If you preorder the new SCOTTEVEST fleece, you’ll get it for $120. The regular price is $140. Plus, you can use our coupon code – crunchSeV – to get another… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: SeV Jacket and Fleece for $250 — $80 off

    CrunchGear faves SeV is running a secret sale until Sunday, November 25, on the Tactical 4.0 Jacket and Fleece 4.0 Jacket combination. With the code SAVE80, you can get both — I have both and they work great together — for $80 off. Seriously. I’ve been wearing SeV when I travel and it’s great gear. If you like outdoor gear for the pockets and comfort but don’t want… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: ScottEVest Secret Sale

    We like our SeV so, in order to share our love, we’d like to mention their secret sale going on now until monday. Their Fleece 4.0 jacket is $100 and their 237D Jacket/Vest is $98. Not a big deal, but it might be a good chance to check them out for cheap. Trust us. You won’t look as douchey as this guy here. Read More